[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Advanced Machines 1.1.6

  • So it's better now with the 523 hot fix....in no longer disconnects on leaving and coming back but it still disconnects both visually and functionally upon reloading the world (exiting to main menu...).
    running ic2 232 and adv machines 523 downloaded earlier today ( i redownloaded it...thought maybe i was too fast to download when you posted the hotfix)....also did the same on ic2 226 yesterday.

    mcmz4e aka MaryuZ aka 2.muCh.Pride

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  • If someone can point out to me how i violate the IC2 energy API (leading to the reload bug) i will gladly fix it

    I am considering to finally take a stand, dump Zippinius code, and just extend IC2 classes ... but then i'll probably have to hack the "Advanced" features back in using ugly ways

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    There is a usage.txt in ic2.api.energy.

    -- EnergyTileUnloadEvent --

    Another event every energy tile has to post is the EnergyTileUnloadEvent.

    The event has to be posted as soon as the implementing tile entity is being unloaded, either by
    unloading the containing chunk or by destroying the block containing it.

    It's possible to detect the unloading by triggering on both the beginning of
    TileEntity.invalidate() and the beginning of TileEntity.onChunkUnload().

    It is important that the tile entity is still properly linked to the world while posting the unload
    event, otherwise the energy net can't find all affected connections.


    You need to implement unloading the TileEntity on both, invalidate and onChunkUnload.

  • Why thank you, i was not aware onChunkUnload existed (and does not trigger invalidate()?????).

    Version 5.2.3 (hotfix #2)
    fixed chunkunload energynet issue

    Also, i took a tentative 2-hour-poke at rewriting Advanced Machines as "clean" IC2 extension and got scared off by the amount of work required. Basically i'd still need to rewrite the entire mod, and the effect wouldn't be all that great (since i can't extend TileEntityMacerator and do what i was thinking in a smart way etc). I've never before WANTED multiple parents in java...

  • I say semi-private as the download link will be available publicly.

    I have this mod and many others in a custom modpack name "ShrimpKraft" and I am requesting permission to use this mod in my modpack, which may be publicly distributed. I have extensive modpack knowledge and will be maintaining this modpack in the future. ^^

    I hope to get a reply.


  • It's still broken...It gets really annoying having to break replace the cables every time i load the world...just causing an update doesn't work either...you need to actually break the floor, break the cables and replace the cables.
    now using 523 hotfix2 and ic2 2.0.238

    mcmz4e aka MaryuZ aka 2.muCh.Pride

  • good mod but atomic maybe add advanced induction furnance with slots for upgrades energy because induction furnance accept only 128eu/t and I don't want use transformer only for him

  • Hi AtmoicStryker, i cant help you with the coding side or why your block keep disconnecting themselves from the eNet.

    But i was thinking could you try and look at IC2 source code and figure out how they stupid there machine disconnecting

    Just thinking this out loud as it might help. only because it sort of get annoying that they keep disconnecting.


  • yes advanced machines disconnecting with cable industrial when I start play , and i must destroy cable and place again on advanced machines :(

  • Hi AtomicStryker,

    i was just looking at your source code and saw that you hav an 'onChunkUnload' method in the TileEntityBaseMachine Class, but there is nothin for 'onChunkLoad'

    i was thinking maybe you need something like that. that could possibly fix the issue you are having.

    i only have very limited coding knowledge, but i was thinking that that might be your problem.


  • No, there is nothing IC2 does in that method. I have checked IC2 code and as far i can tell i have covered every case where they call TileLoad or TileUnLoad events.
    I did a tiny change just now, moving the TileLoad call ahead of the first updateEntity instead of running after it. That's the one thing i can think of to try still. Otherwise, no clue.

    The change is in the 1.6.4 download file.

  • It half works.

    If the machines are deactivated (no redstone current, even if item processing) the cables disconnect from the energy network visually and physically (no power transfer)


    if the machine are activated (have a redstone current), the cables stay connected (visually and power is transfered)

    which is really weird, this is only after a log out, log in (quit world to main menu and then enter world again).

    but if i do the same thing as above turn redstone off, change worlds to the nether then come back: cables Disconnected, then turn redstone on, change worlds to nether can come back: cables Disconnected.

    its a really strange bug. it would be awesome if you could get it fixed. but it seems like a stubborn bug. you might have to go ask someone for help (cpw would probably be able to help).

    But u may have half fixed it.

    thanks for trying anyway

  • So, you remember that clean rewrite i mentioned a while back? I shirked from the challenge back then. But these things have a habit of nagging the back of my head .... sooo ...


    Version 1.0.0
    - clean rewrite extending IC2 classes
    - compatibility with existing advanced machines worldsaves unlikely but possible
    - configuration slimmed down and simplified. see config file
    - should retain all AdvancedMachines functions and work with any and all IC2 compatible mods

    Getting rid of the old, borked code felt so very very good.

    I haven't tested this. Much.
    Try it and give me the rather inevitable crash reports

    Since this severely simplifies the code overhead, i might even think about adding other machines. I saw IC2 has added a bunch of new ones.