(suggestion) Add Upgrade slots to Pump for Reactor ice production

  • kinda annoying when you overclock the hell our of a pair of compressors and only get about 1 ice block every 5 seconds. the pump lacks upgrade slots why i cannot fathom but this device as well a the canning machine needs upgrade slots. i hate waiting for machines to finish and am a huge fan of overclockers. however overclockers only make sense If EVERY MACHINE IN THE LINE HAS THEM. a machine without upgrade slots like the pump and canning machine can slow production speeds of every machine on the line regardless of overclocking it is not like there is a balance issue considering the exponential power increase associated with them additionally since all my machines run on direct medium or high voltage upgrade slots will also cut down on wiring since i can avoid additional transformer blocks and use the smaller upgrades

  • Didn't want to make another post about this subject, as I've found that the need for mobile bases of water production to be important to my Deuterium manufacturing when I want to farm water from an underground lake, and don't want to be bothered with running back and forth with RE-Batteries...

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    this isn't about arrogance or ego, I have a block that I put a lot of freaking work into

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  • i agree, pumps do need overclockers. or be able to use BC pumps to pump water into compressors.

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  • +1
    all machines must be upgradable(or almost all - overclocked :Reactor: 8| ). even the useless canning machine :Canning Machine: (which becomes less useless with charcoal dust :Fuel: ) should have upgrade options available

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  • Implementation matters :

    The pumps should be able to detect when the block of water it is pumping from is supplied by an infinite water source (the easiest way to do this detection would be to have the pump remove a block of water and see if it returns within ~10 seconds or so).

    If the pump is being supplied by an infinite source, it should NOT actually remove the block. This saves on graphical and network lag in SMP if you had an array of dozens of overclocked pumps.

    Instead, it should just supply water to the compressor as if the pump had removed a block, but not actually do it.

  • i think if it is constantly running this Source water check then i might actually cause even more lag. what i did to solve this is i downloaded buildcraft and used a snowman and obsidian pipes . i put the snowman over a pipe and blocked him in and then went to town on the snow block with a drill, be sure not to hit the pipe. and it gets a few hundred snowballs in under a minute. then i pump those to compressors, saves me alot of energy too.

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