Suggestion: Increase Coal from UUM.

  • agreed it should make 8, stil unbalanced but more fair.

    right, time to get serious...
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  • Quote

    agreed it should make 8, still unbalanced but more fair.


    if 1 Diamond = 9 UUM
    and 1 Flint = (5/35) UUM or ~.15 UUM a piece..

    then how does 2 Coal = 3 UUM if 64 Coal + 8 Flint = 1 Diamond now?

    At least with 8 Coal, you suffer inefficiency with Diamond crafting via UUM... 12 is overkill as it would be worth more to make coal -> diamonds than diamonds directly... So really you're buying Carbon Plate materials more than anything else...

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  • I'm pretty sure this is a long-unnoticed typo.
    Probably was meant to be something like 20.

    Been two as long as I remember... So long, long time.

    Could also be '12', which seems more reasonable then 20.

    (Hit ` instead of 1, is my guess.)

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  • indeed, i could see 12 being a typo of 2. nice to know that 2 was more then likely not intentional. i hope to see an increase in an upcoming patch :D thank you alblaka.

    Edit: P.s. 20 would be nice too. :D lol

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