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    I'm sure that not much people know the exact numbers of the Massfabricationprocess so i hope that's all about it:

    The Massfabricator is a device to create UUM, the probably most valuable Material in Minecraftia (except Uranium). It's an Universal Usable Material (short UUM) you can use it to create nearby everything (see the List in the Spoiler)

    To create one pink Blob of UUM you have to feed 1000000EU in a Massfabricator. You may think that is too much for you to pay for that. I have good news for you, this process can be made more efficient so that you need only 166666 EU for it. Scrap is the magic word for that!

    If you put Scrap into the bottomslot of the Massfabricator it will process six times faster!!! (and also cheaper). But that holds only for the next 5000EU you pump into the Massfabricator. You need approximately 34 pieces of Scrap for one cheap Blob of UUM, but the Math comes later.

    Here the facts:

    UUM costs 1000000 EU without Amplifier (Scrap)
    UUM costs 166666 EU with Amplifier
    Scrap costs 360 EU + 8 random Objects, on average.
    Scrap is worth 25000 EU in a Massfabricator
    At the End, every single recycleable Object is worth 3080EU for a Massfabricator

    The math behind all that:

    "1000000EU for UUM" / "6 times more speed with Scrap"
    = "166.666EU for one UUM like listed on wiki"

    "Scrap makes Amplifier for 5000 EU (x6 and you get 30000EU)" - "the 5000EU you need to use the Scrap"
    = "25000EU per piece of Scrap"

    "25000EU per Scrap" * "with the 1/8 chance of Recycler"
    = "3125EU per productionprocess"

    "3125EU gain per process" - "the Recyclercosts of 45 EU per process"
    = "3080EU per piece of anything what is not blacklisted"

    And now all the Stuff you can produce with UUM (Recipes are NOT listed)

    I've made this Tutorial because this one was a bit hard to understand and hasn't contained all the usefull information i needed.

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    Not that you can't use NEI or Craftguide to + IC² config modification to discover UUM recipes :)

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  • EN-US: I know this post is old, but I wonder how to make 'Universal Usable Amplifier' :Matter: in IC2_EXP MC 1.6.2 because NEI does not appear in the recipe of this item, I do not know if this item is craftable or is manufactured in some machine.
    If you have a video or an article that clearly explains how to make 'Universal Usable Amplifier' I'll be very grateful.
    I'm with version 'industrialcraft-2_2.0.280-experimental.jar' and version '1 .6.2-Forge9 .10.1.871' the Forge for MC 1.6.2.

    Thank you.

    PT-BR: Sei que este post está antigo, mas gostaria de saber como fabricar 'Universal Usable Amplifier' no IC2_EXP MC 1.6.2, pois no NEI não aparece o recipe deste item, eu não sei se este item é craftable ou é fabricado em alguma maquina.
    Se tiver algum video ou um artigo que explica claramente como fabricar 'Universal Usable Amplifier' estarei muito agradecido.
    Estou com a versão 'industrialcraft-2_2.0.280-experimental.jar' e versão '1.6.2-Forge9.10.1.871' do Forge para MC 1.6.2.


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    UUM costs 1000000 EU without Amplifier (Scrap)
    UUM costs 166666 EU with Amplifier

    Only 166666? I thought it'd be 1666666EU, since UU costs 10 million not 1 million EU.

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