Bug or feature? Crop trampling while sneaking?

  • This is the new 1.95 version, I read the patch notes and I saw nothing about crop trampling while sneaking, however it sounded like it said crops were not supposed to be trampled while walked on? But I Thought they were supposed to do that, Lol.

    And this is in SMP, I haven't tested SSP as I only play in SMP. My crops are now being trampled on while sneaking and walked on (though they always were trampled while walked on), and I was just wondering if this was on purpose to make the resistance stat even more useful or what?

    Edit: Forgot to post IC2 version like a nub

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    Crops are not meant to be trampeled by walking on them, at all. Jumping and sprinting destroys them though.

    And we still have some reports about SMP causing farmland to turn into dirt below existing crops if a player comes to close and other stuff.

    Please provide some more detailed reports, f.e. how fast (instant?) the crops disappear, whether they actually disappear or just turn invisible client-sided (reconnect to reload the world on your client) and similar stuff.

  • Not exactly sure what you mean by instant or not, but I'll explain.

    Just did some more testing by replanting the crops, because the crops that were turning into dirt were planted in the earlier version. Thought that may make a difference but it does not.

    And as for in my earlier post, yes I meant the farmland was being turned into dirt, not actually destroyign the plants, but this causes the cropsticks to drop so..therefore the plants are messed up anyway. Sorry for the confusion.

    Anyhow, as for the time it takes for them to be destroyed this to be a random chance like it was in vanilla minecraft when you could destroy the farmland by walking on them. So I walked on a row , 10 each, of wheat and melons. For the what I walked over all 10 of them 3 times back and forth before finally two of them were trampled, and the farmland turned back into dirt. The cropsticks dropped from the farmland when it turned into dirt. This immediately said to me that yes, they were actually "trampled" because the cropsticks dropped, but I disconnected and reconnected anyway as you suggested, however sure enough yes they were still dirt blocks. Similar results were experienced with the row of melons.

    Now I did another test with sneaking after replanting them. The sneaking actually makes them be "trampled" and turn into dirt even more severely than walking. By sneaking over the both rows of melons and wheat, nearly all of the wheat and melons are turned back into dirt in one go of sneaking over the entire row. Tried this by replanting 3 times. On the third test, all of my melons were turned into dirt in one sneak.

    This sounds to me like the sneaking is causing more damage because it takes longer for you to move over the plants than by walking.

    Edit: Edited for more clarification of the issue

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  • Yes this is confirmed.. I just walked pass my crops (not on them) and they where turned into a untilled dirt block with version 1.95 I think on InventionCraft SMP..

    This is so annoyig that I have now given up the crossbreeding for now.. It is not funny!
    I wish there where a lot more information about this sort of thing and crops in general..
    And there should be an easy to find list and facts and methods..
    Instead of having to use hours of website crawling to learn about it and then it fails horribly..
    I feel kind of sad about this and will wait for bugs to get fixed before using this crop system again..



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  • When I come near them many blocks below crops still turn to dirt in smp (bukkit)
    And this results in crop sticks being dropped and seeds being lost :/
    Even after the update to 1.103

  • Well I had a loaded and charged cropmatron right next to it and the crops broke when I just walked through them to
    access the cropmatron.

  • You have to take the issue up on the bukkit thread, only vanilla IC2 SMP is dealt with here. (Unless it is happening in vanilla ic2 SSP/SMP?)