Fusion Generator from Advance Power Systems (BC 3.1.5) to IndustrialCraft 2 using Transformers 1.2 Addon (IC2 + BC3.1.5)

  • Just showing to you what a Fusion Generator can produce (from Advance Power systems which is an addon for buildcraft) if we are going to convert its power to IC2 using Transformers 1.2 Addon. :)

    Converting Power using EV Pneumatic Generator. it draws 1248 EU/t!

    The good thing is, this fusion reactor never explodes to your face.

    [UPDATE] Due to my burning desire for Ultimate POWAH, i've built a 4 fusion tokamak, which draws a total of 4990-5000 EU/t! uber HAYO!!

  • Nice. I've been trying to get this add on (APS) to work and for some reason I never could get it right. All the videos I've seen are more or less outdated, could you upload one perhaps?

  • Actually, once I can figure it out I might do a video myself. Ah well, if you could PM me some sort of write up of how to construct everything I'd be grateful.

    Definitely a good setup here.

  • Can you give me a link to that? It seems real l :) egit!

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    Hey is this mod still going? It was like one of the most awesome ones around.

    No, it was abandoned about 3 and a half years ago.

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  • I am making a mod that will bring back a similar low power compact fusion reactor though ;)