Suggestion: Modules and Upgrades

  • I am pretty sure I am not the only one who thinks enchanting as it is now, does not fit with IC2. So I propose this. Replace enchanting with Upgrades. They work similar, but would cost EU and materials such as nanites, gears, redstone, and wires.


    Upgrading Boots with 12 Glowstone, 4 Gears, and 24 Redstone would give Upgrade: Boost, increasing your speed.


  • Use the goddamn Search. Several Threads about "making enchanting works with IC2" have been made already. Kthxbye.

    Also inb4 Spawnx "doing the Helicopter".

    Derp! get all mad about it! People aren't searching on purpose to piss you off!

  • Derp! get all mad about it! People aren't searching on purpose to piss you off!

    Are you a conspiracy theorist? Obviously hundreds of people are coming on here just to make suggestions that have already been suggested for the sole purpose of pissing people off, that is the most obvious explanation isn't it? It's practically standard for people to inform others that have not used the search bar of the existence of the search bar, as anyone stupid enough to be incapable of locating the forum rules which explicitly state on the first line in the first post in the first thread on the suggestions section


    First of all make sure that your suggestion isn't posted already.

    is going to need help locating the search bar

    Is the answer to this question no?


    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

  • This sounds more like a wish to have upgrades for the IC2 armors and tools than a suggestion to "make enchanting work with them" or "herpderp, replace the enchanting system o.O"
    IC2 will not remove the enchanting system to replace it with something else since other mods (like Thaumcraft) actually use it and it would majorly detract from the base game.

  • pgrades could be a lot of fun. But not replace enchanting. Rather would see that as an additional option. Only electric item could be upgraded and not in a way that enchanting works. Upgrades should give some new features to tools and cost a lot. Another side are improvements... EU storage capacity increased (for example, electric jetpack with increased EU storage would be nice). Don't know... Some of ideas could be very nice...