[Official] New Reactors design thread.

  • Mk I if I replace the cooling cells manually ^^. But yeah, it has cool down time, so it's a MkII. But it's nicer ;)

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • Thanks so much for the help and suggestions guys! I ended up going with the two chamber reactor design that Omicron came up with (I'm so glad you were able to figure it out), and here's how it looks:

    It's perhaps not the most space efficient automation system, I could have used AE to do it, but I wanted to branch out, and I really like what I came up with. The reactor is controlled by another Machine Box with a Redstone Transmitter in our main control room (the reactor room is hidden far below ground. We were afraid of explosions). We currently go through about 1 uranium every 5 minutes, so our quarry can't entirely keep up with just these four reactors, but it's close. If we had increased uranium input, then I could double the size on the floor, and then it would be just two more layers above to double it again (they could share the buffers that are displayed on top in the screenshot). I don't think we are anywhere close to producing 4 uranium / 5 minutes though, so that might be a while (especially since we can't craft uranium from UU matter, not that it would even be cost efficient).

    Now though, I have 496 Thorium and 66 Plutonium sitting in the ME network waiting to be used. I think I might try to get a computer cube to try and make some designs from those, or just run with the suggestions from Omicron (I have no clue how you can reliably come up with GT designs without the Java planner, you have some kind of magical mojo).

  • I have no clue how you can reliably come up with GT designs without the Java planner, you have some kind of magical mojo.

    It's more a matter of using what tools are available, and when something's missing, making your own tools.

    I started by reverse-engineering all the power and heat values for the various cells using ingame test reactors and the computercube, as you can see in my spreadsheet.

    Second, using those values, I can reliably compute how much heat and EU/t any given combination of cells outputs. For example, the 3x3 grid of quad thorium cells in my sink reactor example contains four cells with two neighbours (at 20 EU/t, 48 heat), four with three neighbours (at 24 EU/t, 67.2 heat) and one with four neighbours (at 28 EU/t, 89.6 heat). So I just do 4x20 + 4x24 + 28 = 204, and 4x48 + 4x67.2 + 89.6 = 550.4. It's just grade school math ;)

    Third, I pull up the online reactor planner, and insert a dummy configuration of cells that outputs as close to 551 heat as possible, while fitting into the 3x3 space that the quad thorium cells will later occupy. The dummy doesn't have to occupy all 9 slots, the only thing that matters is that the heat output matches. Around that 3x3 space, I design a cooling system capable of handling the minimum 551 heat output while being cost-effective.

    Finally, I go back ingame, grab the computercube and/or a live reactor, and test the cooling system I designed on the actual 3x3 grid of quad thorium cells. This final step is technically necessary because even with identical heat output, the dummy may in rare cases behave differently than the real cell layout because of the way reactors process components in single steps, left to right, row by row. In almost all cases it works out just fine though, so if you feel confident you can skip this part and just keep an eye on your production reactor during its first cycle.

  • very fast and efficient no running cost breeder:
    Thanks to very optimized cooling system.

    no running cost 260 EU/t 3.71 efficiency reactor:

    1.) Does not work ingame because heat values for thorium changed months ago. This design will constantly lose heat, and therefore breeding efficiency, over time. Please try your Gregtech designs out in a live reactor or the computercube first.

    2.) "No running cost" only in IC2 experimental, older versions have running cost with dual cells.

  • For MOX reactor discussion, try this thread: Alright, so: MOX reactor designs.

    The problem I see with your reactor here is that the moment it runs out of fuel, it cools itself down to 0. Meaning you need to tediously heat it all the way back up again for the next cycle, every cycle. It's possible, sure, but I personally would probably prefer a reactor that maintains its heat level unattended.

    On the other hand, these hull transfer MOX reactors allow for great efficiency. This one as shown has 30.45, which is fairly impressive.

    P.S.: Are you sure you want to go with 37 copper, 64 tin and 64 coal running cost for every single cycle?

  • Because Requia is kind of dormant... also because IC2 Experimental is still heavily in development. Reactors are explicitly stated to be unfinished, as is the e-net itself.

    When things are finally finished, it probably warrants starting over with a completely new designs thread. In the meantime, there's the MOX reactor discussion thread I started on this subforum, which has several people sharing nice designs.

  • It's one of the oldest designs around, actually. Came into being only a few days after the reactor system got overhauled in September '12.

    You can find it in this thread for example, under the first spoiler, titled "The Beast".

  • You will want something with very low efficiency then, because efficiency increases heat exponentially while adding more cells only increases it linearly.

    This is something I whipped up in under five minutes. It can probably be improved upon, especially since the cooling solution is very inefficiently utilized. But it does take 41 cells at once. I've never seen a single reactor running that many cells at once, and I've never attempted to make something like this. A bit more sane might be to take one of the 0-chambers from this thread and just repeat it three times - still 36 cells, and much cheaper on the resources so you might be able to afford more than one reactor. Also a lot less of a hassle to remember what kind of cell goes where, since it's uniform and symmetric.

    But in my honest opinion, you're probably better off running a mid-efficiency design and pouring the EU you get into uu-matter. If nothing else, you can at least make more uranium ore from it, which translates into more plutonium in the end. Even this one with "only" efficiency 3 will still run 28 cells, and it will give you 50% more total EU than a efficiency 2 design. If it's too slow, better build another reactor instead of throwing away your uranium, IMHO.

  • Hey guys,
    what about this?

    Mark I EA, 260EU/t, 4.33 eff, infinite cycles.

    a *bit* more expensive, but nothing breaks and is safe.

    Any possible tweaks?


    // It is targeted at the most efficiency while being stable.

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    Slightly more expensive (1 diamond instead of none) but doesn't loose heat: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…r3oepvu0d8x1vrioqa74tbls0

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

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