Dimensional generators

  • The dimensional generator is able to generate energy from anything (nether, end portals etc.) that makes you be able to teleport to other dimensions in a radius of 5 blocks. If a nether portal is in its radius, it would generate 128 EU/t (medium voltage), if an end portal is nearby, it would generate 512 EU/t, but if a mob or player goes throught the portal, there would be a short boost of +128 EU/t.

    a| :Generator: |a
    ey = eye of ender
    a = air/nothing

  • I can see this easily get abused, as you can place many of those generators around a portal and there are up to 3 End portals (afaik) maximum per world. Imagine how much free power you would get from that.

  • But you would need to find the end portal and you need to make it compleet and craft the dimensional generator, but if it really needs a nerf, maybe it could also have UU-matter in its recipe?
    On that way, you need to have a LOT of powergen to get this generator.

  • Free energy can be abused, no matter how "expensive" it is.

    End portals should generate 32 EU/t at most, with one "dimensional generator" maximum every 9 portal blocks.

    Nether portals are so easy to make that they could be exploited to the limit, so no.

  • What about just 0,5 EU/t when near nether portals instead? On that way, you would want to use solar panels instead of using this in most cases. Why a maximum of every 9 portal blocks?
    what about if you put an enderpearl, eye of ender, blaze powder, blaze rod inside the block, it would consume it and output a boost for a certain amount of time?

  • It would be balanced if you only have IC2 installed, but there are some mods, forestry for example, that allow you to craft the dragon egg. Most people use more mods than 1, that would make this mod unbalanced with forestry.

  • forestry allows the crafting the dragon egg? I think not.

    Anyway, GregTech + dragon egg = 1024 EU/t
    So, pointless to make this require dragon egg.

    9 portal blocks are the amount of portal "blocks" an end portal has. (3x3)

  • A lit TNT entity?

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • Honestly the portal idea is unbalanced and:

    • Nether Portals:

      • People will keep spamming Nether Portals, causing lag
      • People will probably invent cow-cycling systems to move animals through portals and back again
      • Too cheap for 256 EU/t

        • 8 Eyes of Ender
        • 13 Iron + Some Rails
        • 4 Tin
        • 2 Redstone
        • 0.5 Copper
      • Maybe produce 0.3 - 1.2 EU/t
      • Maybe produces 100 EU randomly when Zombie Pigmen spawn?

    • End Portals:

      • Good idea especially for raid servers, making the end portals prime spot
      • Not very balanced otherwise
      • Same animal cycling system
      • Produces a bit too much energy
      • Maybe produce 64 EU/t?

  • Don't use that inbuilt List Function of the Forum, I can't quote you properly...


    People will keep spamming Nether Portals, causing lag

    Like they do with the Zombie Pigmen Spawners.


    People will probably invent cow-cycling systems to move animals through portals and back again

    not possible, it's already almost impossible to move a Mob through the Portal, right after it moved through.


    Same animal cycling system (End Portals)

    Animals get out at Spawn, when they use the overworld Portal. Spawn is about 800 Blocks away from the closest Stronghold.

    And the Idea itself is way too exploity.