Fun: Diary of the last survivors of the spambot apocalypse

  • chaos: get me the file called {SECRET}.securezip

    HACKbot: yes and i shall get the password to open it

    chaos: you HACKbot's are much better than them spambots. open the warp gate to spambot ship ID6789

  • A solution from Gregtech has been released! The memory core for the invading robots can now only be generated by a fusion reactor. Production has been significantly reduced while the army pools it's remaining resources to update it's production lines.


  • ---Meanwhile in Minecraftias Teamspeakchannel aka Transmissions---
    Messager:"We detected Champs Ship! Its at X12346 Y 57890!"
    Gunner somewhere on the battlefieldspace: "Initiating fire! Ship destroyed!"
    Chaoschamp:"*His normal junk*"
    Messager:"Damm! Another Fake Chaoschamp Ship! And he is spamming the channel again and again! Why dont he stop!"

    Meanwhile at champs ship(not fake ship):
    Suddenly, soldiers appear. They probably got teleported on the ship. They come nearer to champs room, still unseen. Now, a group of high-tech eqipped soldiers is standing in front of the door. Then, they destroy the door with ITNT.

    "What do you do here? Die! Tier VI Spambots, kill them!"
    *Nothing happens*

    Sinnaj63 Industries Special Force Commander:
    "Kill all bots here, get over the ship and capture champ!"

    The soldiers quickly get over the ship and champ cant hide for too long. Then, the soldiers teleport champ away.

    "Is he captured!"

    Endermann Commander:
    "Yes, Sir. He is in tract III. Shall we execute him?"

    "Yes. But first activate ALL security systems. And I want all non-backup fusion reactors running."

  • Wasmic: ++Okay, I'm ready to go.++

    Wraith: ++Warping in three... two... one... *pulls lever*++

    A strange sensation flooded me, and all was black...

    When I came to, I was in the End. I lay in a bed, and I was strapped to it. I was in a little house. An enderman walked over to me.

    Enderman: ++Why have you come to our land?++

    Wasmic: ++I, along with some others, went here to try and find some MK. IV spambots, but something must have gone wrong during the warp.++

    Enderman: ++That makes sense. You and one other materialized in the strangest way I have ever seen.++

    Wasmic: ++Probably the spambots. They might have set up a dimensional barrier.++

    Enderman: *Unstraps Wasmic* ++ You said you arrived with eleven others. We have only found one of them. Shall i take you to him?++

    Wasmic: ++Yes, please.++

    The enderman guided me out of the house, and over to another house.

    Enderman: ++He is in there.++

    I went into the house and saw Wraith sitting on a chair. His right arm was limb.

    Wraith: ++Something went wrong with the warp. My arm ended up right outside the craft we teleported from. The other ten appeared in the Phoenix, but not together. My arm has been regenerating for an hour now, and i should be able to use it again in a few minutes++

    Wasmic: ++Good to see you alive. Do we have the plasma rifles?++

    Wraith: ++No, the weapons were teleported into the atmosphere of Minecraftia, where they burned up. But the enderpeople here have told me, that they might have some weapons, that we can use.++

    Wasmic: ++How about transport?++

    Wraith: ++The endermen also have aircraft. Their technology has developed in a whole other direction than ours, but it's at least as effective.++

    I went out of the house and over to an enderman, and asked him to show me the armory. He lead me Wraith and I to the armory, and goddamn it was impressive. Their rifles were very advanced, using enderpearls as focus lenses for electron beams. The enderpearls then replaced the electrons with positorns, anti-electrons, which plasmafies the atoms they hit, due to removing the electrons from the atoms and releasing metric craploads of energy, melting all around it. They could, however, only be fired in bursts of 0.000005 grams, as they would cause a huge anti-matter detonation if they fired more positrons.

    Age: 16. Favourite school subject: Physics/Chemistry.

    The IC2 forums could really use a lot more of [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED] and ████████.

    I'm in a so called "after-school". It's freaking fantastic and nowhere near as boring as normal school!

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  • chaos: come in, come in i am captured somewhere. use the trackers to find where i am and come and get me

    HACKbot:yes sir

  • On the moon:

    Two Enderman Soldiers are in a security room. The HAckbot appears on one of the screens. Suddenly, he starts dancing

    Enderman Soldier 1:
    "What does it do? Ohh, I suddenly want to dance!(A joke)"

    Both Enderman start laughing.

    Enderman Soldier 2:
    "Thats interesting. It seems like it wants to hack the base, using the USB-Map-Output only USB Adapter there.
    Anyway, we should eleminate it!"

    The Soldier pushs a Button, and the HAckbot gets disintegrated.

    Enderman Soldier 1(Transmission to the Base's Commnder):
    "We just got rid off a guest here. It seems like it was a special kind of Spambot."

    Enderman Commander:
    "Very Well! The Trap worked,so we can get rid of champ now!"

    In Champs Jailchamber:
    A thing that looks like a sealing turret gets out of the sealing. At nearer view, you can see that it is a film projector. In a little room over it, a magnet grabs a DVD labeled "Twilight" out of a Iridiumreinforced Lead Box, and puts it into a leaden DVD Player. Then, the DVD Player activates...

    "No, Noo Nooooo..."

    On the Shuttle:
    The soldiers are talking a bit, when Sinnaj63 ports in.
    "I had 0.5 Million Soldiers left on Minecraftia, which are all in combat. The Commander told me, that some bases got overruned by Spambots, like Everhill. At least some people escaped from there. As far as I know, there are only 0.5 Million soldiers at all. Wue dont know about the Million left in the Spambot Realm. And then I have got another million soldiers and a fleet left. I think its time to get them in!"
    To Enderman Commander on the moon using his Advanced Artifical Telepathic In-Brain Microchip:
    "Get the Rest of my fleet to here!"

    In the Space over Minecraftia, around 27 heavy Battlecruisers appear and begin attacking the Spambots fleet.

    On the Shuttle:

    "What will we do now, Sir?"

    "Go to the Bots realm. I don't feel like losing a million solders and a fleet there."

    Sinnaj63 teleports the shuttle to the Spambot Agr, presses a button and teleports back.

    "That was it?

    "Yes. That Button sended a special frequency to make them see that they should come back. If they would be still alive, they will come back in some minutes."

    Some Minutes later, the soldiers and the ships are back. They get ordered to eleminate all spambotic ships in the space and then get the soldiers down.

    "What? All Spambots are eleminated?"

    "Yes, they are actually all away. Maybe we were lucky, and got the whole Minecraftia back just before their final attack. I think we should use this to reinforce us, I dont think they will be away for long."

    "Yes. Build Bases wherever you can. 2.4 Million Soldiers should be enough."

    Sinnaj63 beams himself up to the moon.

    "How is the fleet and the ships?"

    Enderman Commander:
    "They are ready for combat. By the Way, I think the spambots just went away because they want to destroy Minecraftia at once. The whole planet."

    "That might be a possibilty. And I think you are right. The only reason to remove nearly all of their spambots on minecraftia would be the destruction of it. Do you have an idea what we could do against it?"

    Enderman Commander:
    "They did not knew about the million soldiers on the fleet, nor did they exspected that the ships in their dimenion can come back to minecraftia. So they thought, a million bots would be enough to keep Minecraftia until its destruction. So we should be able to defeat their weapon of destruction. Dont worry, I have plans for any weapon from Death Star to Black Hole Missiles. When they see that we can defeat us, they will probably attack with millions of bots again..."

  • chaos: what is this horrible film. MAKE IT STOP!!!

    guard: am taking a break that film is starting to get to me

    *guard walks away*

    chaos: come in HACKbot 6789. are you ready


    chaos: warp all smapbot and HACKbot ships to HIM and disable all cloaking devices on the main ship the activate the elemental spires except the one i need which is on this ship. i will get that one


  • chaos: come in HACKbot 6789. are you ready
    chaos: warp all smapbot and HACKbot ships to HIM and disable
    all cloaking devices on the main ship the activate the elemental
    spires except the one i need which is on this ship. i will get
    that one
    HACKbots coming into champs room.

    Annoncer: "In Case of enemy AIs incoming, remembe your Paradoxes, like
    "New Mission: Refuse this mission"
    "Does a Set of all Sets contain itself?""
    As this transmission is sended on champs now know frequncy, all HACKbots and other bots get rid of themself.
    "What the Hell?"

    "Unregistered Happenings. Hazardous Objects might escape into Atmosphere. Room gets disintegrated Now!"

    The Room, including champ and the DVD Player get disintegrated.

  • Hmmm... elemental spires? That might be something worth taking a look at... ONCE I'VE DESTROYED THIS SPAMBOT INFESTATION IN THE END! *shoots spambot in the head with a positron laser, while withering a second one and crushing a third with my still-underdeveloped telekinesis*
    Might wanna try to get to the... argh! How many spambots are there supposed to be here???"

    Age: 16. Favourite school subject: Physics/Chemistry.

    The IC2 forums could really use a lot more of [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED] and ████████.

    I'm in a so called "after-school". It's freaking fantastic and nowhere near as boring as normal school!

  • I fired my tesla pistol until it ran out of charge, then dive-rolled to dodge a spambot laser. A missile streaked through the air and wasmic dove into cover.
    Wasmic: What is our current inventory?
    Wraith: 2 Enderrifles, my quantum lunchbox, spacesuits, a sonictron, and this.
    *I show him an object that looks like a teslastaff, but with a nanosabre blade on one end*
    Wraith: I also have a tesla pistol and some spare carbon plates.
    Wasmic: A quantum lunchbox? What?
    Wraith: It holds infinite oranges.
    Wasmic: Why oranges? Oranges are circles!
    Wraith: Because I like oranges. Now... we move!
    *A missile obliterates the rocks we were hiding behind*
    After an hour of quantumsprinting, we arrived at the spambot base. Hundreds of spambots guarded it, whispering adverts.
    Wasmic: Pass me the sonictron.
    A sound erupted on the other side of the base, distracting the spambots and making them all run to the other side. I ran to the door and kicked it down.
    Wasmic: Fire! Incoming spambots!
    I drew my tesla pistol and blazed away at a lone Mk.4 spambot walking torwards me. Brilliant lightning bolts smashed into it, but it kept moving, undamaged.
    A dark green positron bolt hit the spambot in the face, obliterating everything above it's knees.
    Wraith: How much antimatter WAS that?
    Wasmic: Only 0.000005 grams.
    Wraith: Can you hack it so it can fire entire grams of antimatter?
    Wasmic: Yes, but the bolts would cause massive explosions.
    Wraith: I know how we can destroy this base.

  • I hacked the enderrifles with Wraith's sonictron 9001. Don't ask me why, but that thing's a supercomputer. I hacked Wraiths rifle to fire entire grams of positrons, and i hacked my own to bypass the matter/antimatter-conversion-process, so that it would fire precisely one gram of electrons. Wraith sneaked around the base, killing the spambots we saw before they could hit the alarm. We reached the core of the base, where at least 90.01 HACKbots were being constructed. We set up the two rifles so that they pointed at each other, Wraith attached a psi-control device to each rifle, and the we ran away. When we were about half a mile away, we synchronized our thoughts. This was the first time I tried this, and it felt very weird to think in a different way than normally, and to see from two sets of eyes at once. Then we fired both rifles, at the same time. The base was cleansed from the End's surface - but that was when we learned that nearly all of the base was underground, mostly unharmed by the blast. We separated our minds again, and we both started laughing at the hilarity of the situation.

    Wasmic: ++Can I have an orange?++

    Age: 16. Favourite school subject: Physics/Chemistry.

    The IC2 forums could really use a lot more of [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED] and ████████.

    I'm in a so called "after-school". It's freaking fantastic and nowhere near as boring as normal school!

  • Wraith: I suppose this is a time for a snackbreak.
    Wasmic *Heals* Next objective: We need to destroy the underground areas of the base.
    Wraith: *Shoots an exposed portion with teslapistol* It's protected By Immibustech shields!
    How did they manage to learn how to use the shields?
    Wasmic: Oh no... They have learned to use NEI... We have to destroy this facility's
    computer core before they can pass every recipe in the universe to the rest of the spambot
    armies. If they get access to NEI... Every spambot will have the highest tech equipment.
    Wraith: What is this NEI you speak of? I learned all of the recipes in the Verveidian Command Academy.
    Wasmic: It's like an encyclopedia you can access any time, from any place.
    Wraith: Des Asuryan... We need to attack immediately!

    I used a Verveidian Teleport Pack to warp down to the crater, and sliced a hole in the forcefield with my teslasword. I landed directly on top of a spambot, and crushed it with a quantum ground pound. Suddenly, the roof gave out and I landed inside the base

  • They found me.We are low on supplies and our numbers have fallen.
    HiveTyrant) Guard the ship and start to prepare we are about to have a massive attack! Get the Spirit Gem to a safe place if we lose that all hope as we know it will die.
    HiveGuard) What does the spirit Gem do exactly to the spambots?
    HiveTyrant) It super powers them and they will learn how to use Mods and Mod Packs. Wait everyone Ready Here They Come!1!1!1! :Bronze Sword: :Bronze Sword: :Nuke TNT:
    Ready the ship!Were our outnumbered BY 1000!
    HiveGuard)Its not ready were Not Done!
    HiveTyrant)Then we Fight until its Done,
    ready prepare for Attack!

    CHARGE! :Bronze Sword: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :Bronze Sword:

    After The Battle,
    Everyone died The spambots killed everyone But to keep the Tyranid Specious alive at the last moment the HiveTyrant had realeased rippers into the earth to multiply and We Will Be Back!
    The Spambots won this one and taken the Gem But thats Not The End.

  • Me: Are we there yet (for the 9001th time)
    RockRaiderAlpha: YES. I'll just be restocking our supplies at the local space station, it will only be a few days.
    Me: Ok, just remember to buy a potion of healing.
    RockRaider: I'll get the medical bots on that.
    Me: Thanks.
    *Rockraider leaves*

    *Medbot arrives*
    Medbot: How are you feeling?
    Me: Just fine, still without arms though.
    Medbot: I'll work on that. Prepare for T10a's limb restoration surgery.
    Me: Great. *asleep again*

  • That spamBase was enormous. It ought to have a weekpoint, but it was damned hard to find. It turned out to be the Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser of the spambots charging stations. It could, as all Nutrimatic Drinks Dispensers, not make tea, only liquids that were almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

    Wraith and I sneaked into the charging stations. I hovered over to the dispenser and asked for a cup of tea. It started humming, and a second later, it was drawing so much power that the light bulbs went out. I was lucky that I can see well in the dark, and Wraith put on some things that looked like sunglasses, but were, apparently, inverted in function. We destroyed the spambots that were charging, and moved towards the storage. The amount of spambots was enormous. There were the mostly harmless mk I spambots, the deadly mk. IV spambots, and even some of the pseudo-intelligent HACKbots. I picked up a smell of tea, the light went back on, and the spambots came online, a hundred at a time. There were at least 3000 spambots here.

    Wraith, telepathically contacting The Phoenix: ++I'm in a bad situation. I need instant exfil for me and Wasmic. Either that or large amounts of reinforcements.++

    Phoenix soldier: ++Reinforcements inbound. We have 200 ready now. 200 more will follow in five minutes, around with 20 heavy laser cannons. Just hang on 5 seconds...++

    Wasmic, shouting: "Bring it on, spambots!"
    Wasmic, to Wraith: ++The reinforcements better hurry up, the spambots are starting to lock on to os.++

    Age: 16. Favourite school subject: Physics/Chemistry.

    The IC2 forums could really use a lot more of [REDACTED], [DATA EXPUNGED] and ████████.

    I'm in a so called "after-school". It's freaking fantastic and nowhere near as boring as normal school!

  • I believe i have found the weakpoint in the defence system. Although formidable, the power grid for the defence appears to also be conected to the other systems in the structure through several key points in the base. There also appears to be one hevily protected area that appears to be the main power station. If we can find a way to cause a power surge in any part of the base, it will shut down their whole operation and may leave the power station wide open for attack. I will report back once I find a vulnerable key point in the power grid. In the mean time, try and cause a drain in one part of the defence system. I'm sending you a map of the power grid now. Good luck down their.

  • Sinnaj63 is on a bridge with a great view under a cruiser and looks down to Minecraftia, where nothing seems to happen. Suddenly, a Industrial Alarm gets redstoned.

    "Warning. Unpermitted Activities in Area <5 G>. Please remain calm and try to get to tge next security checkpoint. We remind all Security Guards to go to the next Security Checkpoint. This message will be looped, and you cant turn it of by deactivating the Ingame Sounds."

    "Area 5 Sector G. That is here, I think*Charges his Suits advanced Combatmodule up*"

    The Door opens, and a Group of Guards come in.

    S63ISHAI(Sinnaj63 Industries Supporting Helmet AI):
    "The Guard were identified as camoflauged Spambots, MK HACkbot."

    "Hackbots? Get a Transmission going. The Spambots most Massive Wave will start now. "

    *S63ISHAI sends Transmission*

    "When the most intelligent Spambots are so stupid..."

    Sinnaj63 uses his highly advanced Quantummsuit(With Inbuild Weapons/Tools)to get rid if the Bots. Suddenly, he gets knocked of the bridge from behind, while a Hackbot shoots a Hole in the Antivacuumfieldsupported Safetyglass.

    Sinnaj63:"Not as Stupid as I thought.*To S63ISHAI:"And get a Cleaning Troopp to this Bridge!"

    *Shoots a Plasmashoot trough the Hole which destroys the Bots*

    Suddenly, the Screen gets Black and Vortigaunts appear.

    "When I say "Kill all Vorts" I mean "Kill all Vorts". Are this Advisors really too stupid too do there job?"
    *Strider warps in, kill the Vorts and Warps out*
    "Ahh, a Door labeled Exit. Ohh, there is a Steam Boiler. Hmm. Very unefficent. Way to slow. "

    "Place identified as "Steam"."

    To be continued...

  • Day: unknown
    *wakes up* w...where am I?
    Advisor: You're in a stasis chamber, you've been asleep for almost 2 years.
    *looks out window and sees all the destruction*
    T10a, what did I miss? I've just woken from an almost 2 year stasis. how much damage has been done?

  • After years of scraping old ship parts, i find an old ICBM module.Fit for my now massive ship (Now running off of plasma from the sun, as the obsolete Gregtech fusion reactor is useless to me) I am currently melting down Spambots to make my new intergalactic missiles. I have literally became the deathstar. The composition of spambots have large portions of iridium. Who knew?! A nearby star has just went supernova. In this, it will cause gammaray busts, destroying anything in its way. My computer has calculated that the bust has fired towards the minecraftian solar system destroying minecraftia and all near objects. I have heard my friend, Sinnaj, is in that area. I advise that everyone near Minecraftia to leave immediately, the disaster will commence within the next few days. We will all miss minecraftia.

    -The Scientist

    If you have never heard of the Farlands, you're missing out.

    The farlands supports GregTech