Make IC2 open source

  • IC2 has remained closed source for so much time. The community could help fix bugs & speed up the development of the mod. Also, deobfuscated ic2 jars are publicly available, what kinda exposes the source code. So why not go open source?

  • I'm guessing that right now they have "busy porting the mod to a newer version of Minecraft" as a decent excuse to postpone considering this. I realize we have no way to force them, but I'd be happy if they did open-source the mod after that, or at least post an official explanation of why they refuse (I've been unsuccessful at finding such an explanation previously posted).

  • Copyright IC2 Dev Team under the "It's Our Stuff, Not Yours!" License (formerly the "It's My Stuff, Not Yours!" License).

    The original developer's thoughts on open-source:

    As all of my projects, it will go open source if it's not continued by its orginial team anymore.

    Which probably means: No, never.

    I'm not familiar with the development so I don't know what (if any) contributor license they are using. It might not be possible to open-source the project without consent from every previous developer.

    Note that IndustrialCraft (IC1), MedievalCraft, and Mine4Dead are still closed-source over eight years after being discontinued. I'm not sure if anybody has asked Alblaka to release the sources during those eight years, though.