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    I'm playing my own personal modpack again for the first time in years, and the version of industrialcraft that I've downloaded doesn't have this recipe.

    I'm a great distance into my Techtree and this was a nasty surprise, do you know where I can get a version that has that recipe?

    Anyone have much experience with this? it doesn't sound too easy.

    I'd like to set up a build craft builder that arranges a 3d grid of appropriately spaced tnt that will level a whole chunk. I have tons of material for it, and I'll deal with the lava, the challenge seems like it would be avoiding these two things simultaneously.

    A. Successive explosions destroying the drops from previous ones.

    B. TNT dislodging other tnt, causing it to explode in the wrong place.

    I am LOVING rotary craft. I just recently set up four of those ~30k eu /t equivalent engines, the speed at which my boring machine (a horizontal chunk loading auto miner) can burrow is terrifying. And the speed the extractor deals with goodies is also profound. Right now I'm setting up to produce scads of jet fuel, but maybe I should just add reactor craft, rather than consolidating non nuclear methods. I set the boring machine loose in the nether, didn't take long to grab 11k nether rack.

    I love the way the machines scale with the amount of power, speed, torque you can produce. There's also a lot of great resource processors. The centrifuge does a lot of neat things besides bees products, but it does make the thought of massive bee farms a lot more interesting, particularly since I'm using bdew's gendustry , it is a very cool take on genetic manipulation of forestry bees and trees.

    here's a question. Rotary craft has a ton of awesome advanced automated defenses, but their epicness seems silly for anything short of an incredible hoard mode onslaught of titans on my base.... Where is that mod☺?

    Yeah I'm really enjoying rotary craft, I think it was you who recommended it to me in another thread, thanks.

    I just set up my first rotary craft gas turbine. That's a crazy amount of power, with enough jet fuel it could convert to around 30k Eu/t per turbine. I got onto rotary craft for an economical source of Redstone ore, and I made my spectral bee blaze powder machine for processing biomass in reaction dynamos, but now all that blaze powder and slime (using essence for spawner) is gonna go into obscene amounts of jet fuel, see how many turbines I can run.

    I already set up the automation for the phytogenic isolators, 24 at 8x, it pumps it out alright, but it'll be cool to skip making hundreds of bioreactors. I might use the phytos for sugar> rotary craft ethanol crystals. That and a boring machine in the nether for nether rack and soulsand, and another one to grab coal, and we're set to jet.. Yeah I dig rotary craft ☺

    And a bad mistake: I took 275 efficiency to mean 275 per plant. Nope, 55 per plant. So divide all the power totals I came up with by 5.

    As for the laser drill, even with the right filters it only gives you redstone ore about 15% of the time. Short of setting up a fairly elaborate system that burns other ores along with pyrotheum, this makes using the laser drill as an energy positive source of rich slag unrealistic.

    I have recently started with rotarycraft, it's pretty cool, maybe once I get a good boring machine up and running I'll have enough redstone ore to extend this plan.

    Let me get this straight: you want to take steam, which requires heat to generate... and extract the heat back out?

    Sure. We take biogas, which requires heat to generate, and put it in a semifluid generator to make more biogas. It would be particularly good because some other mods offer a variety of ways to generate steam from different fuel sources, we'd ultimately be connected biogas to a lot of things that way.

    That's similar enough to what the LHE does that I think it would make more sense to add steam support to that block (if it doesn't already support it; it's been a while since I've used LHEs) than to make a new block to do it.

    I almost agree with you, except that wouldn't quite work with the important (in my view) business of having a different and expensive higher strength heat source. The LHE is currently pretty versatile, and appropriately priced, for the relatively low output sources it has. However I do wonder why the LHE (last time I checked) produces such dissapointing amount of energy from lava.

    A steam heat generator would be a fairly expensive piece of equipment, it would use a large amount of steam per tick and generate a large amount of heat per tick. There are three good things about this:

    1. It would allow biogas production to have a higher tier, more compact, powerful option.

    2. it would make more interesting uses for IC2 steam , and by extension 5x5 reactors.

    3. Best of all, if this item if allowed to accept universal steam , instead of only IC2 steam , and you work the math cleverly, this device could be integrated in a number of interesting ways with the steam producing machinery of other mods. And i suppose if you're thus enabling the super generation of biogas you may want to create a powerful generator to match that gas production, or speak to other mod makers about including bio gas in their heavy duty generators. BDew for example is a very agreeable fellow

    My 12x10 tree farm, which was designed to do wood and biomass about equally well is producing about 3.7 logs per second

    3.7 charcoal x 26,048,000 x 4 (if we use rich slag) = 385,510,400/sec = 19,275,520 RF/t

    I suppose I'll be setting up a laser drill to get a steady source of redstone ore (need it anyhow) which is a steady source of rich slag.

    Of course word on the street is the bioreactor only produces 1mb/tick

    I think I'd need almost 21,000 bioreactors to convert those plant goodies as fast as made, and I think around 400 speed upgraded phytogenic insolators, resonant, with full speed upgrades.

    and if we're still planning to burn this stuff up in efficiency maximized compression dynamos: We'll need 321,259 of them.

    Clearly 120 pieces of land allocated to MFR tree farming can in this way offer an insane amount of power. Reduced:

    per piece of land:
    160,629.33333333333333333333333333 rf/t
    3.3 phytogenic insolators (note, not enough to get plant variety we need)
    175 bioreactors (ball park)
    2,677 compresion dynamos (if re rewired for speed instead of efficiency this would actually be pretty reasonable at small scale.)

    Or it will take about 29 full sized of my beloved AG gas turbines, which offer 800,000 RF per bucket, so only 138,922 Rf/T that way.

    Mind you all of this is ignoring the biomass energy.

    For true silliness: We could stop using wood as a source of charcoal, and start using wheat from IC2 crops.
    2 wheat = 1 cow = 1 bucket of liquid meat (I think? maybe more) = 1/3 charcoal

    so if you can make wheat 3 times as fast as wood, and we allow an insane number of cows to be bred to keep up with demand...yeah lol.

    Heck, if you've got something like my blaze farm that's generating more Mob Essence than you'll ever need you could spawn zombie pigmen, harvest the gold, and use it, along with some of your carrots to make instant growth syringes for your cows.

    I think what's cool about tree farm to phytogenic to bio is that you could actually do it quite well, fairly early game, without breeding your trees. Just a basic apple oak grows fast produces a respectable amount of wood, never mind fruit and saplings.

    leave out wheat, you average 102.4 items per charcoal in a phytogenic isolator

    5 types of items in bioreactor gives 275 per item these days.

    so 102.4 * .275 = 28.16 buckets of biofuel (26,048,000 RF) per charcoal.

    and I honestly don't think it'll be that awful to set this up. Making such an insane amount of energy per block of wood gives tree farms a boost for sure.

    Edit: About 4x all this if you get yourself a steady supply of rich slag.

    Actually, now that I know you can run a melon through a lumbermill and get 8 slices (or seeds) I begin to wonder if it's even worth mixing ingredients in the bioreactor.

    You can get 80 millibuckets on just the seeds, or 160 if you mix everything, but nothing else can be produced at nearly that rate, at least not in phytogenics.

    What about IC2 Crops? Do they spit out full melons? Does a melon crop with equal gain produce the same number of melons as other crops? The potential of pure melon seed is huge, I think I'm going to set up a test run.

    I'm getting some strange results with this. For example I have a phytogenic isolator which the EU reader show to be taking about 700 Eu/t (on a task that's meant to take 7200RF over 25 seconds)

    Similar large numbers on some other things, including forestry fermenters (all are connected with gold IC2 wire)

    Sounds fun, I don't know much about cursed earth, haven't added that "extra utilities" mod.

    For now I can't use tesla for it generally, because I need Looting 3, to keep the bees respawning the blazes, and to power my reactant dynamos.

    It sure can be hard to know where to draw the line on what's over powered, I admit, I'm curious about those cuilinary generators, and the idea that you can stack one into 64 is fairly appealing too.

    So what's the total power on a piece of toast?

    As for charcoal, if we're willing to get obscene with our infrastructure, to wring all we can out of a given amount of crop space:

    1 charcoal + slag + niter (easliy mass produced) can produce in a phytogenic isolator

    96 pumpkin seeds
    224 melon seeds
    64 potatoes
    64 cocoa beans
    64 carrots
    32 sugar
    or 32 wheat + seeds (seed numbers depending on augments.

    plug that into Bioreactor or cuilnary generator, and the power of a tree farm becomes nuts. And much better than that if you've got a reliable way that gets you Rich Slag

    The trees on my farm are

    Saplings :high (balsa)
    matures: fast (apple oak)
    height : largest (sequoia)
    girth : 1x1 (apple oak)
    yield (fruit): high (plum, it is an actually plum tree)
    sappiness: high (blue mahoe)
    fireproof: no (didnt' bother)
    effect: none (know little about this)

    Definitely way way more apples and fruit juice than are needed, I didn't know I could generate power from pure fruit juice, may have to do that.

    And I don't think we should compare MFR bioreactor while using one crop type, that's not how it shines. Still, it's buffer is a bit much, if I finish my IC2 crop breeding/bioreactor set up I'll definitely be piling stacking a large number of biogeneators, I'm already hording slimeballs.

    My automatic spectral bee Blaze creator, loot sword slaughtering setup produces tons of mob essence, I've got an autospawner, there, that can kick in whatever creature I like to the slaugther.....only problem with this machine is sometimes this happens:

    At first it was an issue of when the sword breaks, I set up redstone to shut the machine off when that happens, but sometimes a blaze gets stuck in the floor, denying others access to death.

    Actually the super trees I bred, have high fruit yield (from plums) but they're instant, because they're apples, you end up with way more than enough fruit juice, despite the fact that you've got high sappling drop rate (from balsa).

    And I"m not too sure about charcoal to boiler math, but with a syngas producer each log is worth 128,000 RF (via wood pulp)

    Culinary generator certainly sounds interesting, wonder if it can beat bioreactor.

    When it's all said and done my 12x10 patch of high sap, fast growing tall trees produces about 17.6k EU/t, and a lot goes into that. The breeding of course, a carpenter setup for wood pulp, syngas production, lava and steam production, and a setup of spectral bees, conveyor belts, blaze rods and looting swords in autonomous activators to pump out enough blaze powder to match the heavy biomass production.

    A 12x10 patch of industrial craft crops into bioreactors would only have to supply 540 plants items (4.5 per block of farm land) per minute to match that. I imagine under the right conditions they can obliterate that. Does anyone have some helpful yield numbers to report from their crops?