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    How does transofmer work when transforming from higher to lower current ? Is there possibility that it needs full high packet to turn to 4 small packets ? If yes, it may answer the question, since some energy may be left in other transformers aswell. I was playing with wiring and i came to conclusion that no EU is lost during transport, however it gets divided into transformers. I was doing so by placing redstone dust into input MFSU and checking output. If there was some way to measure stored energy in transformers, i would be completely sure about that.


    I think you forgot to mention the added benefit of 600,000 EU (or 10 million with MFSU's) storage over just 40,000 EU storage with a LV system. I use MFE's/MFSU's to store power in, not to transmit power over long distances.
    Now, since i already have HV i might as well convert it to EV for long distance transfer.

    I am not sure what exactly you are trying to say.

    (per 40 blocks distance we're talking 11 diamonds to prevent barely 1% loss)

    Actually... there is no loss up to 40 block using glass fibre (40th block is storage device or HVT). With 512EU/p there is 1EU loss every 40 blocks which is barely 0.2% of total package. But this method is so expensive it's in my opinion not worth it. ** 10 diamonds **

    I'll definitely agree the chain of copper/LVTF is a good option early in the game for lossless transmission of up to 128 EU/t

    I think i should use EU/p instead. There is an easy way to connect 512EU/p input into copper network, MVT at the beginning would do just fine. It costs 8x refined iron bar + 2x copper cable and tadaa ! 512EU/p input copper system created.
    Edit: I see that LV system really has 128EU/t limit and a little bottlenecking occurs there, but it can be modified to eliminate that(however it's far too expensive).LVT is apparently not able to process 4 packs of 128EU to 16 packs of 32EU in one tick.

    I did not mention glass fibre earlier because i think it's simply too expensive to use in long(OK... let that be 40+) wiring. At least compared to its cost.

    Hello. Well, it may not be the quickest reply, but i just found this thread and i was wondering if really 2 transformers are needed to keep EUs untouched. So i tried quite long setup with 1 solar generator connected to 60 blocks long copper cable, where i put single(3-dotted side facing generator) LVT every 5 blocks (4 Copper cables between 2 LVTs) and BatBox being the 60th block in setup. BatBox was actually recieving power (32EU every 32 ticks) during the day. That means such setup is working with 100% efficiency.

    I did some calculations.
    Let there be 61 blocks long setup where generator is 0th block and storage device is 60th block.

    for LV you would need:
    - 48x coper cable
    - 11x LVT
    - any storage device
    which is 69x Copper bar + 70x rubber + 11x wood (increasing cost) (wood is very easy to obtain)

    for EV you would need:
    - 2x HVT
    - 57x Triple ins. HV cable
    - storage device that supports 512EU/t or another transformers
    which is 15x refined iron bar + 171x rubber (increasing cost) +18x refined iron bar + 20x rubber + 20x redstone + 12x copper bar + 2x diamond (stable cost)
    and output is 512EU/t which needs additional resources depending on final solution (be it tansformers with BatBox OR MFSU)

    I didnt include storage devices or other transformers because sooner or later everyone will get MFSU which can be directly connected to both setups.

    It looks like LV solution is cheaper in this case, however for longer distances EV appears to be more efficient since copper cable is 4x as expensive as HV cable + (rubber wood is renewable/farmable resource) and only 2 HVTs are always needed - thus resource cost for theese does not increase with distance.

    Few factors can have influence over your decision:
    1st factor - cost over distance (24x copper / 5x iron - over 20blocks )(+lightblue cost for every EV setup)
    2nd factor - overall efficiency (100% for copper / decreasing with distance for EV)(10% decrease every 256 blocks down to 0%)
    3rd factor - maximal throughput(flow) for both systems without additional costs (128EU/t for copper / 2048EU/t for EV)
    additional factor is material (as copper is better option earlygame)

    Final statement: read this and decide.

    Phew, i hope that helps a little. I became really interested in this. I also hope all my numbers are correct, if not, please provide correct values as im not going to calculate all this again.
    Thank you.

    Pardon my english please.

    Edit: fixed numbers and stuff

    One thing is that there are many SMP mods/plugins to protect/rollback even huge areas.
    Secondly, actual recipe in my opinion really needs some change/s.
    It may look like this:
    :Coal Dust::Uranium Ingot::Coal Dust:
    :Uranium Ingot::Advanced Circuit::Uranium Ingot:
    :Coal Dust::Uranium Ingot::Coal Dust:

    :Coal Dust: - gunpowder
    :Uranium Ingot: - uranium ingot/cells

    I think it takes quite some time to get one nuke using this recipe.

    it would also have the benefits of causing the windmill to cease making any other block checks /and/ for it to never break in high winds.

    How can that cause windmill to never break ?

    It will definitely look nice if made similar to BTW mod windmills (but more modern). There sould be some way to force the windmill to stop rotating during storms for example (like redstone input at the bottom).

    I was thinking of making it easy to see a rough idea on how much you are depending on any one cable. If you have a reactor that is putting out X eu/t and you are only using Y eu/t you have a good idea on how much more room you have before you need to upgrade/add to your power plant.

    :EC Meter: - this ?

    You only get 1 Coal dust by design... Coal is a precious resource in IC2, you can make diamonds out of it. Coal is rather abundant in the world so getting one dust out of it makes perfect sense to me.
    As for diamonds. I kinda have to agree but running a diamond block in a macerator... Diamonds would tear the macerator apart and would stay diamonds.

    Maybe a diamond drill upgrade that not only gives you the ore or diamonds as you mine but also gives you a 3rd resource like some diamond dust which can be used to lessen the cost of making industrial diamonds or can be used on the chainsaw to make a diamond chainsaw.
    Or used as a macerator upgrade to make it macerate faster?

    Well, I'm not saying that we can place diamonds in macerator. It can be brand new block which price can be set to match its purpose. Also im not saying that placing coal dives you more than one coal dust. I was thinking about placing coal and diamond blocks (ore form) to get bonus resources. But, you need another advanced piece of machinery (precise drill of some sort? // miner-like portable machine?) to carefully cut out that normally unobtainable block. Such device could have more uses. And the amount of that bonus product you will need to create additional diamond/coal is adjustable.

    I just think there should be some way to increase diamond/coal income even by a little bit.

    Oh and faster macerator is also great idea.

    I can't imagine how this would work. You can create various corners and crossings with cables and determining what side gives what output may be difficult. I think it would be easier to have more types of detector cable. I didn't need such thing so far though.

    We can use macerator to make our mining twice as efficient, but it only applies to metals while there are also diamonds and coal. There is no possibility to somehow get more diamonds without enchanting. And we don't like enchanting, do we ? I'm not big enchanter myself, but i like Fortune much due to its power to multiply diamonds. And i like diamonds. Glass fibre cable and mfs unit are very costly.

    I think it would be nice to have some way (machine (Macextractor)) to get more diamonds from one diamond ore block. By "more" i don't exacly mean 2 or 3, it can be 1 and 1/4 of diamond in form of soft diamond dust, which is thrown away because Steve lacks means to make it useful.

    I suggest possibility to mine whole ore block and be able to further process that block to squeeze more precious diamonds of it. Let's say we add diamond ore to the machine and after some time, it spits away one diamond which can be found in ore block, but it also extracts a little bit of diamond-ish dust-ish thing (example), more of which can be later compressed (?) into a single diamond. To balance it a little, we can make more of this product needed to create one diamond, or just make that diamond more fragile so you can't use it to make tools, but it is still able to store energy and be used in MFE, MFS or similar.

    Same thing then can be done with coal. Small piles of coal dust can be then put together to make complete useful coal dust.

    I'm not 100% shoe about my english, but i believe you got my point.

    TL;DR - Read it.

    Oh, looks like it was all caused by cable. I was using 3xIns HV cable directly with reactor and it caused EU loss even on short distance.

    I didn't know i can't measure packet size at particular distance from power source. How does EU-Reader work then ? Doesn't it have to show current flowing through measured block ?

    :Reactor: :Cable: :Cable: :Cable: :Cable: :Cable: :Cable: :MFS-Unit:

    :Reactor: :Cable: :MFS-Unit:
    If you measure first piece of cable, you get different results. How does EU-Reader work then ? (just in case my english is not good enough)

    Thx or help.

    I noticed my reactor with single Uranium cell inside giving 7EU/t when cable is connected to the bottom of the reactor. When i connect cable to one of it's sides, everything is OK with 10EU/s. I measured cable right next to the reactor and reactor itself - in both cases same result.

    I made myself the most simple Equal-breeder i could think about. Its Mark I-O EB according to reactor planner but I'd say its Mark I- EE because of its output. But thats not important here.
    Here's the link
    The thing is it is not working as it should. One isotope cell is always enriched faster and sometimes one of them is not enriched completely. That always happens when reactor's hull is not 6000+ 100% of uptime (some heating issues - my fault). But i think it should not happen because both cells should recharge at same speed.
    I always place 2 Heat Disp. and 2 Depleted Cells into reactor first, then i heat up the reactor and then place Uranium Cell. I don't get why one cell is always ahead of another in recharging, sometimes even few minutes.
    I hate finding one Re-Enriched cell and second almost complete one in my breeder. Is there something wrong with IC or is this (somehow) my fault ?

    Also: Does 1 cell produce 10EU/t - 2M EU or 5EU/t - 1M EU ? I found both on teh internets so i'm not sure.


    I recently got Fortune III enchant on my diamond drill. Miner was able to use that drill but sadly, not its enchantments. That means i have to mine myself when i want to mine efficiently.

    So my suggestion is to make miner able to properly use enchanted tools to let me rest while my miner is extracting multiple diamonds from each diamond ore block.

    Do it for :Industrial Diamond: please.