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    Posted via iPod? I think you mean iPad. And by the way, get something without a bitten Apple on it.

    How exactly would the Explosion itself work? I mean, will it just cause the Block where its sitting upon to explode, or does it cause a new directed Explosion?

    Imagine the block like a rifle...
    As warlord's recipie:

    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Iron Dust:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:

    where :Intergrated Plating: are... a metal and :Iron Dust: are iTNT.
    That's like a cannon without a cannonball in... the metal part direct the explosive force in only one direction (supposedly concentrated so more powerful) suppressing totally to go in other direction... so... i dunno if this is possible... but what about make the block explode in a direction with a defined power, and the all other direction have an explosion power of 0? So if u sit on it when it explode, unless u point it at u, u will recive no damage at all... simply fall for 1 block and touch the ground...

    OR we can eventually build a reusable cannon to make TNT and iTNT directional.
    Like: cannon + iTNT/TNT = charged cannon.
    Place, fire, pick up empty cannon.

    A "Researcher" testificate or NPC (You have to find a village of course), he does the research for you, you only have to pay him.

    Alternatively plans could also be found in dungeons or pyramids chests.

    Mmmhhh... no i don't like this... first because the villagers are not that smart and evoluted to produce a nuclear reactor... if u add a NCP like that to a village it must have a 3 floor IC2 laboratory to be credible... and i can't imagine how a quantum suit helmet project went into a 40 layer underground chest... I really prefer something like a resarch table like Thaumcraft IF this have to be implemented

    I know its not, but you would be taking away the most useful trait of the macerator.

    Is not like u have all that iTNT... and even if u make an iTNT farm, is a lot of material and a dangerous proceess compared of few EU that macerators need. Macerators will remain the main way to obtain dusts... By the way... i don't like this... i prefer the ore drop... invenctory is more compact in this way...

    well the energy tap could take only a percentage of the energy flowing through it. it would be perfect for smp. houses closer to a power plant would be more expensive because they would get more energy.
    PS. have you ever seen one of those youtube videos where a wooden power pole burns because of electricity? that is what would happen to the charging bench. it's wood!

    "the energy tap will re-direct all energy flowing through the cable into the battery."

    It's not what u saied in the first post... that way u cut off half of the city EU supply for a couple of seconds...
    Actually charging bench do what u say lastly so u are making energy tap even more similar to them...

    And for clarify, the charging bench have wood, but is supposed to be the support where the cables (that is the EU connectors) lies... but i agree that is a bit too cheap for recipies.

    1. tier 1 energy tap can accept ULV and LV, tier 2, MV,tier 3,HV.
    2. nano and quantum armour could be charged in tier 2 or 3, the batpack, lappack, and EU powered tools could be charged in any tier energy tap
    3. because the treetap is a tap. (could be replaced by cable if the ic developers actually put the energy tap in minecraft)

    Isn't it an exact reprodution of Charging bench without internal storage??? This is part of the cable instead of connected at the cables but it do the same things... i don't think this is needed... the addon work very well, and if the dev want some like this, they had integrated the addon long time ago...

    We are actually discussing the possibility to add an energy tap in the suggestion section... but from my point of wiew it looks all like Charging bench... :huh:

    I can understand the reason of the decision behind advanced machine... :)

    Solar array aren't OP unless u use creative to make someone... u have to make every single solar panel to construct 'em... personally i don't like this addon... the possibility that if i lose that block i lose half my EU production scary me a lot... a nuclear reactor is well shilded and drown so mob can't go near... but the array i must put it letterally at the sun light... so risky... (and it's also a bit unrealistic) :S

    So sad after all... many suggestion tread add so many useful idea... but they come out only in the form of an addon...
    See nuclear control and ciderboat for example: they are developing a control block for the nuclear reactor (i guess)... and they have an addon already done, and under testing that add the same things...
    And Alblaka say that he don't want veicles that go on EU, but ciderboat is only an inproved HAYO boat! In line with what he saied... so why not include that? i don't know minecraft programming but isn't it like copy-paste, and a little ID management??? :(

    Don't wanna accuse no one... it's only that i don't know why i spend so much time controlling and inventing new ideas for suggestion section because of my passion for this mod, and knowing that near nothing that is sayed in there will become a part of IC2... why open a suggestion section then? Actually the only thing that i see immidiatly implemented was iron scaffold... :|

    Some few question:

    1. The energy tap accept up to how much EU/t? ULV? LV? or MV?
    2. What about Nano, Quantum, tools, batpack and lappack?
    3. Why the treetap in the recipie??? :huh:

    Just because i don't know this and i'm curious, i ask: :P

    The developers of a mod, that want to integrate some addon made by someone else into their main minecraft mod, must respect some legal obligation that the owner of the addon have due to the copyright or can integrate it also without permission? or a developer have noway to see some of the addon of this mod integrated? ?(

    I asked myself this... because IC2 have some important addon that are actually part of the mod infact... :sleeping: and i can't understand why these addon aren't actually integrated into the main mod...
    i'm thinking about addon like charging branch, advanced machine and compact solars :rolleyes: (and some other that really add intresting and unique features really inline with the HAYO way of think 8o )... i dunno how many time their are there, and how many people add that addons to their IC2 like fondamental part of that... so i'm confused... :|

    It's a legal problem, or an integration problem, a game balance problem, a way to respect the creators of the addons (or maybe a lazyness problem, it come to me the idea that the dev haven't in mind to integrate any of the addon because the addon dev update their addon alone, so less work? :S )

    No charges to anyone... i simply wanna know why... :)

    If you want over-the-top minecarts, check out Railcraft. The main issue with that is you can't make corners.

    No need to go "over the top minecarts" simply reach a speed midway to normal top speed and a powered rail speed...
    This will be an Awesome cool looking way to travel in town... imagine a monorail system that go all around the city at the spawn point into the servers, powered by the all green nuclear EU, an high speed (and expansive, all that iron) monorail to make the first HAYO community transport system! U can also make the visitors pay some IC2 credits for the ticket??? :thumbsup:

    Railcraft remain by the way the leader in this sector, specially for long trip as u MUST carry the EU over the line to make that work...

    Why would you install RP2 or Buildcraft if you replace all the funny stuff with ONE allmighty block? Isnt it Fun to Build a factory with many Pipes, complicated redstonestuff, powerlines and so on? would be retardet to implement this block!

    I like the idea... and this not esclude BC and RP totally, because to automate all the things u have to carry the correct material into the correct combo machine, and the results back to the correct storage chest... this is a machine studied for preserve space, to optimize the industrial process, to say "Hey, i use more EU than u, so i'm really more HAYO! U see? i make a refined iron from iron ore in 5 sec!", to give at the gold cable a second chance and to see really less ugly and stupid redstone engines that take 3 blocks only to work or for the quiet from the absence of that TIKTIKTIK of the RP timers...
    Personally i will use it... A LOT!

    +1 even if combo machine probably will be denied also this time... ;(

    Carry multiple units of liquids is an intresting idea!
    But i prefer that it can load/unload cells instead that have an internal storage...
    This way we can transport lava and water in BIG quantities easy, as lava and water cells are stackable.
    If u can switch between modes, and have an internal storage wont the water and lava be stored in the same container? in that case we'll have obsidian into the pump :P

    How you want to have that reactor texture? What it should look like.

    Dunno... i make 2 proposal into that old suggestion... i think the radioactivity symbol on the chamber that change their state like the portholes on the reactor will be fine, but if u imagine something better, feel free to do what u want... the important is that it can be distinguible even from the chamber if the reactor is on or off...

    I support this too! I like that a lot!