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    Kinda strange, if i'm not wrong, a generator output is 10 EU/t so if u connect macrator, batbox and chopper cable there must'n be any problem (because they accept up to LC, 32EU/t, thery are thinked for this purpose)...
    It sounds to me a version incompatibility problem... Have u the correct Forge version? if not upgraded ofthen cause problem like this...

    Aaaand, if you are far far away from your reactor, its chunk is loaded (someone nearby, a friend of yours can do it) and it is near explosion?
    How you can have time to set up Wireless redstone?

    if the thermometer send redstone signal (or light eu current) after the set temperature, is like connect thermometer-to-reactor and it will make the works... RP2 wire don't even suffer the water presence...
    if there is only a informational block, yes u need to make the set up in a hurry on the distance, or ask your friend to risk his life (better say equip and level) for shut off the reactor in local... i repeat... i don't like this "save button" option... it ruins the importance of the reactor...

    EDIT: and u are a little stupid going on a trip leaving your high chance to explode reactor ON at home

    how about this, add those Lights,

    Red=on and above 85%+ and a Evacuation siren starts going off that can be heard from roughly 40-64 blocks away to basically tell you there is a nuclear reactor in the area. start running like hell in the other direction!)

    U really want that siren, don't u? :D u posted that idea in all nuclear threads that u find 8o

    i simply want to see if the reactor is on... if u apply the siren, u must modificate also the main reactor... and u can't use the siren for other purpouses.

    P.s. modified first topic so we can discuss for it in a fix place :)

    mmmhhh... understood!
    This sound to me like the Star Trek's "Replicator", am i right?
    Put in UUM-> select what u want like Crafting Table II-> select how much units u want of this item-> feed the machine with enough EU-> pick up what u want!

    Intresting! really intresting!

    All this things are really OP... and i can't see the point into this...
    Even if u have all this power at your disposal, what u supposed to be with it?!?!?! a UUM fabric with hundreds of mass fabricator? a HUGE tesla coil field around your house? a teleport with very long range? I simply don't understand this huge energy needs...

    We talk about to pick up immense energy from other universe for what if our main machines go at 32EU/t?!?!?
    don't misunderstand me, i like this temporal-riftflux-spacedistortion-whoknowwhatcandoifipushthisbutton-immenseeugeneration-ultramachines... but actually i prefere silent and secure solar, wathermills with a couple of nuclear reactor with properly set up to maintein my MFSUs charged...

    U will risk to revert the space-time continuum (i don't even know why i talk about this in MINECRAFT!!!), around 16x16 chunks for 3426094871626230948 -and go on- EU, and then?
    maybe before of that we can made this, a little less complex solution:

    or maybe this:

    (and before someone have the courage to argue, i was hilarious about my 2 examples!)

    OP in my opinion...
    It makes chainsaw, batpack, lappack useless.
    AND i like diamond drill as it is... adding a "crazy mining" function won't make it better

    industry isn't cute! industry is about manly construction workers building manly nuclear reactors with thier bare manly hands! and then those reactors exploding in manly fireballs!/jk

    Sorry, u right... i mistake the spirit, i will correct myself:
    The remote is really a "THE SUN POWER IN MY HAYOISH HAND!!!" idea!
    Better now? :D
    But i continue thinking the things that i sayied after...

    The remote is a cute idea... all the statistic are ok if they came from a control block...
    BUT i don't like the idea that let u turn the reactor off by distance...
    1. because that remove all the danger of a nuclear reactor simply with a remote.
    2. because if i think at the "control block" i think at a block that say me the status of the reactor, without make me control it... think for example at the thermometer... it simply control reactor temperature but alone isn't able to shut off the whole reactor...
    3. because that will also remove all the suspance! "HO NO! REACTOR 2 WILL BLOWING UP SOON! I MUST RUN! OR WILL RUIN EVERYTHING!" is sigtly more fun then "ho, reactor 2 will blowing up soon, better shut it off and control it later, i have to finish my corp hybrid before..."

    actually i want to open a suggestion topic about something like a siren... something that when powered by redstone signal will flash on and off continusly and emit a loud clarily identificable far audible sound... a MUSTHAVE in all automatic fabrick, something like this:

    it can be positioned everywhere like a torch and also upside down, to easlily know if a mechanism is malfunctioning, or is simply off for some reason, will exclude the stupid bell of musicbox and RP2 timer, adding a real industrial sound... this also include reactor by the way ^^ maybe attached to the termometer will work!

    But, for reactor, i personally prefere red lamp from RP2 (red luminator stay active a while after turn energy off :S ) all around my underground corridors at mid height near the reactor to signal if something is wrong... it make this seriosly hi-teck situation atmoshere around the reactor ^^ i don't know if explained that correctly :D

    Why we need a new Cable for Overcurrent. Ive never had that since the beginning of playing IC². And that only because i thougt that a MFE emits Coppercableusable current, because of Old IC1 references in the Wiki.

    Actually i was think of a kind of cable for tests... difficult circuits that need to be tested before enter into function... if i setup something compact with different EU input machines (and i haven't trasformer upgrade), before i switch energy on, i want to test it before i blow up everything...
    For an expert player is nearly useless, but for noobs and complex design is a "try again" opportunity...

    - alternative Plantballrecipe

    Resin is already mentioned even if you say it doubles it (Slimeball -> Rubber == the same).
    Supercableinsulation (new cables are already denied)
    Batterie (All Batteries are denied)

    Isn't a superincapsulation, is a new cable like EU detector...
    I don't see any restriction about new cables and batteries...
    And by the way i see that slimeball to rubber is denied.

    1. change one-use "useless" battery into "solid state battery":

    --- :Cable: ---
    :Copper Ingot: :Coal Dust: :Copper Ingot:
    :Copper Ingot: MinecraftSlime :Copper Ingot:

    It hold X EU (i don't now how much make this balanced, maybe 5000?) at the creation, when discharged become a "exausted solid state battey" unable to recharge via EU injection like RE-batteries. Then if u put the exausted one into a crafting table with a slime ball, u gain a new "solid state battery".
    The battery itself don't break, decharge like RE-batteries and stay uncharged after use, it's useful because it stacks like single use battery when fully charged even when exausted, so after first craft, u can re-use the conteiner of the battey. u have only to refill the slimeball which is the chemical reagent that make EU.
    I heard here slime factory and Slimepak? :D
    2. alternative craft plant ball:
    --- :Compressed Plantball: ---
    :Compressed Plantball: MinecraftSlime :Compressed Plantball:
    --- :Compressed Plantball: ---
    4 sapling, 1 slime= 2 plantball
    3. resin doubler:
    :Resin: + MinecraftSlime = 2 :Resin:
    4. lifesaving aerogel cable:
    MinecraftSlime + :Coal Dust: = carbonium gel
    carbonium gel into extractor -> aerogel

    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:
    :Cable: :Electrolyzed Water Cell: :Cable: ----> lifesaving aerogel cable!
    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:

    where :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: are glass
    :Cable: are 3xinsulated iron cable
    :Electrolyzed Water Cell: are aerogel
    It support max 512 EU packets, EU loss 1/block, u can use this special cable like lifesaving: if for any reason the line of cable that the aerogel is linking will explode for overcurrent, only the aerogel will blow up, unlinking the rest of the line that remain safe.

    1? 4 miners with OV scanner at the angles of the area, solar flowers in the middle and windmills over the miner, some chests here and there, and voilà: your automining-vacant-station!

    U just have to check it some times for pick up the results... with BC teleport pipe not even this... just place and go some where else... home made selective itinerant quarry...

    This is a magnificent industrial dream! XD So many uses in my mind!

    agreed XD for me at last... something like that must be craft by 4 iridium BLOCK (9 iridium ore in crafting table), a teleporter, 2MFSU, Mass fabricator and a personal safe!

    :Iridium: :MFS-Unit: :Iridium:
    :Trade-O-Mat: :Teleporter: :Recycler:
    :Iridium: :MFS-Unit: :Iridium:

    where :Iridium: are iridium block
    :Trade-O-Mat: are Personal safe and
    :Recycler: are mass fabricator

    Forget griefing! this will be awesome! a full costumizable and portable base!
    It is a real industrial challenge to made the PERFECT-AUTOMATIC-ALLDOING-PORTABLE-FACILITY!!! with some generator in, u can place and pickup it everywere! with a correct setup, u can use all IC2 machine everywere! it is only a metter of recharging the batteries in the base enough, and here we go to another location!
    This will double my love for this mod!

    i think anyway that u MUST clear the area before placing some where or it may create involontary disaster...
    AND i think it's hard to code too... think at all the objects in the machines, or in the chests... all the batteries energy... all in one block? it is possible to make? or we have to put out everything before compression, loosing all the energy or forgeted things? and what happen if i compress an already compressed base?!?!?! i don't know the minecraft code... but it's clearly even to me that it's really an hard thing...


    foodLevel ranges from 0 to 20 and is represented by your Food Bar. One point equals (half a "shank").
    foodSaturationLevel is an invisible additional hunger variable, which is depleted before main foodLevel value. Eating any food will also add some to this variable. Note that this cannot exceed foodLevel. The Food Bar jitters when this equals 0.
    foodTickTimer increases with every tick when foodLevel is either greater than 17 or equals zero. When foodTickTimer reaches 80 it resets to zero and then heals or deals one point of damage to the Health Bar, respectively.
    foodExhaustionLevel ranges from 0.0 to 4.0 and increases with every action you take. When the exhaustion level reaches above 4.0 it will get subtracted by 4.0 and subtracts 1 point either from foodSaturationLevel or, if foodSaturationLevel equals zero, from foodLevel.

    This come from the minecraft wiki...

    It seems to me that actually, u waste some food if u reach the cap of 20 point... What u can buid up "over the 20 points" is the "invisible" foodSaturationLevel, that is build and consumed BEFORE u consume the main hunger points... notice that it say "Eating any food will also add some to this variable", and not "the remains food point go in this variable"...
    As albaka mentioned, the duration of hunger lasts more than a normal food because this "hidden" level is build up every time u consume a food.
    So if u eat a cooked porkchop, u gain 8 points and a boost in this variable, and if u eat 4 canned food, u gain 8 points and 4 boosts in the variable... this explain what albaka saied...

    for short, u waste food with normal food and eating from canned food help u optimizing and consuming less food.

    I was referring to the cooked porkchop... but i miss anyway the example because the cooked porkchop gain 4 full point... a correct example is bread: 2.5->3

    Ho! really? i dont know that! i always think that that go wasted XD anyway, there are some innegable benefict to use canned food instead of normal food... this is the message...