Liquid dirt

  • Idea is really simple - a liquid, like water - which flows and after some time turns into durt. Could be a much better alternative for filling creeper holes with dirt manually.

  • 1) I am half-asleep :S
    2) Because our community is more opened to suggestions, and SirSengir is already busy with 2 huge mods, and if you need industrialish style..

  • So essentially BTW's cement, but with dirt? I'm not really liking the idea, could you tell us how you might obtain this liquid dirt?

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • Quote

    So essentially BTW's cement, but with dirt?

    Pretty much.. and I don't see why not, seeing as that's the only useful thing that BTW still has that other mods don't...

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  • A liquid CF foam sprayer machine would be good, just place a CF Foam block (Not the pellet) into one of those cement mixers (Dunno the name, its a kind of drum that its constantly moving to prevent the cement from drying) with water (So yes like a new machine), so just make a mold with blocks of any material (Sans scaffolds) with a hole on top, place the machine feed it with the CF Foam Blocks + Water + Energy and see filling the mold with CF Foam to make CF Walls (Like if you made it with scaffolds and sprayers).

    Of course the mix of the CF foam + water will increase the number of blocks similar to the pellet + sprayer.

  • I support.

    Filling crepper and common holes is a tedious, boring task and unworthy of a industrialist.

    Nuff said, also, i enjoy the use of lava cells, water buckets + dirt would be too easy.

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  • Ummmm, i don't know how to take this.... it seems a very simple idea however it doesnt really seem like it would really affect gameplay, i will admit filling those pesky creeper holes is's just creating something like this doesn't seem to fit in very well with the mod.

    Sorry, just my opinion, but seems others like your idea.

  • How about...


    Our new TOUGHDIRT product uses a combination of gravel, Obsidian Dust, and massive quantities of Fertilizer to make something similar to dirt that can be farmed, and can grow grass (though it's SLIGHTLY off-color), and is highly resistant to the outdoor suicide shrubberies that prompted the invention. Regular dirt, when one of aforementioned suicide shrubberies explodes, generally has a three to four meter deep crater. The Obsidian mixture in this new landscaping tool absorbs most of the heat, and deforms when hit by a blast wave, absorbing much of the shock. Some can still be destroyed by an explosion of such force, but not nearly as much as before.