[APPLY HERE] Looking for Sectional Moderators

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    Don't mistake this: We do not need more moderators because the community is running rampant. Actually it's one of the better community's I've seen.
    However, the forum tends to be a slight mess at times, with countless duplicates or pointless threads flooding various sections, usually Support/Bug/Suggestion.

    As such, I've checked the option BB3 offers and found the tools necessary to set up Moderators in a way I think they're feasible.

    Moderators will exclusively have the right to lock/ move threads. They won't be able to delete either posts or threads, not banning of users. They are meant to ensure the forum sections to be in a readable state, by moving threads to approriate sections as well as answering & locking duplicates. If there is a need to ban a user or specifically delete posts/threads, they will have to rely it to one of the admins. Accordingly, moderators in this forum will be 'less powerful' the moderators of any forum, accordingly not infringing with my concept of a '(nearly)-moderation-free forum'.
    To pronounce this again the 'moderators' will effectively be the forum's janitors, nothing less and not much more. Keep this in mind whilst applying.

    I'm intending to staff the following positions:

    • Bugsport Moderator
      Responsible for moderation the Support & Bug Report sections. This 'position' will be filled with 2 (or if that proves not to be sufficient, 3) moderators. It seems more reasonable to have both of them be mods of both sections instead of splitting them up.
      Not going to kid around, this will be a bone job, you know the activity of these particular sections by yourself.
      This section requires people who simply have loads of free time at their hands.
    • Suggestion Moderator Given to SpwnX
      Being, after Bugs&Support, the 3rd most populated section, I would like to see a moderator dedicated to this subforum, who's responsible for clearing up denied suggestions and as well increase the quality of overall reponses to suggestions. He is in NO obligation to answer every single suggestion, though he must at the very least respon to suggestions he's shooting down (locking).
      For this position, you must have a good understanding of IC itself (duh) and as well have the patience to stay polite even on the 42th Lightningrod suggestion.
    • Smallstuff Moderator
      Engineering, Screenshots, IC²-Servers, TexturePacks and Videos.
      These sections are, compared to the other few, pretty much 'desolate'. Not saying they're empty, but I don't see the need to appoint one moderator for every 20 active threads here.
      This position will be responsible for monitoring and cleaning up these less populates sections. F.e. by moving Engineering threads into the right subjection, managing server-threads who run out of hand and similar.
      This position is more leant back in terms of time consumed, but given you're meant to mess with the Engineers of IC, you are required to have a thorough understanding of IC and it's mechanics. Additional knowledge about server-hosting could come in handy.

    Addon Section will NOT get a moderator, since his only job would be 'approving Addons', a right I would like to keep for myself as of now.

    Next to the bolded requirements for the specific sections, there are a few generic ones you will probably know from every other forum:

    • You must be capable of speaking English to a sufficient degree, including punctuation and grammar. Take my writing as an example: My written English is moderately-bad, but at least understandable. That's the degree I would exspect from any moderator as well.
    • Obviously, you must have a more or less polite and mature attitude. I think this is sort of self-explanatory.
    • Activity is a not-irrelevant factor. Please do not apply if you intend to do this job just for a few days or don't have the time to do it.
    • In regards to applications, people who have been around this forum for a longer period of time and are known for their attributes will be favored.

    To apply, C&P the form below, fill it out and post it in this thread. I dislike being spammed with PMs, don't even try that.
    Whilst trying to write up the form, I realized that it consists of only one question, thus it barely needs a real form.
    I can read your name right next to your post, your age doesn't matter at all and I really don't care if you have hosted 22 other forums or never ever moderator'd before.
    For what position do you want to apply? (applying for multiple positions is explicitely allowed, though of course you will only get one in the end)
    Eventually add a few lines of why you think you're good for the position you apply for, but assuming you're one of the people who are active at the forums anyways, that won't be necessary.

    PS: I will not make any decision before 24 hours passed, giving anyone with adequate forum activity (checking in regulary) a chance to apply.
    As well I will probably delete all applications for position X once that position is filled, to keep the thread clean.

  • I would like to apply for Suggestion and Bugsreport moderator, because I feel that those would be the positions I could help the Forum the most in. Um... is there anything else I need to say? I'm typing, so I will be polite, and I have played IC2 since it came out. (No, I've only played IC in 1.6.6), and I have plenty of free time. (I'm still in High School.)

    (If I left something out, let me know, please?) EDIT: Oh, and I don't have to mention the generic ones, right? In case I do: English is my first language, I'm on almost every day, blahblahblah.

    EDIT 2: After some careful consideration, I think that I would be an acceptable smallstuff janitor, too.... So, put me down for all three? (And yes, I posted this a looooooong time ago)

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  • I would like to help you guys out and moderate the Bug Report section. I feel that my experience in whining and bitching about bugs makes me an excellent candidate to help keep our forums clean. I'm a strong believer that duplicate and triple posts of the same bug are perfectly fine. What I do not like is people harassing them with learn2search and etc. I would like to be able to reply to the post and point them to the right direction and lock the topic and keep it clean. I also enjoy compiling a clean and detailed excel list of bugs on my free time to help myself keep organized.

    I'm not going to bloat anything special about myself since it seems that you want a more none bias experience and just admit my grammar can be rusty at times but I do try my hardest.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    EDIT: I also like to help out in the addons section. More and more I have been using most of the addons provided and even if I don't I enjoy testing out a lot of mods and in fact enjoy doing bug hunting for the addon developers. I think this would be a great opportunity to add a moderator in that section who knows for sure when a mod should come out of pending status and etc. I also don't mind being bomb with a lot of PM Requests.

    Thanks again,

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  • I would like to apply for the position of Bugsreport Moderator. I think I would be good at this job mainly because I am capable of explaining IC2 to people that need help understanding certain mechanics (as mike2033 can attest to), I know IC2 extremely well (except where luminators are concerned), and I have a lot of free time on my hands. Despite my Nigerian flag, English is my first language and I actually live in America (what a twist!). Personally I feel that once a bug has been reported 5+ times, It has become excessively reported, however with the new measures in place in the Bugs section, I don't think too many people will be doing that like with the 18 threads containing some mention of the e-net ghost bug.



    I feel that my experience in whining and bitching about bugs makes me an excellent candidate to help keep our forums clean

    I admit, I lol'd

    Is the answer to this question no?


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    I'd like to apply for moderator in following sections : Suggestion and Bugs/Support sections.
    I feel a bit sad looking on countless of posts of already denied/reported stuff. I'm very active and like being helpful to others.
    I am polite with everyone (that deserves).
    My english is perfectly understandable, even though it is not my main language.
    I've been playing IC since it started (Somewhere near Beta 1.5_01 if i'm not wrong.) so i believe i have enough knowledge of IC².

    Hired ~ Alb

  • I would like to apply for the position of "Smallstuff Moderator."
    I think i'm well suited to this section because it doesn't have a ton of activity so I feel like I can handle it.
    English is my first language and I like to think I have a reputation of being polite.

    I've been playing IC/IC2 since it was only a forum post on minecraft forums.
    I understand that i don't have a huge post count but i've been on the IC forums for about a year now.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider me as a possible moderator.

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  • I would like to apply for suggestion and/or small stuff.

    I've been playing IC2 since MC 1.2.3 and I believe I have a firm grasp of the mechanics and workings needed to help with the engineering other than I'm not a master at the nuclear engineering but I get the feeling there are people in the general community who's hobbies are designing and testing new reactor layouts.

    I've mainly been lurking around but I have confidence I could put in the some time per day as needed for a janitor position.

    English is my native language and I believe I am pretty civil on the internet when dealing with people.

  • I don't know how much time I would be able to dedicate to the task, but I'd like to be the Suggestion Forum moderator. Relatively open to most ideas that swim in there, but I'm able to keep track of what's not allowed and such...

    Been playing since around 1.3-1.4 Minecraft beta version, so yeah... lol

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  • I think i'd be a good fit for either the suggestions or suggestions/bug reports subforums. I know the mod like the back of my hand, run a small server, and takes responsibility very seriously. Also i help out on the wiki so you can judge for yourself how responsible i am

  • Changed my opinion again, wanna try for the suggestion sub forum "Janitor", gonna rule with a iron fist moving/closing threads after a week or 4 weeks depending on how many stars rating the threads gets, if they get a Developer response and if the idea or a similar idea was "Rejected", "Ignored" or "Accepted" before. (Although this require the OP to not able to rate their own thread)

    Also just because i got the power to move/close threads doesn't mean i will close/move any suggestion i don't like, but that doesn't mean either that i will not try to stompcriticize it in my usual demeanor.

  • seeing as my last post got removed, what was also on it was that i would also like to moderate the "small stuff" section. I do have a decent amount of free time but i am comming up to my end of year exams so my presence here will be drastically reduced in a few weeks to very little. I have been using IC since Beta 1.7.3, I think it is alot of fun and will keep using it untill either you gues stop developing it or Mojang stop developing Minecraft (which ever comes first)

  • I'd like to apply for the small-stuff moderator position. I've been a user of IC since before the changeover to IC2, so I think I have enough knowledge to take care of the engineering section as well as the other less IC2-knowledge-heavy sections. I have a relatively sizable amount of free time so I should be able to handle the position.

  • I would like to apply for the suggestion Moderator or Small stuff moderator positions. i have not been registered with the forums for long, only recently doing so because of the drama that went on. I would like to fill any of the positions as i have been playing minecraft with IC ever since around beta 1.5? and feel i have a good understanding of the mod, how it has changed.Since i joined, i have been regularly posting, and would like to give something back to the community that brought me into the modding community. English is my first and only language. I am in Highschool so i have lots of free time. Good luck to everyone.


  • I would like to apply for following positions:
    Bug & support section and/or suggestion section.

    I have been around IC since the very start.
    I have had minor previous experience with handling a forum crowd.

    As sectional moderator I bring the following qualities:
    The ability to use proper English and use proper code of conduct.
    The ability to use objectivity to judge a situation.
    The ability to keep a calm temper without bias towards one or more groups.
    Good insight in game mechanics and functions.
    Basic-average knowledge of reading out stacktraces.

    I might not seem to post a lot, That is because I often scan and zip through the forums and occasionally post.
    I like to operate in the background to keep it running. I will not take unfounded decisions or amass posts.

    The main reason I am applying is because I'd like to carry some weight for others for some time.


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  • I think I would be good as small stuff moderator.
    I can speak good, plain english(Or better: I can write it)
    I am online so often, that wrong post would be moved to the right sections in max. 8 hours, and I have time enough to do the moderation.
    Also, I actually read most of the "smallstuff" forums, so it wouldn´t be a problem to read and eventually move/lock psot in this forum. Another thing to say is, that I will never have a real server, because it seems to be bad if a moderator would be server owner too, when moderating the server section.
    Last but not least, I have got a little knowledge about hosting and much knowledge in ic² and of course minecraft itself.