• Why is there absolutely no documentation (or youtube videos) on this thing ?

    I figured out by trial and error how it works.. you right click it and get this

    and it only accepts Uranium Blocks in the center and Industrial TNT on the sides...

    Anyone know anything about this?

    My mods folder contains:

    I have looked on all wikis and in forums and on youtube for 3 days now.. found nothing...
    Is it because the IC2 mod is experimental ?

    Any info or links would be greatly apreciated

    thank you

  • this is a nuke. use redstone to ignite it and it goes boom.

    it also accepts plutonium in the core.

    Normal bombs are build with the same system: the tnt/dynamite/whatever explodes sets the radioactive material in the middle under so high temperatures and pressure that nuclear fission starts. this UNCONTROLLED fission sets a lot of energy free, what causes the extreme explosion.

  • The nuke recipe changed in IC2 Experimental, to the one you see above. There is no documentation because IC2 Experimental as a whole is undocumented (and heavily work in progress). But it was already discussed and even demonstrated 2-3 times here on the forums how to use the new nuke.

  • I am mad too because the lack of documentation.

    i didnt know that it accepted uranium blocks!

    you could use plutonim and uranium 235 and 238 (those are the right numbers?)

    the amount of itnt and uranium (and which uranium you use) affects the blast radius.

    And i fount it out with a random video on youtube.

  • I bet when they finish it and realise how many people stopped playing they wish they gave more of a fuck..

  • No, unlike many mods out there, IC2 developers won't give a fuck how many people leave the mods, and how many modpacks exclude it. Just because IC2 wants to head in a different direction doesn't mean it has to cater to its "audience".

    By the way, the wiki is community-managed.

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    I bet when they finish it and realise how many people stopped playing they wish they gave more of a fuck..

    You do realise that mod developers don't owe you anything, right? You are using their mod (or not) for FREE, so show some respect. If you don't like the specific direction a mod is going then just don't play it.

    The Nuclear bomb can use various fuels, of the following:

    Uranium 238 (Also known as depleted or unfissile uranium) Very Small Explosion
    Block of Uranium (A big lump of Uranium 238) Very Small Explosion
    Small pile of uranium 235 Large Explosion
    Uranium 235 (Also known as Fissile uranium, and is less stable then 238) Very large Explosion
    Plutonium (Being denser and even less stable, it has even more of an energy output) Huge Explosion

    Although note that in the default config, because the explosion power is set very low, 235 is the same as plutonium.

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    You guys could maybe up the default to many times bigger, and in counterpart, make it simply vanquish any blocks on the radius (aka dont drop items that lags everyone).

    150 is a decent explosion radius, and yeah, it should just vaporise them. Good effects would be some flaming material near the center, nuclear dust patches nearby and a nice big mushroom cloud :D

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    nice big mushroom cloud :D

    Made of mushroom blocks? :P

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  • 17 months later I wrote "minecraft 1.7.10 ic2 nuke" in google looking for documentation and found this thread as first result :D
    well at least I found out how to create a huge explosion and that I have to edit the config

    tnx sirius for the answer and tnx jaxx0rr for asking the question, oh wait thats me :D

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