[1.7.10] Gregtech Hardmode Server (aka Kirara 2.0)

  • How about adding the Mod Nuclear Control 2? It adds all you need for an IC2 Nuclear Reactor and other Displays. And it looked stable to me during my testing.

  • You should update ExtraCells another version
    You should change the EC link...

    Don't mind anything written here, just me beeing stupid...

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  • You should update ExtraCells another version
    You should change the EC link...

    Don't mind anything written here, just me beeing stupid...

    Yeah or just remove the other link or put it first because I clicked on it and got 2.1.3.

    And yeah. I've been asking about the UB stone too, it would be great to have those in the forestry backpacks. + GT granite.

    All your nerfs are belong to us

  • I present: Nono's Engineering Challenge #1!

    Specifications: A self-contained apparatus that takes wood input and outputs torches (and byproducts if any).


    • Apparatus must supply its own energy. RTG not permitted.
    • Apparatus must function at sea level indoors in a plains biome.
    • Apparatus must not rely on mods that are not part of the Kirara modpack.
    • Apparatus must not rely on configurations that differ from the default on Kirara.

    Acceptable concessions:

    • Non-player entities may be used as part of the apparatus, as long as the apparatus will indefinitely contain them.
    • Fluids that cannot serve as an energy source may be piped in, but must be specified.

    Scoring: You begin with a base score of 50.

    • Size: A bounding cuboid will be drawn around your device (not counting input/output pipes and chests), and its dimensions are added together. The difference between 48 and the value thus obtained will be added to your score. (For example, if your device measures 10x12x12, you will earn 14 points. If your device measures 20x20x5, you will earn 3 points. If your device measures 16x32x8, you will lose 8 points.
    • Output rate: Your device must output at least 1 torch every 5 seconds. Failure to meet this requirement results in a penalty of 10 points. You earn 5 points for each additional torch per 5 seconds your apparatus outputs.
    • Efficiency: Your device must output at least 1 torch for each wood block input. You earn a bonus 20 points for exceeding the efficiency threshold of 48 torches per wood.
    • Waste: Your device must output as little waste as possible, not counting scrap, UUM, industrially useful byproducts, or excess energy. Excessive waste results in a reduction of points.
    • Compliance: If your device requires special operating conditions that do not comply with those specified above (elevation, biome, exposure to sunlight, etc.), 20 points are deducted for each violation.
    • Operational lifetime: If your device operates indefinitely without manual intervention, 10 bonus points are earned.
    • Cost: Your device will earn bonus points if it is deemed economical to build. The lower the tier of technology, the better. Up to 25 points.
    • Technological homogeneity: 10 bonus points are earned if automation is performed without the use of Golems.

    Think you've got the best design out there? Share with us!

  • Bloody and BadAlchemy have both "succeded" on this task by using demonic bees that produce glowstone :P , I will try a forestry independent glowstone factory though.

    Well.. they fail in case of this apparatus. The apparatus is supposed to make torches, not glowstone :)

  • Plenty of people do, it's like the official gregtech IRC :P

    Help the Official FTB Wiki reach a billion pages! [I had to keep changing it so there ^^]

    Someone should fix the gravel texture in the background. It's been years now, come on people.

  • Yay, spreadsheet updated. Now I just need to find it and get motivated to update again since my last update 2 months ago. By the way is k1 playable because I am currently 7000 blocks away from spawn with no nether tunnel.