[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] IHL Tools & Machines

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    The explosives look like fun, especially like the piles produced with items in rather than just voiding the drops to avoid lag.

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • bigger than IC2 nuke?

    By looking at it from another angle, why IC2 nuke explosion aftermath so small?
    Thank for testing it. According to this:
    Ore drop method of Terrafirmacraft ores is not different from Gregtech one. And IHL explosives work perfectly fine with GT ores. Algorithm designed a way that piles will be created on a last non destructed block, touched by blast wave. It could be a far away from explosion source.
    Related visual glitch with native copper ore is weird. It seems that blocks need to change internal state to be re-rendered correctly. Currently explosion update only fluid blocks. Would you mind to try place a glass block near glitchy ore and check if they will be re-rendered correctly?

    piles produced with items in rather than just voiding the drops to avoid lag.

    Indeed. That exactly what I am thinking about when I decide to make drops tileentities instead of entities.

    EDIT: I just tested TFC explosion drops:

    Works fine to me.
    BTW its first time I actually launch TFC and it's looks amazing. Stone age is like someone extract my thoughts form brain and bring them in mod (and made mod even better than my thoughts). Too bad there is no NEI support for stone knifes and such.
    Still can't find any ore to check a visual glitch you mentioned in PM.

    EDIT2: Found one:

    Not my fault. Glitch still here even without IHL and even if I remove blocks around by hand. Though appears rarely.

  • Actually there is NEI addon for TFC, just check the addon section in the forums

  • i am getting this crash while trying to play bears den.

    Trying to enter this custom pack with seed as "Grag" dont even start. Looks promising.

    Check my channel on YT for finished LPs (GT4 and GT5 ), and some stuff on 1.6.4
    I am realy not good with speech and english.

  • Could anyone tell me about how to do the casting
    Can't really figure it out via NEI

    Indeed, NEI description is somewhat ambiguous, I was trying to pour molten metal from crucible into can which was impossible,
    you need just click with crucible at sand mold.

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    The Lab Electrolyzer NEI plugin has no "Recipes" Arrow in the GUI that shows all recipes that are doable in the Electrolyzer. Same goes for the Injection Mold and the Precipitator/Condenser.

    Also in a lot of cases the "Recipes" area is not where the Output Arrow of the Recipe is, nor on anything that is similar. For example I would put the "Recipes" Overlay inside the Bronze Tub for the Bronze Tub, or in case of the Reactors I would put it on the "Tanks" inside the GUI. ^^

    Edit: Another Bug:

    Your Gas Fluids aren't actual Gasses, they are Liquids according to the Fluid. A "setGaseous(true)" is needed on the Fluids. Especially Hydrogen and Oxygen.

  • IHL surely need some attention.

    Outdated "hasEngine" field removed from list of synchronized fields.
    Saltwater block is back (fixes worldgen).
    Lab electrolyzer texture fixed (no more "(M)" due to no more necessary engine)
    Lab electrolyzer GUI now have two spots (over an arrows) to launch NEI integration recipes GUI.
    Iron workbench now accepts only tools in tools slots.

    Now I'm doing it twice just in case:

    How could I check it in-game?

    On unrelated things:
    Look what I have found: https://github.com/Barteks2x/CubicChunks

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    Now I'm doing it twice just in case:


    How could I check it in-game?

    Good Question. In GT 6.04.05, the Fluid Display Item showed the State of the Fluid according to the Function. The Vapour Stuff had the gaseous State right, but Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and some other elemental Gasses (which all happened to be in GT5) did not label as Gas properly with IHL installed, even after I called the "setGaseous(true)" on those Fluids myself, so I doubt your fix will work either. Maybe you overwrote the Function or H, N, O and others aren't considered Gasses for your "type" variable?

    Note, that in later Versions I don't trust the isGaseous Function anymore and use a HashSet with Fluid Names known to be Gasses instead, wherever applicable while only defaulting to its return value if nothing has been found.

    Btw, I said it wasnt just the Electrolyzer that lacked the Arrows, the Injection Mold and the Precipitator/Condenser lacked it too. ^^

    Another thing I noticed recently:
    Na2SO4 = SodiumSulfate (wrongly labeled as NaSO4 in the Tooltip)
    Na2S2O8 = SodiumPersulfate (shortens out to NaSO4, might be what you want it to actually be, unless the label was just a typo).

  • GregoriusT
    I honestly have no idea how to fix this.

    System.out.println("Is hydrogen gaseous? "+(instance.isGaseous()?"Yes it is.":"No, it's not."));

    Minecraft console output:

    [16:30:22] [Client thread/INFO] [STDOUT]: [ihl.worldgen.ores.IHLFluid:<init>:65]: Is hydrogen gaseous? Yes it is.
  • I am having a strange out of memory error on the server when trying to update IHL to .611 or .612. there isnt a crashlog it just restarts over, I will attempt to run it on my personal server tomorrow and try to capture the log. it seems to be a issue between Galacticraft and IHL. backed up to .600 and everything loads fine.

  • bear989
    Its obvious explosion vectors precalculation storage. It uses a HUGE amount of memory in a sake of performance.

    Vectors precalculated and stored in two dimensional int array. A number of "columns" is equals to

    1<<bit size*3-1

    Each "row" contain two values. For a default amount of bits ( 8 ) it will be 2^(8*3)-1=16777215 rows.
    Each row have a 12 byte header + 4 byte integer x 2 = 20 bytes. Total size of array is 16777215 * 20 + 12 = 335544312 bytes or 320 mb.
    Maximal explosion radius in that case is 2^8-1=255 blocks.

    If we use bit value 7 it will be 40 mb and maximal explosion radius in that case is 2^7-1=127 blocks.

    So either change this value in config to


    or increase server memory allocation.

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    Does your Bucket of Rubber Tree Sap happen to have a Container Item aka Empty Bucket? I saw Bear rightclicking with that Bucket and the Bucket deleted itself, what is quite expensive for an Iron Bucket.

    Also for the GT6 Coagulator you have to use a "Voltage" of 0, since it is a Time based Machine, which takes no Power, so aEUt has to be 0. ^^