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  • Me and another person will use this mod in a modpack. It's called Darkness Over-riser and i will link to it's website once it's finnished. Thanks for your great contribution to the modding commnunity!

  • Hey Player,

    I'm trying to use FastCraft 1.19 with the Beyond Reality mod pack and the 64x Sphax texture pack for it on a GTX 770 with 2GB of VRAM, and about 6GB of memory allocated to Java (modpack won't run with less), and i'm getting spammed in the console with

    ########## GL ERROR ##########
    @ Post render
    1285: Out of memory

    and have about 1-5fps. Also, all my textures are black. I'm assuming this means I don't have enough vram? It runs "alright" without FastCraft, except for some really annoying tick lag that causes stuttering, that FastCraft seems to eliminate. Any way to get it to work with the texture pack?

  • Hello Player,

    Just wanted to let you know that FastCraft is going to be included in my modpack, The World World Pack. The pack is available through the FTB launcher via the private modpack code "wwpack" and additionally it's available as a MultiMC download through http://tinyurl.com/wwpack (Google Doc link)

    If you need any additional information regarding the pack let me know.

  • Hey Player,

    When I was exploring my map, the server crash one time.
    I get that http://pastebin.com/Bhj8m2Qu

    Updating to Forge 1307 should fix that from happening

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  • Hey player, just letting you know that I will be including FastCraft in my FTB unlisted public pack. PM me if you need any more info. Thanks for the great mod.

  • Same exact story as the guy above me!

    I got a private FTB pack that people in my college can play together on, and I'm including Fastcraft on it in the next update.
    BTW, Awesome job on the mod, it is very helpful, and may let a few more people play with us!

    If you need to get ahold of me at all, hangouts me through Google+ (google.com/+TommyMiller)


  • Hi there,

    I have got a problem on our ProjectPhoenix Server. There are chunks loaded and won't unload. There are no chunkloaders inside these chunks.

    1. /sampler chunkinfo -809 -468
    2. [13:05:05] [Server thread/INFO]: Chunk at -809 / -468 (-809 / -468), dim 0:
    3. [13:05:05] [Server thread/INFO]: loaded: true, populated: false, lit: false
    4. [13:05:05] [Server thread/INFO]: relit: true, ticked: false, ready: false
    5. [13:05:05] [Server thread/INFO]: EBS alloc: 4 / 16, 0 with msb array (xxxx............)
    6. [13:05:05] [Server thread/INFO]: Tile entities: 0
    7. [13:05:05] [Server thread/INFO]: Entities: 0

    This is the chunkinfo and here is the question. What does relit means?

  • Relit refers to the secondary lighting pass being completed.

    populated: false is most likely the problem, which means that the 2nd worldgen pass for trees, ores etc. isn't done yet. Afaik the only normal reason for this to happen would be if at least one of the 3 adjacent chunks towards x+/z+ isn't loaded.

  • Anyone else using Fastcraft 1.19 on Linux? Animated textures like water, lava, and fire don't move for me with Fastcraft installed.

    My wife and I are running the same self-assembled pack of mods, except I'm on Linux with OpenJDK 8u40 and she's on Windows with Oracle's JRE 8u40. Textures move properly for her.

  • Previous versions of Fastcraft (1.17, I believe) did not disable the animations. Removing Fastcraft 1.19 restores the animations. I'll try vanilla + Fastcraft and see what happens.

    Edit: Newly created instance in MultiMC 0.4.5 with MC 1.7.10, Forge 1263, Fastcraft 1.19 on OpenJDK Runtime build 1.8.0_40-b20. Water texture is static.

    For reference, MultiMC launching a slightly old version of FTB Infinity with Fastcraft 1.17 shows properly moving water texture.

    Further edit: MultiMC 0.4.5 with MC 1.7.10, Forge 1291, Fastcraft 1.19 on OpenJDK Runtime build 1.8.0_40-b20 still doesn't solve it.