[GregTech-5][1.7.10-FORGE-1355+][Unofficial but approved Port][Stable] Even GT5 Experimental is slowly getting stable.

  • Chlorine has been taken out of recipes

    Was fixed yesterday. Take new build from OneDrive.

    And look at bugtracker before posting )

    Ideal Industrial Assembly (IIA) - my pretty hard industrial modpack based on GT5.09

    Идеальная Индустриальная Сборка (ИИС) - довольно сложный сугубо индустриальный модпак, базирующийся на GT5.09


  • Playing w/GT 5.09.26, IC2 2.2.827.
    Can't craft coal chunks from 8 compressed coal balls + 2 bricks/iron blocks (as in, I actually tried crafting in creative). Obsidian works fine.

    If this recipe has been disabled, how to re-enable it?

  • Why is absent a ruby plant in GT?

    I know about ruby bees but ruby plant also must be (except troll plant that gives useless fools ruby).

    Tier 9
    Required: block of rubies or ruby ore
    Product: ruby leaves

    Chemical reactor:
    9 ruby leaves with 1 crushed redstone ore = 4 purified redstone ore
    9 ruby leaves with 1 crushed ruby ore = 4 purified ruby ore and 144 mb liquid chrome (1 ingot)

    16 ruby leaves and 3 UU-matter = 1 purified ruby ore

    Reciepes are the same if we use ruby combs.

    Redwheat + diareed = ruby plant (the highest chance 1-2%)

  • Just wanted to know, is the achievement to produce good electronic circuits bugged? I can't seem to get it no mater what I do (already in EV age)

  • I just started a GT5Exp world. I've found one large jungle. In that jungle there was one temple. In that temple there were two ZPMs. When I played GT5U on two worlds a year ago I had to search around 20 temples each to find a ZPM. Did I just get incredibly lucky or was the spawn rate of ZPMs changed?

  • I'm still strugglng with automating my ore processing.

    It's really a larger problem with Gregtech item pipes and sorting in general. They don't really deal well with any kind of filtering. I'm trying very hard not to resort to using another pipe system, such as Project Red's transport pipes or Thermal Dynamic's Itemducts, since I feel I ought to be using Gregtech's expensive pipes and filters to stay in line with the overall difficulty level of the mod.

    If a chest buffer sends its output into a pipe, if the destination for the first item in the chest is full, the system locks up. The item goes into the pipe and stays there, and the item in the pipe prevents the chest buffer from sending out anything more. The same thing happens if there are no valid destinations for the first item in the chest buffer.

    If the chest buffer is directly connected to another machine instead of using an item pipe, this doesn't happen. Obviously the "full" case still results in a delay, but if the first item in the chest buffer can't go, the chest buffer chooses the first valid item instead of locking up. For example, if a chest buffer for an ore washer gets dusts because the macerator created some dust, that's fine. The first crushed ore goes instead, no matter how many dusts are ahead of the crushed ore.

    If chest buffer is sending out logs, and the first item attached is a Type Filter Buffer set to logs, and that type filter is full, the system locks up, even if there are other things in the chest buffer than could move. If there's a sapling after the log stack, for example, it stays put even if there are valid destinations for the sapling. On the other hand, if I replace the Gregtech item pipe with a Thermal Dynamics itemduct, the logs wait but the sapling moves.

    So the simple solution is just to use Thermal Dynamics Itemducts. Which cost 1/6th what Gregtech Item Pipes do, because it's 2 Tin + 1 Lead -> 6 Itemducts intead of 3 Bronze -> 1 Item Pipe.

  • http://imgur.com/a/SXbus
    As linked again, oreprocessing with GT only is fully possible. It only ends up as huge clusterfuck and needs an gigantic amount of materials. for your order issues, maybe allow some overflow even trough it does not go trough the most ideal path then, also restrictive pipes for the order might help.

  • for your order issues, maybe allow some overflow even trough it does not go trough the most ideal path then, also restrictive pipes for the order might help.

    It's not the order of the pipes, it's the order of items in the chest. If the first item is currently blocked, that blocks everything that follows - but only if the chest buffer and the destination are linked via item pipes. If they're directly connected, it works properly. If they're connected via any other mod's item transport, it works. It's Gregtech item pipes in particular that don't handle this case well.

    Partly the issue is that I'm still haltingly implementing things, and when something comes through the system that I haven't handled yet, it locks up. I just made my first Universal Macerator, and my washing -> thermal centrifuge -> universal macerator first froze because I wasn't removing the dusts first, and then it froze because the thermal centrifuge created a tiny dust I wasn't diverting.

    Another issue is that the conveyor-as-cover has even more problems with sorting than chest buffer -> item pipe -> filter blocks. If it's block inventory -> conveyor + item pipe -> filter blocks, the items fail to move if any item does not match the first filter block. Even if there's plenty of space all around it, and later filter blocks that can accept the item, the system locks up. Near as I can tell, the only time you want to use conveyor + item pipe is if there's only one possible destination.

    Which is why I was using chest buffer -> item pipe -> filter blocks instead of, for example, doing chest buffer output -> filter block 1, chest buffer side 2 -> conveyor + item pipe -> filter blocks 2 and 3.


    So the pack I'm throwing together seems to work fine, except for some things that irk me. I've made the choice to include Underground Biomes Constructs in my pack, and while generation seems mostly normal, I'm getting large numbers of GT ores that aren't taking the surrounding textures. It's really minor but it IRKS me. That and the fact that vanilla stone is still generating in occasional blobs.

    Mod list:

    Issue in question:

  • What do you guys use for dust storage and organization, once you've got a enough dust backlog that this matters?

    I've 5 large chests full at present, and it's a bit of a mess. I experimented with setting up a linked chain of low-voltage chest buffers, and that's not working out nearly as well as I though it would. I had imagined that stuff would more-or-less sort, and that piles would move forward and combine, but it hasn't worked out that way at all. Dusts are pretty much randomly distributed through the 4 buffers I've got hooked up at present.

    I don't see using type filters as a great solution. It'd organize things, but it wouldn't adapt well to changing distributions, and I'd probably be fiddling with it all the time.

    I have managed to get the basics of my ore processing automated. Maceration -> purification options -> thermal centrifuge -> maceration anyway, with a system to automatically handle tiny dusts and nuggets (which required 7 regulators). Secondary processing of final dusts like Magnetite, Bauxite, Tetrahedrite, and the like still requires that I hand-walk the ores over to the correct processing line, but I'll get to that eventually.

    I need to do something about a better source of oil. Most of the new stuff runs off oilsand -> nitro diesel conversion, and I'm having to do mining runs for oilsand more often than I want.

  • Tantalum capacitors appear to be grossly overpriced for what they do. Not the tantalum, the manganese plate. Manganese is a critical component of stainless steel, and I'm very, very short of it at present. I can't imagine an application where it wouldn't make sense to use 32V batteries instead. If lithium's in short supply, there's always sodium, which is dirt cheap. You'll still end up with 50x the capacity of the tantalum capacitor, and 32v capable to boot.

    Not that there are a lot of applications where 8v is useful. I think solar panel accumulators are the only example, really, and 32v battery buffers do the same job.

    I was messing about in my Creative testbed world, seeing how solar panels work. They're obviously impractical for serious power, but for a remote installation where power demand is low, they seem like an option. I was specifically thinking of a scanner for use with remote apiary setups, or with crop-matrons.

    Anyway, the issue with solar panels is that they're low-voltage, high current devices. Your choices are either transformers or battery buffers. Since incoming current is the limitation, all transformers are limited to 4 amps input, and battery buffers are limited to (slots x 2) input.

    I think the battery buffers are always the better choice. While an 8V->32V transformer is relatively cheap, a 4-slot 8v or 32v battery buffer with 2 batteries can handle the same 4 amps. The 32v version is slightly more expensive than the transformer, but not much. If you're doing a large solar installation, a 16-slot buffer with 16 LV batteries is significantly cheaper than 8 ULV transformers, which cost at least 64 iron for the casings.

    It's the one place I can imagine using a 16-slot, 8 volt battery buffer containing 16 tantalum capacitors, since it's largely about current handling and not EU storage, but cost of 16 ingots of manganese seems silly expensive compared to 16 small batteries, which will run at most 28 lead, 7 antimony, 8 tin, and 16 sodium or lithium. Less lead and antimony if you're using plastic, which I am. Lots more overall material of course, but lead, antimony, tin, and sodium are all very common by the time you've got the tech to make solar panels.

  • In build 5.09.27 Recipes that should be using chlorine don't.

    Only recipe I found (using NEI recipe finder thingy) that uses Chlorine with Build 5.09.27 is Epichlorohydrin.

    Titanium Tetrachloride only uses Rutile Dust (TiO2) and Carbon Dust and outputs Ashes and Titanium Tetrachloride

    If this was fixed in 5.09.28pre, I guess I can try it but I don't really like using dev/preview builds on my main worlds as things may change that break old saves.

  • Gus_Smedstad
    iirc capacitors were added because comunity constantly whined about it to greg, who thought about it as a useless thing, and finaly added useless thing

    Honestly, the entire ULV tier feels like a "useless thing" tier. Though I guess you can build them before you get steel, since it looks like they use wrought iron everywhere you'd use steel at 32V or aluminum at 128v.

  • Despite changing the config, end asteroids seem to be extremely few and far between (I see 1 like every 1000 blocks). Does anyone know if something is interfering with world gen? (e.g. climate control mod or smth)

  • Despite changing the config, end asteroids seem to be extremely few and far between (I see 1 like every 1000 blocks). Does anyone know if something is interfering with world gen? (e.g. climate control mod or smth)

    The default chance is 1 Asteroid every 300 chunks. So, did you lower the number to get more asteroids?
    I:AsteroidProbability_300=1 would result in every chunk containing a asteroid.

    Also the visibility in the end is really bad. that results in missing many of the generated asteroids.