Make IC2 open source

  • IC2 has remained closed source for so much time. The community could help fix bugs & speed up the development of the mod. Also, deobfuscated ic2 jars are publicly available, what kinda exposes the source code. So why not go open source?

  • I'm guessing that right now they have "busy porting the mod to a newer version of Minecraft" as a decent excuse to postpone considering this. I realize we have no way to force them, but I'd be happy if they did open-source the mod after that, or at least post an official explanation of why they refuse (I've been unsuccessful at finding such an explanation previously posted).

  • Copyright IC2 Dev Team under the "It's Our Stuff, Not Yours!" License (formerly the "It's My Stuff, Not Yours!" License).

    The original developer's thoughts on open-source:

    As all of my projects, it will go open source if it's not continued by its orginial team anymore.

    Which probably means: No, never.

    I'm not familiar with the development so I don't know what (if any) contributor license they are using. It might not be possible to open-source the project without consent from every previous developer.

    Note that IndustrialCraft (IC1), MedievalCraft, and Mine4Dead are still closed-source over eight years after being discontinued. I'm not sure if anybody has asked Alblaka to release the sources during those eight years, though.


  • It's a wonder that Su5eD plays IC2Exp, since he views anything "closed source" As maleware.

    Oh yeah,

    before you feel attacked,

    At least I am not creating lies.

    Anyways open sourcing the mod would most likely lead just to a closed source license.

    In other words: Viewing it is fine, Own forks or modification/Self distribution is not.

    Nothing is wrong with closed Source IMO, it's sad if a mod dies.
    But ownership also includes the right to take anything down if they so desire, or let it die.

    And that should be respected, if not then anything goes, and nobody wants that.

    I could now mention something specific, but eh not worth it.
    Already know the outcome.

  • No it wouldn't ensure that it is faster.
    I have a few open source mods and some are really popular.
    And yet there is 0 support for porting to newer versions.
    Just requests.

    Open source is no magic bullet.
    Open source is equal to closed source unless you are lucky to be in the 0.01% that gets help.