Completely Lossless Infinite Range Energy Transportation

  • I know this thread is over a week old, but just let me drop in and say that the new version of EE, v6, has had MASSIVE rebalancing. For instance, most Philosopher Stone transmutations are gone. But that's not just it. Cobble was devalued to dirt-level, 1 EMC. Diamond was boosted to 8192 EMC. You need 128 stacks of cobble to make a single diamond now. Of course, you can still use iron and gold (16:1 and 4:1 respectively) to transmute diamond using the Transmutation Tablet, but those aren't the most readily available resources either. I'd say getting 4 stacks of gold is almost as time-consuming as getting a stack of diamonds.

    In general, EE6 seems to be much more balanced when used in tandem with other mods.

    Ah, but who am I to judge? I use Thaumcraft, which has the insanely low Dirt-Diamond conversion rate, about 300:1. On the plus side, Thaumcraft is not exactly the most unbalanced mod aside from duplicating.

    The problem with both Thaumcraft and EqEx is that they play in a totally different universe than IC2. And IC2 is one of the more diamond-consuming mods but still in most mods diamonds are endgame items, but not in Thaumcraft or EqEx. They both give you some alternative materials for endgame. v6 changed nothing at this concept. And the Relays, Collectors and Condensers are just what they are, incredible powerfull. They are quite balanced in terms of EE itself, but they are quite of if you combine it with other mods that still use diamonds as endgame components.

  • In general, EE6 seems to be much more balanced when used in tandem with other mods.

    Most definitely. A lot of our previous discussion on the topic has become a moot point, in light of the changes.

    Both mods can still turn one stack of coal into a diamond, it's merely a matter of how each goes about it.

  • I am waiting till Thaumcraft comes out for SMP. Then i can clone my diamonds with magic power ^^ Even it is it first time you have to spent resources to be able to make diamonds and in relying on this even using UU-Mater for making diamonds is cheating. so i don't care to much as long as i have tobuild something up for it. Have fun.

    By the way back to topic: Nice power-transmission system :thumbup:

  • Thaumcraft is a little bit more balanced for a simple reason:

    EqEx basically starts with you finding and using a diamond. Before you do this you might easily build a complete basic machinery in IC2. So since diamonds are the most basic materials in EqEx it is obviously that they are not that hard to get. In comparison to IC2 this means that the endgame-material of IC2 is the Tier1 of EqEx.

    But since Mining-Drill + Macerater let's you get most materials without much problems (you normally don't run out of copper and tin) EqEx is not that much a problem. The time-consuming part of IC2 is not the search for ressources, but the construction of all the parts. You have to macerate this, compress that, extract something here and there or just melt stuff. The only real ressource-heavy part is building a nuke-plant and supporting your MassFab(s). But since the massfab is obsolete with EqEx (Gemmed Armor is superior... and there isn't much you cannot create with EqEx), this doesn't matter either.

    The only real reason for IC2 is the Macerator and the early avaible Mining-Drill + Chainsaw (which makes most other tools obsolete). But they again will be obsolete if you have Morning-Star etc. So if you reach EqEx Endgame, most IC2 things don't have any use.

  • Or you could just TMI yourself some charged Lapotrons, or use Equivalent Exchange to convert cobblestone to coal and run generators or something.

    Cheating is cheating. Clearly teleportation across vast distances of unlimited numbers of items ought to cost SOMETHING in the way of resources other than 1 diamond/pipe and uh some other minor resource.

    Only reason that Additional Pipes doesn't charge anything is that Zeldo needs a faster computer (or spacetoad needs to optimize his code). They were intended for reducing computational load, not as a cheap trick.

    I'm insulted by that Equivalent Exchange remark. Equivalent Exchange has really been nerfed now, in terms of it's exchange rate. And the people talking about because diamonds are Tier 1 in Equivalent Exchange means that diamonds are devalued, stop. It just makes getting Exchange items really, really, end game.

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  • Can I just say this, I got 9 diamonds in my first couple of nights. Lucky, but once I had these with EE I could be turning my redstone into diamonds, not a huge amount but probably a decent amount of them (this world has had hours of playtime). As such I don't use EE, but it's your choice.

    Oh and some of the toys in EE are very tempting (looks sideways at catalysts).

    And yes, solar + Mass Fab on SMP is pretty OP :D. NB: I would never join a EE server mainly because the use of IC2, RP2 and BC2 completely throws the balance. While on SSP I could simply ignore these methods on SMP I would get really annoyed when I find automatic diamond farms running 24/7 next to my base (I can't remember but some mechanic of IC2 allowed you to process something, transmute it back and get a considerable gain of EMC- enough to get a decent amount of diamonds quickly).

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    The only EE-thing i consider cheating is the Transmutationtable, because it transmutes at an 1:1 ratio. But Thaumcraft doesn't has an 1:1-ratio by converting things, it costs a more then what you get from the same item, so its not cheating.

  • I have a problem with setting the filter to collect full lapotron, its taking lapotron from MFSU even its not full. It's working only for empty lapotron, I tried with Advanced wooden pipe too...

  • Ahhh, EE. I played it back when 512 cobble equaled one diamond. It was a ridiculously fun mod until you hit endgame. At that point, I had a room of Obsidian Aggregators and a room of Glowstone Aggregators, every Dark Matter tool, and all sorts of junk. At that point, there's nothing much to do. I might try it again now that it's rebalanced.

  • Diamond was boosted to 8192 EMC. You need 128 stacks of cobble to make a single diamond now.

    Just for comparison, those same stacks fed into a IC recycler will produce, on average, 1.94 diamonds. And countless other materials.

    As far as "diamonds being endgame" for things like IC (and vanilla): I don't use iron anymore for anything other than armor (vanilla) or machines (IC). Wood -> immediate stone upgrade -> dig down to 14 and start looking for diamonds. Sure, there'll be a period where I'm using iron picks to mine, but only because 1) they're faster than stone 2) iron is plentiful. But as soon as I have that diamond pick, the iron is obsoleted. With IC, I'd go strait for the mining drill.

  • Dropping a bomb on my own country here buuut. I use TMI. I use it to fiddle fart around and not have to mine for anything and build rubegoldberg machines for kicks. We all have different ways to play that are fun so if everyone would stop getting so offended we can stop fiddle farting around on the forums and fiddle fart in our game worlds.


    That's a rather cool idea, but a lone tree is suspicious, better plant some more. So really... forget about solar-flowers, solar-trees are the next generation :P