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  • yeah, that's going to be a small nightmare for any mods that don't use the new API. Cue the onrush of idiots that won't install it correctly and make posts like "HALP! Borken!" and nothing else.
    I mean look at the Feed the Beast thread, tons of morons there that can't do simple step by step instructions and posting stupid simple bugs over and over and over again that have already been pointed out and solved earlier in the thread.

    I don't know if i should laugh or cry, about the stupidness of these mentioned Morons.

    It's indeed a very tragicomedic Post.

    If i'm crashing MC 1.3, while installing Industrialcraft, i will make a new Thread in the Supportsection with the Name "HALP! Borken!", containing only the useless Information, that IC² doesn't works.

    P.S. That will mostlikely never happen, because i read the Installinstructions carefully, so if the IC²-Devs want to troll me that way, then let it happen only to me and to no one else. :D

  • check out elemental machine server

    this server i is one of the most funnest servers i have ever played on and i feel that this server needs more players

    please and thank you

    Nice server...Wait? Where are the pictures? Where is the link to the website? Where is the IP? WHERE IS THE SERVER?

    Well that's awkward.
    Maybe it was edited away by a Forum-OP, because of tekkit?
    << Not from my side, I don't edit random posts :O ~ Alb
    Good that this is not a random Post for you :D
    But it totally is.
    Damnit ~ Alb

  • Long enough to remember torch-driven Solar power.

    Message was deleted short after due to me having too much work on hands to help with the wiki.


    Buildcraft – spilling items.™

  • Cave Johnson here, ever try to throw a torch? me neither. You know why? it lights things on fire. Things we don't want on fire, like expensive lab equipment instead of test subjects. That's why the boys down at the lab came up with this, the brand new Aperture Science Flameless Light And Radiation Emission Gun, or F.L.A.R.E. GUN. Just give it a steady supply of adhesive(Sticky Resin), then fire harmless light emitting devices at any range. Of course, they fall apart if you try to remove them, but who needs renewable light sources with technology like this at your fingertips? Use it to light caverns from afar, prevent monsters from falling on you, or make glowing graffiti of your favorite company logo! Cave Johnson, we're done here.

    lets face it you can't get more "HAYO!" than cave johnson

    true balance is impossible in video games the best one can hope for is to make it really hard to guess which of 2 choices are better.

  • I thought cropmatron was introduced by the evil agriculture company that wants to eat our children and makes Alblaka seem like hes on crack half the time unless hes answering serious questions. Wonderful agriculture company that we owe everything *starts to sweat*.

    Pff, the youth these days, always on about crack and stuff... I seriously prefer my LSD over that :O

    i believe the call that murder IRL :huh:

  • Well, many of you must of seen the recent "Industrial Creeper Suggestion". After all is said and done,well,


    He said the f-word.

    As quoted by our Dragon Lord :P

    Oh my word I lol'ed for at least a minute.

    Here is the link, it's funnier if you read the thread.


    I5 2500K | 4GB Cosair Vengence | Radeon 6850 | Rosewill 600w PSU | GigaByte Z68MA | CM Elite 311 | Dell 19" 720p (upgrading soon!)| Hitachi 500 GB 7200 HDD | LG 24X |Windows 7 (Genuine!)
    Alblaka in a Lightning Rod suggestion thread...[/size]

  • Found this on my old MCF inbox ^^
    Not knowing if I even may leak this, but it's censored nonetheless.

    16 May 2011


    Buildcraft – spilling items.™

  • Quote

    We will NOT tolerate spamming on the site. If you spam you will be banned. We may even set you on fire. It's all in your best interest, really. You know. For science. That tingling sensation you feel over your skin as you are engulfed in flame is like a warm blanket of re-assurance. Or shampoo. We're not really sure yet.

    Actually not from IC, but given our current situation it fits in as well.

  • From the MC forums.

    Anonymous: Okay, one last question, and i think i'm good. What do watermills do?

    Anonymous: They give you carpal tunnel syndrome. Use the other generators.

  • Rule Number One of the IC2 Forums: You never talk about lightning rods EVER.

    Rule Number Two of the IC2 Forums: We fudging mean it, YOU NEVER TALK ABOUT LIGHTNING RODS EVER!

    Alblaka says:

    "People using their intellect in attempts to discuss other people into the ground could be considered less intellectual then people using their intellect for something beneficial :3"

  • And sorry for acting like a baby

    True strength lays in realising ones own mistakes.

    Alblaka wrote:

    The following spoiler... could contain spoilers.

    I'm dumbfonded by my own unintentional wordpuns, sometimes.

  • Forth is the programming language of repower computers.

    I know he was just asking to makes sure, but i still laughed at him ^-^

    Alblaka says:

    "People using their intellect in attempts to discuss other people into the ground could be considered less intellectual then people using their intellect for something beneficial :3"