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  • I've the sudden urge to sit back and watch people lighting this thread on fire...
    But my better half won:

    Check the wiki for "Luminators". Sort of exactly what you suggested... with the slight difference it was implemented a few months ago.

    awww :( but setting things on fire is fun :D

    true balance is impossible in video games the best one can hope for is to make it really hard to guess which of 2 choices are better.

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    I would love to have an add-on get made of this, more of a tweaked version of IC2 i would believe, tho I am pants at programming.

    i am not familiar with this term "pants" in the way you used it since man seeks to wear pants i can only assume you mean you are good at coding and as a result i will hold you to producing a top quality addon in an unreasonable dead line.

    "pants", a new cool adjective.

  • i included this on my signature lol (btw Alblaka is spelled wrong)


    The only good Idea in this Thread. The shrine should be a Lightningrod and you need to impale Noobs on it to produce EU.

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    Magical Dwarfs!

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    Why are IC² nukes blacklisted? They didn't exist in IC, in IC only IC nukes existed, not IC² nukes, and you posted this in the IC section, so it doesn't have IC², but IC, right? By the way, since when does IC² have chunkloaders? Oh wait, you said chuck loaders. Since when can something in IC² load Chuck Norris?


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    Quote from IC Wiki

    Once your shiny new QuantumSuit Leggings have become your favourite method of transportation and you're immune to fall damage thanks to your QuantumSuit Boots, it's time to show Vegeta who's really over 9000: Create a nice little track of about 10 ice blocks in a row, place yourself at one end, activate your suit and accelerate across the ice. Right at the end, jump and loudly yell HAYO! as you get closer and closer to the stars! Note that IndustrialCraft² cannot be held responsible for injuries incurred when jumping into walls and/or mountains as you clearly did not yell HAYO! loudly enough to shatter the obstacle.

    Hehe, THIS is why I love community-driven wikis: You even get fun quotes the developers didn't think off.

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    Good News
    Hy guys! I just found a solution for java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError with IC2 1.95b / RocketScience v0.89 for MC 1.2.5 !

    Go to your .minecraft\mods folder, and open RocketScience.jar with WinRAR, 7zip ecc..., now go in rocketScience folder and delete mod_ZZZMissile.class.
    It should work! :)


    Yeah, you got rid of the error by deleting the mod itself. Congrats.

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    That's just hilarious

    Is this dead?
    Is this dead (continued)

    Note how the Creator of the Thread got banned, and needed to create a new Account, for the second Thread.

    And the following wasn't from me:

    Quote from I dont now who that was but its frikkin epic

    Thread name: "Is this dead? (continued)"
    Fictional Reply: "If you mean by 'This' 'This thread and me', then in a few minutes yes"

    I got permission to quote him/her.

  • Quote

    That's just hilarious

    Is this dead?
    Is this dead (continued)

    Note how the Creator of the Thread got banned, and needed to create a new Account, for the second Thread.

    I literally facepalmed when he said


    1) I installed mods a couple of times and never heard of that [meaning Forge] and as the end user, I don't have to.

    and again at


    About the ban, it was an error and the reason was false, I don't think it will cause a problem.

    yep, Alblaka must have miss clicked or something, surely the reason he got banned wasn't for asking about release date and overall ignorance of rules

    Is the answer to this question no?


    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

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    I use EE once in a while, start a new world, and then get bored 25 minutes later when all my roads are paved with diamond blocks.

    What, did you think incompatibility was a feature? Who are you, FlowerChild? Wait, FlowerChild is actually sane.

    People are taking my words to literally...

    Will you implement an armor with invisible skin which explodes like a nuke upon taking damage? It could be called Banzai Armor

    Quote from Me

    <Alblaka>I'm officially back and online *puts on sunglasses*
    <Alblaka>*puts down sunglasses*
    <Alblaka>You know, sunglasses REALLY don't work in dimly lit rooms -.-

    Math fail is strong with this one.

    Quote from Newbie

    One solar panel generates 1 EU/t, i.e. 1/20 EU/s == .05 EU/s.

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    <aidancbrady>I wonder how many F5 keys you've broken.
    <Alblaka>I wish I would have invested into the F5-key industry. I for sure made someone rich :O
    <aidancbrady>"$50 USB iridium-plated F5 hotkey!"

    Hi Alblaka,

    can you tell me when IC 1.3.2 appears??

    I've been waiting so long?? ^^

    Looks like a casual spam-PM doesn't it? Fun fact: it was sent at 5:07 pm. 4 hours after IC 1.1.06 release ^^

    I would add, that that API thingy will be buggy, cuz you know, we are talking 'bout Mojang.

    Oh, right, Mojang's software.

  • Never did touch that, but yes, there are off. Why the hell, is what I don't know. Probably Barabashka (Russian version of Herobrine) did something.

    Russian Herobrine!? o.o

    Alblaka says:

    "People using their intellect in attempts to discuss other people into the ground could be considered less intellectual then people using their intellect for something beneficial :3"