Achievements: Post suggestions here

  • Duke Nukem quotes should be kept for weapons like:

    "Rest in pieces"
    Craft a rocket-launcher

    "Damn I'm good"
    Kill something that is more than 100 blocks away

    "Piece of cake"
    It a piece of cake

    "Oooo, that's gotta hurt! "
    Lose 9,5 hearts in one hit.

    "Hmm, fuckin' do they work?"
    Buld a magnetizer

    "There's more where that came from! "
    Fire a whole magazine with an assaultrifle/machine-gun without releasing the trigger.

    Not all about weapons, but all duke-quotes :P

    Oh and another suggestion:

    Either the Achievement for getting a mass-fab or the one for creating matter should be renamend to "Nothing else matters"

  • Hyperspeed

    Put 10 Overclockers in 1 Machine


    Electrocute a Mob to Death

    Rubber Trap

    Let a Mob walk into placed Resin

    *Fun Achievements without real game sense*

    No Juice

    Put an Apple in a Compressor (or an Extractor) and wonder why you don't get Juice

    Progress in IC2

    :Bronze Helmet: :Nano-Helmet: :Quantum-Helmet:
    :S :) 8)
    :Bronze Chestplate: :Nano-Bodyarmor: :Quantum-Bodyarmor:
    :Bronze Leggings: :Nano-Leggings: :Quantum-Leggings:
    :Bronze Boots: :Quantum-Boots: :Quantum-Boots:


    1. :Bronze Axe: :Bronze Sword: :Bronze Hoe: :Bronze Pickaxe: :Bronze Shovel:
    2. :Mining Drill: :Batpack: :Chainsaw:
    3. :Mining Laser: :Diamond Drill: :Nano Saber: :Batpack: *
    *should be a Lappack

  • "Revenge!"
    Kill a skeleton with a mining laser.

    "What the..."
    Destroy obsidian with an explosion.

    "Creepers can't reach me now!"
    Craft Reinforced Stone.

    "A modern tank can speed at 60 mph while shooting a target with pinpoint accuracy from 5 miles away." Civ-5

  • That didn't help...: Miss a creeper with your mining laser, and vaporize a machine instead.

    How can you calculate "Missing" a creeper?

    "A modern tank can speed at 60 mph while shooting a target with pinpoint accuracy from 5 miles away." Civ-5

  • How can you calculate "Missing" a creeper?

    Well, Possibly by having a second layer of collision detection, and if the larger (2-3x) AOE hits but the smaller, real aoe doesnt, then It missed.

    Probably not idea, or efficiant tho, it was kinda a joke, seeing as I managed to do that in the game at one point... So much for that MFSU...

  • LOL consume the can

    Have a nice day! Einen schönen Tag noch! Buona giornata! Passez une bonne journée! 有一個很好的一天!素敵な一日を! Хорошего дня!

    • Official Post

    "purple diamond?"

    Craft diamond with UUM

    "how i did this?"

    Blow up a reverted transformer by connecting its higher voltage side on its low voltage side and sending energy.

    "Electricity newbie"

    Melt tin cables using either LV (batbox) or a generator

    "Hightech? not enough"

    Melt glass fiber cable using EV

    "EU-Spliiter cable? nah!"

    Cut energy flow by reverting a transformer (HV -> MV transformer -> MV) [Revert MV transformer to stop energy flow]

  • Might as well jump on this bandwagon...

    Shining end goes into other man
    Craft the Nano-saber.

    Okay, who else wants some?
    Kill an Enderman while your Nano-saber is unpowered. (Quote comes from Pathways into Darkness)

    Explosive Overclocking
    Power a Macerator, Electric Furnace, Compressor, Recycler, or Extractor directly from the EV range (512-2048 EU/t, in case you've forgotten) using Transformer Upgrades.

    Was that a Mosquito?
    Take no more than 3 hearts of damage from an explosion while wearing the Quantum Suit.

    Safe? No. Efficient? Yes!
    Achieve a power output of 2000 EU/t from a nuclear reactor.

    What's this button do?
    Kill at least 10 monsters with a Nuke.

    Hot, hot, HOT!
    Craft a Geothermal Generator.

    Spring in your step
    Craft a trampoline.

    Flying without wings
    Use trampolines to ascend a total height of 20 blocks by jumping from one to the next.

    For those about to rock...
    Kill at least 2 enemies using the scattershot mode of the Mining Laser.

    That's a good enough start for now.

    • Official Post

    "Chain Reaction"
    activate a TNT/ITNT/NUKE by exploding another explosive next.

    "Dynamite for fun!"
    Explode more than 20 dynamites at once using dynamite-o-mote (i guess that is the name of the thing)

    "I believe i can fly!"
    Fall from layer 256 to death

    "Lava? it doesnt hurt anymore"
    Swim at lava with a Qsuit.

    "The sun will always shine"
    Craft a solar panel

    "Maximum Efficiency"
    Place a wind mill at maximum height possible

    "Water stores energy?"
    get your first electrolyzed water cell/ Craft electrolyzer

    "Energy modifies the world!"
    Craft a terraformer

    "It is completely safe..."
    Meltdown a nuclear reactor

    "Why i did this?"
    Destroy a machine with any tool (and not recovering it)

    "Creeper energy"
    Adulterate Fuel with gunpowder (Superfuel spoiler)

    "Is it safe?"
    Shear a sheep with chainsaw

  • ~~Ceiling cat watches you macerate~~
    have a cat nearby when you put items in a macerator

    ~~Not Enough Minerals!?~~
    put 16 overclockers in 1 macerator and run a stack of iron through it

    ~~Don't Taze Me Bro!!~~
    die to getting electrocuted by an uninstulated wire.

    ~~i believe i can fly!~~
    take fall damage (and die) from falling over 250 blocks (top of the world to bedrock).

    ~~Hulk Angry!!!~~
    survive a nuclear explosion that is 5 blocks away.

    ~~Rocked your world~~
    set off 4 nukes at the same time using redstone wires.

    ~~"OVER 9,000!!!"~~
    complete fill a nuclear reactor with uranium cells and let it explode.

    ~~"Dude! what does mine say?!"~~
    land a Sticky dynamite on a creepers back.

    ~something from nothing~~
    make something from UU-Matter

    ~~I'm a Jedi!~~
    killing something with a nano-saber

    ~~i'm the gingerbread man!~~
    sprint with Quantum Legs equip

    ~~i'd tap that...~~
    use a Treetap

    (Blendtech reference)
    ~~will it blend? that is the question~~
    put a Glass Block in a macerator

    ~~I'm chargin' mah laser!!~~
    charge a mining laser in an MFSU

    ~~Shoop da Whoop!!~~
    kill something with a Mining laser set for Long-Range

    ~~Why so much static?~~
    get shocked by a tesla coil

    ~~Good Ole Copper Tops~~
    craft a single use battery

    ~~pigs can fly!.. alittle~~
    ride a pig from 256 to 100 or below and live.

    "the more people i kill, the better the chances are that i got the right one" ~Goblin Assassin: MtG

  • Here's a few more:

    The definition of "irony"
    Kill 3 or more creepers with a nuke.

    Sky-high paradise
    Terraform a minimum 20x20 land mass at layer 128 or higher.

    Lord of the tides
    Generate a total of 32 EU/t from Water Mills.

    Bring some shades
    Generate a total of 128 EU/t from Solar Panels.

    Blow you away
    Generate a total of 128 EU/t from Wind Turbines.

    Waste not, want not
    Craft a Recycler.

    Not the fall that kills you...
    From full health, take fall damage that leaves you with 3 hearts or fewer wearing rubber boots.

  • Furry? No, Ferru!

    Get Ferru seeds.

    2. Go away, you creeper wierdo!
    3. What ever, I'll just go around.
    4. Hup, over their heads I go!
    5. Okay Mister living grenade, I'm going to knock you into those skeletons, and I'll follow through with a nano saber. Understood? FOR THE ALMIGHTLY DRAGON LORD!

  • "who you gonna call?"
    kill a ghast with a mining laser
    (ghost busters reference)

    true balance is impossible in video games the best one can hope for is to make it really hard to guess which of 2 choices are better.

  • Here are my ideas:
    OVER 9000!!!
    Get a Ore value of a least 9001 with the OV Scanner

    At least I can charge it....
    Run out of battery on a powered tool

    I am fully charged!
    Charge up a Lapotron crystal

    Who needs swords?
    Kill 50 mobs with a chainsaw

    Chainsaws are for sissies!
    kill 50 mobs with a Nanosaber

    Not the real thing, but I like it....
    Make artificial diamonds

    Green with envy!
    Craft a nuclear reactor

    No more science for you!
    Blow up a reactor

    Are you sure you're supposed to have that?
    Craft a nuke