Tutorial: How to Cheap and simple wire Solars (13 and 32 flowers)

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    Material Needed: 4 cables, 1 Batbox, 13 solars (+ cables for output on bottom)

    This way, the 1eu packages from the solars will just have to travel 1 cable to reach the batbox. From there the energy will be emitted in 32eu packages, reducing the relativ loss.

    OR if you want it to full capacity: (Designs by Viktor_Berg)
    (Material needed: 1 Batbox, 12 cables, 32 solars (+ cables for output on bottom)

    or if you aim for a better-looking more compact version:
    (Material needed: 1 Batbox, 16 cables, 32 solars)

    Flat versions: (33 solars, 1 solar will fill up a part of the storage during day, no problem that cant be handeled.)
    Stage 1=bat box, cables 2 colors

    Stage 2=Solars

    And if you want to make bigger farms, you can connect multiple of the above Design: (a 132 solar flower with 4 batboxes.)

  • Interesting, have you tried testing panels in a flat configuration? I'm curious if ic2 allows that now.

    Edit: Ah very nice! I LOVE flat arrays.

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  • you know that you can still put 1 more solar in the center without the need of cable, right? also, insulated copper cable can go for 4 cable distance. so you can expand one more to the side, and put solar at the edge. allowing easy-to-calculate 61 solars in a flower.

    Please ignore this floating platform with 10,000 solar panels. Nothing to see here.

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    i HIGHLY disrecommend making wireplanes, this will cause your computer to get HUGE cpu spikes caused by the calculation of all possible wire connections, and at a certain point (about 5*5 plane) kill your game, rendering your world unloadable.

    Could always use the nifty painter item thing to make coloured cables. I may play around with that later...

  • I made a 61 eut flower using 4 batboxes and one MFE

    its important to color these 5 cables

    and a flat 13X14 one using colored cables

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    61EU flat array using only an MFE, taking advantage of the fact that:

    • 61 x 1EU pulses don't combine to a 61EU pulse, and thus won't fry copper cable or a BatBox. (But I used an MFE anyway since a BatBox wouldn't be able to discharge as fast as it was being fed.)
    • Even if they did, none of the cables actually take >32EU anyway, because of the intelligent pathing in the energy net (and at the moment, cable colors, but that's just to save CPU - it'd work even without them). The sides of the MFE are only taking in 25EU, 5EU, 25EU, and 5EU.

    11x11 square, but still 100% space efficient because they can be placed right next to each other diagonally. Yes, I TMI'd this, my real array is only a 32EU. :)

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    You will NEVER wire a solar system like this: Glassfiber is MUCH to expensive to just shoot 1eu blocks through. Sure, TMI and stuff, but that aint realistic for real gaming without cheating.

    Cheap is: Copper Cables, Batboxes. All the rest aint cheap and thus not really usable for wiring solars.

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    Felt a pang of pride and had to share my new setup. Half an inventory full of iron ingots (legitimately mined, this is in my non-cheating map!) later, I've got a lovely 17x17 (diamond shape) 128EU setup based roughly on four of Viktor_Berg's aesthetically awesome design. 128 solar panels, 4 batboxes, and 1 MFE to collect my winnings. Throw in an LV transformer to turn it back to 32EU pulses so I can wire some of it to my other machines, throw whatever they're not using to a matter generator, and bam. I'm turning sunlight into diamonds. (Or iridium plates, as the case may be.) I can screenshot a disassembly of it if anyone wants, but it's pretty much just what's in this thread already. Awesome stuff. :D

  • A very nice array, although I am not the biggest fan of diamond-shaped arrays. Personally, I think I would have dealt with the loss of 1-2 EU/flower and used 4 of "my" solar flowers to make a square 14x14 solar array.

    Nothing personal, though, okay?