Discussion: Talk here about IndustrialCraft :)

  • the wiki is fine to read :/
    and personally i prefer it if the wiki doesnt have all the possibilities of what you can do, i think its better to try figure it out and work out things by your lonesome :P
    then its your work not just you placing blocks in a pattern someone else made up :D even if theres no way to prove you havent looked at how other people do it :)
    ofc if your really stuck theres plenty of things on other sites to look at how to do things :)
    industrialcraft ftw :D hehheh

  • I was using the toomanyitems mod and I found an electric Minecart... the sprite looks like a charged bat pack. I tried it out and it came as a white blob..
    I used a battery on it and it drained the battery..
    It works just like a furnace..
    How do you Make this?
    Is this a secret recipe?
    Could someone change it from a white blob to something better or cooler?
    IndustrialCraft ROCKS :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D MinecraftNotch MinecraftNotch MinecraftNotch

    We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

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    The electric minecart isnt implemented completly^^

  • when will it be implanted?

    We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

  • If I remember correctly there is secret recipes to make gunpowder, clay, superfuel, and buckets. Im not gonna tell you how to make them, cuz that would spoil them if me listing these objects havent done so already MinecraftGhast

  • I use Rustic Pack (64x64), but seriously I'm pretty sure there are no compatibility issiues with texture packs. In case someone uses MCE, simply rerun the MCPatcher.

  • I have for over 6 months have admin a private 8 player server which using mcadmin thats the max until I just updated to pro I have a 1.8 2gb computer dedicated to running it I know how to whitelist and have two moderators that can run it while I am unable I have had it private and stable for 6 months running outside of updates and almost 24/7 I am no retard when it comes to computers my dad was a programerand my first computer was a trash 80 if anyone remembers those... I have industrial craft and buildcraft both up to date any advise?



  • What a Mod! I love it! :thumbup:

    Have been playing Industrialcraft for a few days and am having a Blast ! I'm up to mid level machines already with a 13 Mill Water Tower for power. I'm about ready to move from my Underground Base to the surface and start an Industrial Complex.

    I'm also running Magic Chest and Mo' Creatures. I may have to stay on easy difficulty till I get a Force Field up, as I have a fear of Ogers causing major problems for me. X(

    How about a full set of Advanced Armour? The Chest Plate, by itself, is rather useless, considering Jet and Bat Packs.

    If you don't plan on further development of IC, I hope someone equaly Compitent and Imaginative picks up the ball. ;(

    Thanks for the most entertaining and interesting Mod (Overhaul) I've played yet! I hope you continue to develop and update IC.

    As for Secret Recipes, Try Recipe Book by Risugami.


    Now to add and make that Nano Suit. :D

    Thanks Again,


    I DO NOT go off half cocked. :Mining Laser: I pull that hammer all the way back!

  • The mod is not bad really had some fun with IC trying to figure out everything, as for the wiki completely useless all the recipes are ether incorrect or based on IC2 cause none of them worked.

    The game did become a bit hectic when we started using Mining Drills and Lasers and over time you start to loose the feeling of minecraft just my personal opinion I tried finding a way to lessen the effect of the mining laser to maybe 1 block only but there's no setting for it only energy consumption ad with mining lasers and drills being indestructible well pickaxes etc becomes useless.

    The chainsaw also lost it grips when you use mining laser you chop down a tree with 1 go.

    Apart from those tools that I think might be a tad overpowering the rest of the mod is pretty awesome to play.