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  • to the comment above id resolver doesn't work with gregtech i had the same problem , deleted id resolver and made the ids manually and everything works fine using forge 445 CCC 6.14 and nei 1.4.33

    He said he fixed nei working with greggtech

  • like I said, yes there are recipies in the NEI plugin (included in the mod) for the implosion compresor and all its "products". I can see them all without crashing

    Icant and i belive thats my problem. its searching for that gui nei creen and cant find it.

  • Icant and i belive thats my problem. its searching for that gui nei creen and cant find it.

    try this: are you using MultiMC? create a new instance of minecraft, install IC2 and gregtech ALONE with forge and NEI, if it work, its your mods. Try to install one by one until fail to know whats the problem.

  • I'm getting this warnings with IC2 1.111 and the last version of gregtech

  • Hey greg, would it be possible to have the nano and quantum armors have a mod to discharge power to tools, like the batpack? The reason being, is that i never make the chestplate, because i dislike running out of power in my tools or weapons. :P If the armor can project forcefields, it should be able to wirelessly power tools.

  • The "Orion Project" was no easy way to space,you would have to make such a stucture that would handle the blasts. it is "High tech".

    If you have never heard of the Farlands, you're missing out.

    The farlands supports GregTech

  • The "Orion Project" was no easy way to space,you would have to make such a stucture that would handle the blasts. it is "High tech".

    That structure was basically called oil coating and it would have work quite well had they actually built it.

    Now those shock absorbers is a whole different story but I think they wouldn't need to be built of too exotic stuff. It's just an engineering problem.

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I8_Ka0VZr8 Heres a vid of the error with my mod list.

    Amplifier of IC2s Massfab, from mistaqurs NEI-Plugin-Pack very likely causes this for non Scrap-Stuff.

    How many Item ID's are there with Gregtech? I have IDresolver installed and it takes seemingly forever to go through them.

    less than 60 Item-IDs. And the NEI-Lag is known as too many Plugins cause that.

    @All those Oredict-Reports: Thanks for reporting, I just want to know about very single Ore I could use. I will add the Oredict Stuff from the reports to my List.

  • Does anyone know any Void type mods besides Mystcraft that is really great to have a lag free build world? I wish someone would make a really cool IC Machine that would teleport the user to just literally to maybe a new world without any structure for pure build.

    Stupid Idea I'm sure for most but the more gregtech machines and automation we do the more laggy it gets in FPS. Be nice to double if not triple it in a void world.

    This gives me an idea. Industrial integration with mystcraft! Having an industrial type machine that could manage your worlds and transportation between them would be great for those of us who like the idea of multiple worlds but not the 'magical books' which transport you.

    "World Manager" block which stores known worlds, discover new worlds by inputting symbols into the device just like mystcraft, or just going with random symbols. World manager links to a dimensional teleporter multi-block structure with between 1 and 4 pads. Step on pad and turn on device, it draws energy and transports you to the world. But you'd better bring items to build a teleporter for the return! Dimensional Teleporter Linking Pad could be used to return to the overworld. It will link with your world manager across dimensions and draw power from your teleporter to return you.

    A wireless power distrubution machine would be nice. I think the 50% loss is a bit harsh. Maybe you get better efficiency by crafting a wireless reciever upgrade for the machine which goes in the upgrade slots like the overclockers do?

    Dont worry, I'm currently coding on my Diesel Generator (Searching for good Fuel Values of BC-Fuel right now), Biofuel Cells, Coalfuel Cells and Fuelcans get a 25%-Bonus in that Generator and you always get the empty Cells back.

    Any possibility of making the generators into multi-block structures? Place two generators down next to each other and they become one machine with a larger internal tank. You'd get a small efficiency boost (1% per block maybe?) for each additional generator block, and it will only work in complete shapes such as 1x2, 2x3, 3x3x2, ect. Just a thought.