[GT-Suggestions] I still look at this Thread when I got out of Ideas for new things, yes really I do that. Even though I don't edit this Post anymore.

  • Considering you can stand one pixel away from it and not burn, yeah it is kinda.

    Quantum size is a common limit of simulated environments.
    You may consider Minecraft is quite rough in here because it is made of cubic quantum of 1m³ where, these cubic units properties only can be differentiated by painted texture and sometimes an ⅛ spatial arrangement.
    But, it does quite better than non-voxel based environments.

    Well back on topic about fluid temperature, one thing needed is field effects, where you or other entities could feel and interact with blocks outside their position.

    Somehow, light is a field effect even in Minecraft and it involve some yet still imperfect but heavy computation and data handling in itself. Light field quantum being of only two variety (block light sources or artificial light, and sunlight) with 15 levels each.

    If you where to simulate field effect of heat or temperature, then you may find a very rough and unfinished implementation with biome property but, this heat field effect only exist in and horizontal 2D space of column properties.

    Having lava from pools and other containers with heat field effect at a distance would require expanding and linking some properties to near-by blocks, even vanilla air blocks.

    I don't know if its possible or not too heavy to extend vanilla blocks with like using damage value of air as a rough temperature estimate or attaching tile entities to air blocks where some heat or other field effect could be stored.
    Another possibility would be to duplicate air, fluids and all blocks where an entity can pass through and interact the field effect.

    Even current fire propagation in Minecraft is limited by the lack of heat field data and effect. Fire can only propagate by connected neighbor blocks.

    Field effect and properties may be an easy thing in static environment. But you would need to compute the whole field at each block change.

    Consider a dispenser with a lava bucket inside:
    Each time the lava source block spawn and de-spawn from the dispenser, the game engine would have to recompute the heat field properties of each near-by blocks. Then you are not modifying one block (the lava source location) but an whole 3D space around.

    If light levels where YUV component based (Frequency, Saturation, Intensity) it would be possible to encode heat as light level given an infra-red frequency and adjust intensity to distance with same 3D diamond shape distribution as current in-game light levels.
    It would allow ultraviolet and higher ionizing EM frequency light levels to be used by IC2 nuclear blocks emitters.

    There is a mod work in progress with colored lights, unfortunately it is not very well supported and it encode light to the limited visible R,G,B components where chrominence (frequency), bandwidth (saturation) and luminance (intensity) would enable a very extended light field definition from radio waves, infra-red, visible light, ionizing light.

    Doing wireless Redstone as infra-red or radio EM radiations would be insanely heavy on light level updates, through very realistic.

  • I still state the easiest way to remove the cheap lava-power is to have a machine that you place down, connect pipes from the machine into the lava, and have the pipe slowly use up lava (replacing it with stone/netherack). The only thing you can input into the regular machine is water, which is consumed to create steam (for a steam turbine or) or just electricity. This way, you either have the abundance of lava in the nether (but very little water) or have the abundance of water in the overworld (but very little lava).

    The machine itself would should output, say ~0.5eu/t per lava block touching the pipe up to a maximum of ~16eu/t, but would give more energy in total per lava block consumed. As realistic as you are going to get, really :P

    Basically what I told, although I think it would be cooler with a GUI-minigame, for the sake of adding "science" into MC and for it would be WAY more difficult to automate.
    Greg, would it be possible to make a Multi-layer GUI without too much lag, to make setups 3D ?

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • Im pretty sure lava in minecraft is nearly warm to the touch. Its very cold lava.

    but there's no way to touch lava by hand in minecraft,or you can jump into it for swimming

    GregTech SHALL rule the world !

  • A slight suggestion to improve the current GT E-Net.

    Internally, numbers will be scaled up 100x (in centi-EU, or cEU) so that calculations may be more precise. Cable loss can now be more varied instead of x per ampere every block, which is a little overkill. Displays will now round up the EU contained.

    Also, transformers can be made more modular and simplified. First, craft a transformer base by crafting a Machine Hull and a Battery. There will be 3 slots in the GUI.
    To conduct electricity via induction, there must be some form of conventional magnetic material in the middle slot. This can be an Iron, Steel, Nickel, Cobalt, Stainless Steel or Invar Rod. Craft a coiling base, which is an Iron Rod, Aluminium Rod, (Stainless) Steel Rod or a Bronze Rod. Afterwards, craft a cable around the coiling base (not consumed) to form a coil of that cable and place it in the left and right (the input and output slots respectively), to determine the strength of the input voltage and the output voltage, and the ampere handling capacity. Use screwdrivers to rotate faces between non-interacting (default), input, and output modes. The rod used in the middle slot determines what is the loss of the transformer. This is 60 cEU, 55 cEU, 45 cEU, 40 cEU, 35 cEU, 25 cEU per ampere respectively.

    Finally, the EU storage system can be simplified to the current battery-box system. There will be 5 sizes of the battery box, Basic, Reduced, Standard, Reinforced and Advanced. They can hold up to 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 energy storages respectively. Like the transformers, use screwdrivers on faces to rotate between non-interacting (default), input, and output modes. This is added to a default 10k EU internal storage. This is accompanied by a output coil slot, which determines the output EU in terms of Voltage and Amperage, and a mode slot (only available from Standard sizes onwards) which can hold integrated circuits, determining how is EU sent and stored. This process is only activated when there is a conflict of EU request - i.e. EU is requested by the network, while there is empty space in the storage unit. IC = 0 means 100% to output, 0% to storgae; IC = 1 means 87.5% to output, 12.5% to storage; so on until IC = 8 means 0% to output and 100% to storage.

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    Considering you can stand one pixel away from it and not burn, yeah it is kinda.

    But the lava itself can incinerate even the mightiest of materials! Clearly oxygen is just an insanely good insulator.

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    Clearly oxygen is just an insanely good insulator.

    No, just Minecraft air blocks.

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • Plasma generators should be removed and replaced with plasma heat exchanges which take plasma and water as their input and output helium (less than total hydrogen used to make tritium and deuterium beacuse of infinite fuel exploits) and steam that can be used in a special reactor steam turbine that converts steam into eu in a ?:? ratio (I have no clue what ratio to use as this could be a big change). I also have some ideas for antimatter features. Antimatter should be made in particle accelerator which is a new multiblock structure that uses eu and any form of matter to make antimatter which is contained in a new electromagnetic cell. Antimatter can be used to create antimatter bombs that have a massive explosion that breaks bedrock (optional in the config) and leaves no dropped blocks. Antimatter can also be used to generate power (less than power used to create it) UU-Matter can be put in a particle accelerator with diamonds which turns it into dark matter that can be used as fuel in the dark matter generator (also used to burn antimatter). Because it uses diamonds dark matter produces more eu than what was used to make it. Only naturally found diamonds can be used in the particle accelerator.

    that's it :thumbup:

  • No, just Minecraft air blocks.

    20.8% Oxygen, 79% Nitrogen and some other gasses then. Actually, if there were no heat transmission due to convection (aka macroscopic molecul movements), air would be enough to prevent you from being burned 5cm away from Lava ...

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • I purpose a check to see if the a player is in creative mode before applying the Uranium Debufs.

    You can do it by:

    if (!ENTITY.capabilities.isCreativeMode)        {           apply affect;        }

  • Another suggestion is to get All of the GT related links which was posted by you to the GT main thread for easy finding

  • I think getting more alloys like Thaumsteel and such to be used within your mod, as well as thaumcraft crafting recipes that can dupe simple stuff like charcoal and sulfur. A new age (Stone age, most things are crafted out of stone and work at a snail's pace compared to bronze.) Molten versions of every metal, and a new machine to do so that can replace T-con's smeltery (If that's even possible). I also have a new logo if you want to check it out.

  • What about some jewerly? I suggest chiselling machine, which will do decorative plates of gold, silver, platinum and other metals, which can be used in jewerly. It can have different textures(3 or 4). Also be good, if you will be able to make combo plates with different metals or with jewels(ruby,emerland, or lasuri and quartz). I think that will make some metals and minerals more useful.
    Also i suggest metal-depending of frames durability. I think thungsteel frame should carry on at least creeper explosion. Thats the point otherwise to waste valuable metal on frames which can be made of everything?
    P.S: Sorry if my English is bad.
    P.P.S: Why large steam turbine been deleted? It was so fancy. I hope it is because of technical issues and turbine will return as soon as been fixed

    What about different types of lasers? For example It can consist of laser casing (voltage depending material), emmision element (Gem or gas), and the lense.
    Lense will define supported modes. Emmision element will define consuming and cooling time. Hull will define voltage and energy storage. And about overheat mode. May be better to make ores drop metal nungets instead ingots? It will make more sense.

    How about make ore washing more random? It will be more realistic, if ore will contain random materials of the list of materials, which ore can possibly have. One of material will be major. Other will be pleasant surprize. Tiny and rare piles of gold from pirite cant be a main sourse anyway.

  • Gregtech's new meta-tools have pulled me away from Tinker's Construct :P but it'll be nice if I could make a tool similar to the hammer from tinker's. Maybe called a 'Giant Hammer', 'Rock Smasher' or even just 'Sledgehammer'. It would have a reduced mining speed from the pickaxe equivalent, but 2x the durability. Electric versions would be nice too, since that's something Tinkers itself is now lacking. An example recipe would be this:

    H I H
    F I Y
    x I x

    where H: Hammer head, I: Steel Rod, Y: Hammer, F: File, and x: nothing

    This would make a Giant Hammer/Rock Smasher/Sledgehammer of the same material as the Hammer heads. The Electric versions would be crafted like so

    D D D
    P I P
    S B W

    where D: Drill head, P: Plate(Stainless Steel for LV, Titanium for MV, Tungstensteel for HV), I: Aluminium Rod(?), S: Screwdriver, B:Battery of correct tier(GT battery that is), and W: Wire Cutter

    The electric version will have the same buffs as the electric drill/chainsaw do, and could be renamed 'Hand Bore'/'Handheld Tunnel Bore' :)

    Now you see me, now you don't...

  • Experienced Blacksmith - for the best Tools

    I think it would be cool if the Stats of a Tool the Player craft, depends a litle on the experience lvl he has.
    The actual lvl could increase the Stats like durability, mining Speed and damage, maybe at a rate of 0.5% each lvl.

  • Experienced Blacksmith - for the best Tools

    I think it would be cool if the Stats of a Tool the Player craft, depends a litle on the experience lvl he has.
    The actual lvl could increase the Stats like durability, mining Speed and damage, maybe at a rate of 0.5% each lvl.

    I like your idea of Player Ability or GregTech Technical level.

    It may be unlocking crafts and interactions based on achievement tree (if there is an API for this), or within a GregTech User Notebook.

    There it would be possible to limit tool and machine level/quality on crafter level/ability.

    With same resource materials, recipe result would have weaker stats.

    Operating machines would be limited to 1 level higer (GUI access).
    Operating a machine 1 level higher would be restricted to inventory, (no settings).
    Operating a Maintenance Hatch could fail and cause dammages to players of insufficient level.

    An experienced crafter could yeld more hammer smashed ores, plates... given same base quantity.
    Operate same quality tools for longer (like if you are a casual summer tinker, you are more likely to hammer your fingers, damage files and knives by applying improper pressure than an experienced master crafter)

  • Suggestion:
    What about adding the stonecutter which comes from the MCPE?
    Add all of them which form the original one to GT electric ones(this includes steam age).
    move all the recipe which related to any type of stone to this machine.
    if possible,give the output ability to the machine which can output small or tiny stone dust,and microblock form of the other part of stone or something in high tier ones(I don't know how to describe this)
    support forge mulitiparts(this is only an option for it)

  • Another suggestion inspired by TFC.
    Greg, since you are working so hard to replace vanilla enchanting, levels that player accumulates become useless. So my suggestion is, to make player levels work similar to TFC system, where accumulated levels increase players health. It does not have to by much. For every 10 accumulated levels player would receive 1 full heart of health, capping it at level 100 and a total of 20 full hearts. Of coarse if player dies and loses all levels, those bonus hearts would be gone as well.