[Addon v2.0_experimental for MC 1.6.2] LevelStorage v1.2

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    Bug or unimplemented thing?

  • Bug or unimplemented thing?

    Dangit, was experimenting with achievements and forgot to turn off when building a production version... ignore it for now.

    Actually many things have auto aim in my addon. Tesla ray is an example of such thing.

    Next update WILL contain absolutely MASSIVE nerfs. Like all armors require 9x more antimatter AND iridium, ~1.2stacks of iridium reinforced plates per armor piece.
    Quantum Saber now uses Dense Titanium Plates (18 titanium).
    Atomic Disassembler uses 2 chrome (regular plates, 2 matunits) just to piss early-mid-game bang resource collection off.

  • My plans on this weekend:
    1) Titanium and Chrome ores.
    2) Multiblock induction heater. (=alloy smelter)
    You will be able to quadruple (or triple, or quintuple) with some expensive reactants (the better the reactant the more yield you get)

  • i got an error. it seems to related to thaumcraft.
    i installed levelstorage 1.2.3 rc1 WITHOUT thaumcraft.
    it looks like levelstorage wanna add an wand rod but failed since i didnt have thaumcraft installed.
    this problem is shown after levelstorage 1.2.0

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    This is exactly what i was afraid would happen... Must include TC api .class files in LS download.

    No you must not include them. You just have to do a little Reflection on implemented Interfaces by using extra Item Classes.

    I haz my antimatter armor, so let him do that :P

    So, you have a very fragile Antimatter Armor? Please tell me about how that is being better than the highly toxic and melting Quicksilver Armor of Metallurgy.

  • No, i have a top-notch armor each piece of which holds 1 billion EU and consists of 64 iridium plates infused with antimatter that create a tremendously strong energy field that is able to turn you into ash whenever you dare to walk up to me (32 blocks radius).

    @Use reflection:
    You can't implement interfaces on items using reflection, can you?

  • Multiblocks aren't as bad as I expected. I'm done with all the structure-stuff (which is like all that is to be done multiblock-wise), now just need to write logic.
    You can insert energy from casings; you can extract/input items from casings; gui opens when you click on casings. This is not a GT-kind of multiblock (which is not a multiblock really, GT MB machine a singleblock machine that just checks if it has blocks behind itself and shuts down when there isn't), it's a real multiblock.

  • Yes I can do such Magic. I can even do that with TileEntities.

    Awesome. :D I do research. You can. What about me or other non - advanced Java Dev User? :D

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  • I can too. Using ASM hackery, just create a phantom class that implements stuff you need (e.g. similar to forge's eventbushandler). But why must I if i can simply copypaste 10 files into zip?

  • because that can create more problems in the future.
    IIRC, crashes due LS having an outdated TC4 API.

    Almost every mod - dev implement API's. Thats not fun we "can't" becuase of problems if install GregTech and different API's :'D

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