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    RI's fusion reactor is much more user friendly, but it currently doesn't work...consumes more power than it produces, heat issue. The fission reactor is a bit buggy right now as well, but with RC and forestry, it is way easy to setup an RC boiler to power your stuff.
    ICBM also has grenades, shrapnel mines (these really crater an area), turrets (machine gun, laser, AA, and rail guns), various other types of explosives beyond nuke like exothermic, endothermic, ender, antimatter, redmatter, anvil, shrapnel, rejuvenating, thankfully you can disable explosions to prevent too much griefing.
    Reactor craft's fusion reactor is a massive multiblock monstrosity that is multiblocking gone wrong.
    I use an interdiction matrix for my mob farm, as well as to protect my village and processing base.
    I love those things.

    ICBM has a portable rocket launcher, no nukes for it though
    MFFS's interdiction matrix is a great mob defense system. a little expensive on the diamonds, but with cave ogre farms, you have no worrys
    RI is the best for power, well if combined with RC right now. a 4HP boiler can provide the power you need for an interdiction matrix, though I go overkill and use a 36HP with a 3x3 large turbine for more power, OH HO OH. (points if you get the reference) Hopefully they fix their fusion reactor soon. I so want to power my ethanol production with a fusion reactor. :P

    Oh I don't take much personally, been there, done that, not worth the internalizing in the end. Give yourself an ulcer or worse that way. Nah, way more fun to blow stuff up in minecraft since for some insane reason blowing things up for real is illegal.

    its only illegal if you don't have the permit for the demolition and the license from the feds for the explosives.
    just look at I'd love to work with them.

    what do you mean by universal pipe? will it do items, power, fluids?
    I thought mod authors could make it so pipes can't work with their blocks, like the bee house in forestry. I'm not sure you could make a universal pipe without some hacks.
    I haven't messed with IC2's reactor due to RC's steam boiler being so much easier to use, as well as more powerful if you combine it with Resonant Induction's steam turbines. Due to the lack of an EU reader in 1.6.4, I can't easily tell how much power they produce. Though experimenting with the mass fab makes me believe they are nuts. I'm just glad that overpower explosions were disabled for stock IC2 machines.
    I'd try experimenting with hoppers with the reactor, they might be able to work with pipes. Or even putting a buffer right next to the reactor to lower the reaction time if you are using pipes for emergency cooling.

    If you want no power-loss, change that to 0. If you want basically all of the power lost, change it to 100. And, you don't need to put percent signs in.

    you have that backwards. despite the name, you want that at 100 to let all the power through. that should say power transmission rate, not power loss. the description and behavior are opposite the name.
    (sorry for taking so long to respond, was away from home for the weekend)

    there is a way to make blocks have a higher blast resistance so creepers can't blow it up. IDK what it is called in the code, but I know iron chest's obsidian chest is Nuke proof. So maybe you could look in that mod to see how he does it.
    or even look at the CF and Reinforced stone in IC2 to see how its done
    then you'd just have to copy something like the lamp or Glowstone and up the blast resistance and viola.

    np with the help on the mod. I've found that you sometimes have to delete old config files when major changes happen to mods. PITA when you have to do ID changes/match ID's (I'm looking at you UE/RI/MFFS/ICBM)
    but as far as power goes, Rail Craft combined with forestry (exra bees/trees, magic bees help too) and RI help out a lot.
    even works as a UE-BC power converter, just not as cool as the engines. and not as useful. There's no way to shut off the RI batteries so you can't only pull power for BC stuff as needed, and you can't use batteries to extract stuff at the exact rate you want
    and are you lighting caves up to prevent spawns or just to see? If its just to see you can use night vision goggles or, eventually, quantum helmet to see. If its to prevent spawns, a decent (but expensive) option is MFFS's interdiction matrix and either the anti-spawn field, or the kill hostile field. does take power, but it is an awesome way to setup a mob farm.
    I'm building one that will be 63x63 (for BC obsidian pipe purposes) and several layers, with the damage coming from one interdiction matrix. I'll be using a quarry hole for the outside.

    Weird, I was using the teleport pipes in 1.6.4 and they don't work beyond 150 blocks. I tried various alterations, changes, etc, always ended the same way, once you hit 151 they stop working. Even tried setting 1 at 140, then extending it a bit with some diamond kinesis pipes, stuck in another teleport pipe at the end of that, ran it to 151 and nothing, no power was getting through. So I gave up on that mod, seeing as how it hasn't been really updated lately and I had to use an older version of bc like 4.1.0 and when they didn't work, I just dropped em and upgraded again to bc 4.2.2. That's when I started realizing I was going to have to move to a new location, setup generators all over again to get the power I needed. Which doesn't really work out either as the old wooden pipes only allow so much power. So it's been go here, build a new power station, supply power, move to a new location, rinse, repeat. I got tired of using tons of engines, so I swapped to energy conversion but still limited by those ancient wooden pipes. Then I saw this mod with the nice engines, got the necessary amount of input down to only a few engines instead of like 60 stirling engines, but I'm still limited by the output from those wooden pipes that need a serious upgrade. So yes, I managed to work around the shortcomings of the teleport pipes and now setting up a new power plant takes 5 minutes max instead of 20 minutes. So I consider that some progress. Still extremely limited on the output though, which is why I really liked this mod, the engines are easier to use, quicker to setup, and the pipe, would've been a nice addition. So I don't care about the teleport pipes anymore, too much work to try and get them to work right because they haven't been upgraded lately.

    My only problem is still the output, which this is the only mod I've found that could address that problem. So I'm hoping that this one can be made to work and I can finish each section in minutes instead of half an hour due to the lack of energy on the old pipes. Kinda gets... you know, repetitious and boring when you have to wait half an hour for it to finish mining/excavating cause you can only supply so much power. I mean power, with the engines in this mod, so not a problem anymore, getting the power to where I need though, huge problem still.

    um, you using the telelport pipes from this mod?
    cause I'm using that one as well as BC 4.2.2
    try deleting your config for that mod, and set the transmission rate to 100%, and see if that doesn't fix your problem
    word of warning though, don't put pipe plugs on the teleport pipes, it throws an NPE error that thankfully doesn't corrupt a map, just causes a crash.

    and I use Resonant Induction, Rail craft, and forestry for power. IF the HV power pipe worked I'd be able to just pull power straight from the RI turbine on top of the RC boiler and not have to use RI batteries as the power converter. ONE small RI turbine is enough to power more than 40 stills from Forestry (5 MJ/t each), and a 36HP boiler from RC can power a 3x3 large turbine which is more than 9x the power of a small one.
    the tesla coils don't work well for power teleportation unfort, though they do look wicked cool.