List of Names for the new tiered GT Machines, open for Suggestions, now also accepting Suggestions for the Base Texture!

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    So I need Names for the tiered GT Machines. [Machine Name] Tier [Tier] is just a little boring.
    Note: The first two Tiers should have the same Naming convention and are therefor not included.

    The Recycler for example:

    1: Basic Recycler (Thats the same for all Tier 1 Machines)
    2: Advanced Recycler (And that too)
    3: ?
    4: ?
    5: The Oblitterator (you get the pun?)

    As you see I didn't find any Names for Tier 3 and 4. Also I need to get the Names for Tier 3, 4 and 5 for all the other Basic Machines (with very ceative Names for the Tier 5 Edition).

    Note: Their Names are not allowed to contain the word "Industrial", because that is reserved for the Multiblocks.

    Another Note: If I don't find any Name I will probably go with the official HAYO Names for them, meaning you shouldn't suggest these either.

    I need those Names for Tier 3, 4 and 5 of:
    All the Basic Machines
    the Industrial Centrifuge (which will just be named Centrifuge)
    the Industrial Electrolyzer (the word Industrial being removed too)
    the Rock Breaker (the Cobble Generator in case you don't know, and only Tier 3 and higher can do Redstone->Obsidian)
    the Scrapboxinator (Tier 3 and higher being able to autocraft Scrapboxes from having 9 Scrap)
    the Crop Harvestor (Range depending on Tier)
    the Thermal Centrifuge (Max Heat depending on Tier)
    and the Ore Washer (Tier 3 and higher being able to use other things than Water).


    I need Textures for the Basic Machine Blocks. From Tier 3 to Tier 9. Yes I'm am super serial about the Tier 9. I need one for Tier 0 (ULV) too. Tier 1 gets the regular Machine Texture, Tier 2 gets the IC2 Advanced Machine Block.
    Also I do accept 32x32 Textures too in this case, since I now Render Textures using Overlays. In addition you should know that it must look good with Color Modulation too, meaning it must be somewhat Gray-scaled or at least almost Gray-scaled.

  • You could make your life a bit easier and have first three tiers named as "basic X" "X" and "advanced X". In other words, insert a no-prefix version between basic and advanced. I could also see adding back the "industrial" prefix to some mid-tier.

    Any hint on what sort of materials/components will the higher tiers need? Perhaps those could be used. E.g "titanium-plated X" or "chromed X".

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    3: Highly Advanced X
    4: Supreme X
    (Those might not be good though)

    Crop Harvestor : Field Harvester
    Extractor : Fluid Separator
    Compressor : Diamond Maker
    Macerator : The Fragmentator
    Centrifuge : Cyclone in a box
    Electrolyzer : Chemical Decomposer
    Thermal Centrifuge : Vulcanic Centrifuge (Cyclone in a box)
    Rock Breaker : Matter Generator
    Scrapboxinator : Philosopher's Scrapboxinator
    Ore Washer: Noah's Flood in a box

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    Macerator : Ore Smasher
    Compressor : Stuff Squisher
    Extractor : Item Sucker

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

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  • E-Furnii
    1. Basic E-Furnace
    2. Advanced E-Furnace
    3. Induction Furnace
    4. Electroresistance Furnace
    5. Electronova Furnace

    1. Basic Macerator
    2. Advanced Macerator
    3. Universal Macerator
    4. Fragmentation Macerator
    5. Molecular Disassembly Macerator

    1. Basic Compressor
    2. Advanced Compressor
    3. Sonic Compressor
    4. Graviton Compressor
    5. Neutronium Compressor

    1. Basic Extractor
    2. Advanced Extractor
    3. Hydraulic Extractor
    4. Osmotic Extractor
    5. Vacuum Extractor

    1. Basic Recycler
    2. Advanced Recycler
    3. Discard Processing Recycler
    4. R-R-Recycler
    5. Mineral Reclamation Recycler

    Industrial Centrifuge
    1. Basic I-Centrifuge
    2. Advanced I-Centrifuge
    3. Rotary Centrifuge
    4. Convection Centrifuge
    5. Cyclone Centrifuge

    Industrial Electrolyzer
    1. Basic I-Electrolyzer
    2. Advanced I-Electrolyzer
    3. Piezoelectrolyzer
    4. Spark Electrolyzer
    5. Superconduction Electrolyzer

    Rock Breaker
    1. Basic Rock Breaker
    2. Advanced Rock Breaker
    3. Metamorphic Rock Breaker
    4. Implosion Rock Breaker
    5. Seismic Rock Breaker

    Crop Harvester
    1. Basic Crop Harvester
    2. Advanced Crop Harvester
    3. Terracing Crop Harvester
    4. Array Crop Harvester
    5. Crop Stripper

    Thermal Centrifuge
    1. Basic T-Centrifuge
    2. Advanced T-Centrifuge
    3. Distillation T-Centrifuge
    4. Siphon T-Centrifuge
    5. Inferno Centrifuge

    Ore Washer
    1. Basic Ore Washer
    2. Advanced Ore Washer
    3. Cleansing Ore Washer
    4. Purging Ore Washer
    5. Torrential Ore Washer

    Don't have good names for the scrapboxinator though.

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    Does the U-Mac count as a tier in the macerator tech tree?

    I thought about that myself. I think I will add that to the Tier 3 and upwards Versions. (upwards Versions even being able to get 3 or 4 Byproducts in case of Rock Crusher Recipes)

    I could also see adding back the "industrial" prefix to some mid-tier.

    I said it is reserved for the Multiblock variants, because of the Size and the Bulk amount of processed Items.

  • Hi!

    I think you should have to work to get a basic machine. How about another rank below that?
    1. poor man's recycler
    2. basic recycler
    3. advanced recycler
    4. highly advanced recycler
    4. awesome recycler
    4. futuristic recycler
    4. optimized recycler

    I think 3 being the advanced one fit's adding a lot of new funtionality on that rank as well.
    and please (in case you haven't thought of that yourself) have the original name of the rank 5 machine in the submessage in case it's not already in the title (because of NEI).

    some ideas on 5:
    harvestor of souls
    fire of doom
    soul of the nether
    essence of the nether (all 3 e-furnace)
    tornado/hurricane centrifuge, maybe hypercane?
    accidental fusion compressor
    the unblocker (rock breaker)
    bond annihilator (electrolyzer)
    tsunami ore washer
    soul crusher
    black hole extractor

    I have no idea why there is so much destruction in my 5. list.

  • On the centrifuge, rather than just dropping the name to Centrifuge, call it Electronic/Electric/Powered/Mechanical Centrifuge
    Something to keep it identified from all the other mods with Centrifuges

    T5 Ore washer : Moist Washer

  • T 5
    Extractor - "Sucking Betsy"
    Thermal centrifuge - "Inferno burner"
    E-furnace - "Hell's kitchen"
    Rock breaker - "Giga dorill breaker" ("o" is intended)
    Industrial centrifuge - Honeymoon separation"
    Compressor - "Thor"
    Ore washer - "The great flooding"
    Macerator - "Crunching Tom"
    Crop harvester - "Agriculture revolution"
    Scrapboxinator - "Surprise box"

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    Molecular Disassembly Device

    Furnace = Electron-Excitement Processor
    Recycler = De-Atomizer
    Macerater = Kinetic Particle Remover
    Compressor = Bombardment Compacter
    Extractor = Molecular Disassembly Device
    Centrifuge = Cyclic Molecule Separator
    Crop Harvester = Atomic Scythe
    Ore Washer = Liquid-Centrifugal Dissasembler

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    What about the assembling machine? Does that not have a tiered version?

    Also T5 Recycler/Scrapboxinator : Molecular Re-arranger

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • You could do some sort of Latin naming scheme, say calcator for Macerator, but that would end up simply adding confusion.

    You could have a config for better naming, such as SpawnX's suggestions.

    You could also have a config for simpler naming:

    iBF: That Big-Ass Burny Thing
    Macerator: That Crushing Mashing Thing
    Recycler: Al Gore's Friend
    UUM Machines: Those Gooey Slime-Producing Things

  • For tier 5 machines:

    Crop Harvestor : Gnome Farming Headquarters
    Extractor : Matter Evulser
    Compressor : Squahser
    Centrifuge : Atomic Separator
    Electrolyzer : The Big Zaaaaaaaahper!
    Rock Breaker : An Unnecessarily Expensive Terrain Smasher
    Ore Washer: Jet Water Cleaner

    Tier 1-5
    Basic Macertaor
    Advanced Macerator
    Pneumatic Piston Powered Macerator
    Jaw Crusher
    The Robotic Gizzard

    Also some suggestions:
    Tier 1 machines should not take upgrades.

    The recycler tier one should not be powered and it should slowly decompose what you put into it. Or you could make this a even lower tier and call it the decomposition box. Water and dirt should be inserted to make this work.

    Certian covers should act as upgrades/ debuffs for machines.
    Ex. A weighted cover on a macerator will make it more efficient or an aluminum cover on the side of a e-furnace will make it more efficient

  • Revised some machine names

    Electroresistance Furnace --> Infra-Red Emission Furnace --> ElectroNova

    Fragmentation Macerator --> Infrasonar Macerator --> Mineral Disassembler

    Graviton Compressor --> Neutronium Compressor --> Electronic Singularity

    Osmotic Extractor --> Evulsion Extractor --> ElectroVacuum

    Refuse Reclamation Recycler --> Mineral Reconstruction Recycler --> Matter Revitalizater

    Standard Centrifuge
    Rotary S-Centrifuge --> Circomotor S-Centrifuge --> Molecular Cyclone

    Piezoelectrolyzer --> Superconduction Electrolyzer --> Compound Deioniser

    Rock Breaker
    Metamorphic Breaker --> Terra Core Breaker --> Electric Seismoreactor

    Crop Harvester
    Terracing Crop Harvester --> Array Crop Harvester --> Field Stripper

    Thermal Centrifuge
    Convection T-Centrifuge --> Arc Plasma T-Centrifuge --> Hades' Forge

    [b]Ore Washer[/n]
    Storm Ore Washer --> Torrential Ore Washer --> Hydroelectronic Deluge

  • Why did nobody give Names for the Auto Forge Hammer? It is technically a Basic Machine, even though there is currently only a Steam Version, but I will add an Electric Version too (which will make Ingots to Double Ingots and Double Ingots to Single Plates).

    "Thor's Hammer". Happy now :D

  • 5:
    Extractor : Item Sucker

    T5 Ore washer : Moist Washer

    Extractor - "Sucking Betsy"
    E-furnace - "Hell's kitchen"
    Industrial centrifuge - Honeymoon separation"

    These Suggestions made me LOL.
    Here's one for Ore Washer cause I can't think of any others atm: Mineral Laundromat.

    Nayru :love: is the greatest Singer in the known Universe!(Or Multiverse, if you believe in that theory!)
    ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY DRAGON LORD ALBLAKA! I wish she would come back to see how Experimental is doing. :P