Suggestion: Forcefield Generator

  • Howdy.

    Been reading a few peoples suggestions for the forcefield and I thought I'd throw my own mishmash of stolen ideas together into one place. :D

    My idea for the forcefield is completely different to the original design. Using a cable like device to create the shape of the field, much like dropping down buildcraft markers, only with the added ability of making complex shapes (well, as complex as minecraft can manage anyway).

    The Screeny below shows the rough idea for the implementation. When the Forcefield 'cable' is laid down and then powered, it produces a field marked out by the black outline. As you can see, it would have to encompass the entire forcefield device as well to make it griefproof.

    The black arrows in the middle indicate the checks that would be carried out by the 'ForceFence' to dictate whether or not it will turn on. If a corresponding fence block is in range and it is also powered, then a field will be produced. I would probably limit this to a certain amount to prevent massive fields that span the whole map, lol. Probably about 20-30 blocks or so? Or maybe smaller and require another 'ForceFence' to re-emit the field.

    The field would cover the entire area shown inside the black lines. Think of it as replacing every block within, and including the fence blocks with a forcefield block (Only the texture would obviously be transparent and you could see your wiring beneath). This makes a forcefield box completely impenetrable.

    For power consumption, I would probably work it something like a high resistance cable. i.e. it 'loses/costs' 5 eu/block but it will turn on the forcefield. I havn't done any math to support this number, but feel free to speculate. Based on the amount of cable required by this design, it may need to be a lot lower, compared to the old teleporter that is.

  • I like the concept but I prefer "invisible" forcefields, like in SciFi movies (a big colored dome without any material to design it).
    Maybe we could use "markers" like in BuildCraft instead of your fences/cables blocks ?

  • I like the concept but I prefer "invisible" forcefields, like in SciFi movies (a big colored dome without any material to design it).
    Maybe we could use "markers" like in BuildCraft instead of your fences/cables blocks ?

    Or maybe something like the old cable obscurator, a toggle to make it visible or invisible, since I can see myself liking both types.

  • Wait a minute, isn't there already a field generator? Lolfail. Anyway; I guess a more shape-able one would be cool...

  • The fence models are very obvious. They're just placeholders. The actual cable could be much less obtrusive. I think it would be good to keep them visable at least a little at all times. I don't like the idea of phantom blocks lying around.

  • Please forgive me if I'm highjacking, but I find I still want to counter this idea with something like the magnetizer. A steel fence buried one block down, with the forcefield generator right behind the fence. The generator, once powered, would power the fence for 20 blocks in both directions.

    Each fence block, once powered, would put up and down the actual forcefield blocks for 4 or so blocks. All you'd see would be the blocks, just like the current dome-generator -- until you got right on top of it and looked down. The actual generator would be right behind the fence, so it'd be protected, like the dome. But you would be able to plan out the layout, have odd-shaped fields, and be less likely to lock yourself out.

  • i kinda like the current force field because it is like a real force field (MC style) however i would like a different texture for it thou. the little diamond shapes in them is just weird. a cool looking force field would be like a transparent coloured block that gives off a moving texture to it. the invisibility doesn't work very well for a high tech super awesome looking machine of the future

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  • Yes ever since the 8.00 forcefield update I was dreaming of customizeable forcefields make it!

  • I like the idea of a customizable forcefield. It'd be really neat to be able to create one MASSIVE facility and protect it with just one generator. (Or a series)

    However, I'd recommend a fail safe that wouldn't cut cables/lines/BC pipes that go in/out of the facility. :) Just in case.

  • II like this idea.
    With this forcefield it should be possible to create doors and walls.
    The field generator should be controled by Redstone.

    This would be useful on SMP Servers:
    You can build rooms with Obsidian or ( generated ) Bedrock and block the entrance with a Force Field.
    Power generation works inside of the Chamber with Water-Generators. A Redstone ( Redpower ) code lock will deactivate the Field from inside.

    To prevent an manipulation by destroying the generator, the field must protect the visible ( emitting ) side of the generator. All other faces could be protected by Bedrock.

    Currently there is no way to secure a room. Either you breake the door with your diamond tool, or you use a redstone torch.

    Another Style to generate a Forcefield:
    Make the FF Generator less Expensive and simply generate some "Field Blocks" above the Generator.
    Turning the Generator with a wrench will change the Field direction.
    For a wall you place a row of field generators on the ground.
    Blocks above the generator will limiting the Size and power consumtion.
    Would it be possible to create an UI, to control the size / power consumtion?

  • ViPeR clever idea a door ForceFied . if MCP+IC2 working with Eclipse i will make it.

    Tesla Coil <-- ForceField Block changed Glass Textur like blue outlines
    Tesla Coil <-- ForceField Block .setHardness like Badrock...
    Advanced Machine<-- ForceField Gen. Need MV ... Switch by Reedstone... (wirelessReciver + Remote Controll :whistling: )

    If you make Mods for IC2 and speak German please contact me need help ;( my englisch is to bad.

  • I'd like forcefields similar to the Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Firewall system, a layout of blocks that "ignites" into a wall when activated but drains power.

    Still remember the convo ending with "No, stop bugging me, cables transmitting energy are totally not possible! Use the batterys."

  • I too believe that forcefields should be invisible ... or at least close to (it's nice to be able to make out where your forcefield is xD, although it should still be transparent)

    I'm just hoping forcefields will be implemented again. So far we (sorry that should be 'I' :thumbsup: ) haven't heard anything and it's not on the 'to appear in a next release'-list :S