[Addon v1.95]Rocket Science v0.89 - flying autominers, missiles, and nuclear fusion!

  • Instead of going through all the trouble of making another Minecraft dimension (the moon) to get helium-3, why don't you instead make some sort of "Neutron Bombardment" block, into which you would place deuterium and maybe a neutral-beam injector, and have it "breed" tritium cells. You could then place the tritium cell into a "Decay Chamber", which then bred it into helium-3 cells! (I'm pretty sure that process is factually correct ;) )

  • This mod will finally give me an excuse to build a missile silo. Thank you!

    Also, I will definitely look into the Reactor, it seems interesting.

  • daedroug: Laying blocks to produce the proper toroidal and poloidal fields in a fusion reactor is an interesting idea, but unfortunately the subtleties of real-life plasma confinement are impossible to capture in a world of cubes. Besides, coming up with a Minecraft-ized version of Maxwell's equations (with space quantized in one-block increments!), then adjusting the behavior of plasmas in response to this, would be an interesting intellectual exercise but would lay waste to your CPU and be difficult for players without physics experience to use. Same goes for turbine design - the fission reactor block can be assumed to have an internal turbine, so there's no reason the fusion block has to be any different. (Also, multi-block structures are beastly difficult to code because you have to take into account every stupid thing the player can do to mess up your code)

    Obviously there's a point where you pretty much need to dumb down the physics a bit both to make it accessible to the layman as well as to fit it into a world of cubes. Even if it just was about making a donutish shape (or square donut) to make it work I'd be fine with it, I'm more about making it more difficult and design intensive then actually making it realistic.

    As far as the whole lag issue I kind of feel like if you where able to get enough energy out of this you could have one at the heart of a city on a server and have that be enough whereas without it you'd need fields and fields of solar and wind generators that could probably match if not exceed any potential lag of a multiblock system.

    Finally as i said before I honestly don't really mind so much how you go about doing so, just as long as it takes more room to set up then a single block. If you can pull off any system that requires you to have safeguards and systems all intertwined to the point where you pretty much -have- to build a power plant the size of a real life Fusion plant, then I shall be extremely happy.

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    Moon dust? Please pardon my pendantry, but how exactly is a vacuum supposed to work in a... vacuum. ;)!

    I'm adding oxygen mechanics to the moon - essentially, I'm adding a new blocktype that acts like empty space but replaces id=0 for oxygenated areas. (These appear around your rocket or within nine blocks of an Oxygen Generator machine and revert to empty space if it's removed) If you're on the moon but not in an oxygenated block you'll begin to suffocate and your vacuum won't work. Spacesuits will solve the suffocation issue but will need to be refilled at oxygen generators periodically, or via spare oxygen tanks. Hopefully this'll add some difficulty to lunar exploration and encourage players to build multiple "bases."

    ...which the highly camouflaged Moon Creepers will take great joy in demolishing.

    Tibbs: The cross-section for neutron absorption by deuterium is pretty small - you'd have better luck hitting lithium-6 with a neutron and causing fission (one of the products is tritium). And you might just be able to find lithium in a future release...

  • for the passenger rocket can we just have landing pads like, set this rocket to pad 5 or whatever.To get the exact coords down is kind of trial and error sometimes though i guess this longer distance fix would cause the tele to be obsolete.

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    for the passenger rocket can we just have landing pads like, set this rocket to pad 5 or whatever.To get the exact coords down is kind of trial and error sometimes though i guess this longer distance fix would cause the tele to be obsolete.

    Yeah, I don't want my passenger rockets to render the teleporter obsolete - I intended them to be used for either short-range transport in conjunction with the laser rangefinder ("Hmm, it's 200 blocks across the ocean to the top of that mountain, where I'd like to build a house.") or for long journeys into the unknown ("I'm going to go five hundred blocks thataway. For adventure!")

    ...I guess I could implement sending rockets to fixed global coordinates after some infrastructure is developed. Maybe let you launch GPS satellites to enable this feature. I'll think about it after the Moon update.

  • Man this sounds so amazing but I'm worried if SMP gets supported it will not convert well it bukkit since its dealing with new entities and multiworlds :P

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  • :D hm ForcefieldGenerator on the Moon and add a oxygen Generator = nice living on the moon :thumbup:

  • Well this is the biggest (and most ambitious) addon fro IC2 so far.
    I am excited about what will become of this, but I would stress that if the moon dimension doesnt come easily then scrap it.
    there is easily much difficulty in making a new dimension also there is already a couple of Moon mods around MCF most notably:

    Im sure that you wont be wanting cheese, but if you can do it use the already made methods for suffocating spacesuits ect.

    Fusion reactors!
    good Ive been wanting one of these.
    could you make the GUI have several slots for Coils? and possibly Heatingelements/neutronthings
    I am thinking here something along the lines of 3-6 slots with diffrent combonations (semiconductor copper) allowing a stronger or more efficient field to be maintaned
    and therefore more powergenerated/less power wasted the same with the heater components.

    ( I apologize for my incompotence in the RL subject, and yes you do sound like a student)
    I think that you should focus on fleshing out things on the surface rather than making a moon dimension but if you can manage it then go for it!

  • First: Great-tastic addon! Just installed it and nuked the gimmeabreak-spawn-village.
    Second: I found a bug. If you launch an unmanned passenger rocket using redstone, Minecraft crashes as soon as the rocket reaches orbit. If you restart Minecraft and the world, the game crashes and the world is corrupted so you can't open it again as soon as the passenger module lands. Error report:

    PS: I know the passenger rocket isn't made for starting it with redstone, but I wanted to test a launching system without losing the ressources for a warhead.

    The forum won't let me specify my gender accurately, so I'll just use my signature to say that I go by they/them pronouns.

  • ....bug?

    I cant craft the booster module, and after building a buildcraft factory for making fuel too...

    I can see the recipe in my recipe book and i've been able to make a superconductor, but the rocket isn't being crafted. I have the 6 refined iron, and i have the 3 filled fuel cans, all in the crafting table, why doesn't it work?

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    darkcamo12: Could you post a screenshot of your fusion reactor setup?

    FourFire: I wasn't aware that moon mods already existed. I checked out the one you linked and found it pretty lacking (there's no real point to going to the moon in his mod), so I believe it's still worth my time to add the moon to Rocket Science. Particularly once I have time to add the Greys and all their wonderful, lootable technology...

    IDN: Damnit, I must've forgotten to check if the rider is null. Delete the passenger missile entity in MCEdit and your world will be fine - I'll disable redstone launching of passenger rockets in the next release.

    Deathbyfire: That's really odd, if it shows up in the recipe book it means that ModLoader has loaded the recipe. What other mods are you running? It's likely that the culprit is a conflict with one of them.

  • Several.

    • Rei's minimap
    • Buildcraft 2.2.1\
    • Equivalent Exchange
    • Industrialcraft 1.23
    • Laser Mod 1.1
    • Industrialcraft addons - Mobile Pump, More treetaps, Portable Teleporter, Thermometer, and obviously rocket science
    • Some others that needed to be installed through the jar such as TMI, let me know if you need to know those too

    You had me drooling over this, DROOLING and then you sir kick me in the fork with no SMP. I...I think I need to go cry now that I can't rain down missles on my friends. I would give you cash money for being able to harras them so much, drive them deeper into the earth like the scum they are...already built a launch silo inside my volcanno fort.