[Addon 1.112] BuildCraft-IndustrialCraft Crossover Mod v2.0[SSP/SMP]

  • Yup, this line right here is your problem "
    mod_BCIC2Crossover 1.28 for MC 1.2.5, BC 2.2.14, IC2 1.95b "
    Notice what version Buildcraft you downloaded it for

    Thank you I have installed BuildCraft 2.2.14.

    Now I have this problem:

  • For your knowledge, this mod doesn't work with Buildcraft 3.1.5. Back to 2.2.14 with me...

    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: buildcraft.api.APIProxy.getWorld()Lxd;
    at BCIC2crossover.RenderCrossoverGenerator.<init>(RenderCrossoverGenerator.java:147)
    at mod_BCIC2Crossover.modsLoaded(mod_BCIC2Crossover.java:306)
    at ModLoader.init(ModLoader.java:899)
    at ModLoader.addAllRenderers(ModLoader.java:189)
    at ahu.<init>(ahu.java:77)
    at ahu.<clinit>(ahu.java:8)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a(Minecraft.java:394)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:732)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    --- END ERROR REPORT 11cd02ec ----------

  • I'd like support for forestry's fuel cans and capsules (the beewax ones).

    Currently the Petro-generator doesn't recognize them which is greatly inconvenient for me since I use them to store fuel.

    I am using BC/IC2 crossover 1.28 along with buildcraft 2.2.14 and IC2 on a server.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you added support for them!

    All of the containers (with default id's):
    Oil Can (tin), id: 13300
    Fuel Can (tin), id: 13301

    Oil Capsule (beeswax), id:13298
    Fuel Capsule (beeswax), id: 13299

    Oil Capsule (Refractory beeswax), id: 13334
    Fuel Capsule (Refractory beeswax), id: 13335

  • Hello. After updating to IC2 1.97 (and the accompanying forge update), minecraft crashes when I try to place (or load a world containing) petrochemical generators.
    ForgeModLoader-0.log It's completely fresh, so it should only contain the mod init stuff and the stacktrace from the crash. Minecraft goes into a black screen state before I have time to copy the on-screen error output. Upon crashing it does do the "saving chunks", in case that's helpful to know.

  • Hi! I dropped the BCIC2Crossover (IB version since I am using Buildcraft 3.x ) into my mods folder, loaded up Minecraft, it crashed with an ID conflict. Ok, I *can* fix that, except when I opened up the BCIC2Crossover.cfg file in the /config folder it is a 0 byte totally blank file. O.o I even deleted it and retried, and same thing. :( Anyone have a copy of the config file so I can paste it in? Thanks!

  • This will work for IC2 1.97, though in my case I had to pull the config from an archived copy of a previous version, for some reason IB 0.08 didn't want to make it's own config file, but it was more than happy to modify an existing older copy. O.o

  • No, this version isn't working with IC1.97!

    As posted before, the mod will crash the game on placing Petrochemical Generators.
    I got the same error, and it crashes my server on Login.
    This error occurred after the IC1.97 update - nothing else was changed.

    Log of my Server:

    IC V1.97

    With ICv1.95b BCIC Crossover runs pretty well.

    I hope this will be fixed before MC1.3. I really need the fixes of IC1.97 on my server.

  • Hi Silentdeath. First off I want to thank you for such a great addon mod for both BC and IC2. It truly is a seemless blending between these two major mods. I know you stated that you will not be updating this addon until 1.3, but I was hoping you would reconsider in light of the major crashes we are having running ic2 with the latest version of 1.97. Normally I would just roll back to 1.95b, but there were some fundamental fixes in SMP with 1.97 such as jetpacks finally working right, that I would hate to stay back at 1.95b due to the current incompatibility. It's a testament to your mod that I have actually rolled back to 1.95b until there is a fix. The only problem is that 1.3 is at least a month away, and I know that I am not alone when I say I have many people wanting to use 1.97 as well as your addon mod. I know real life comes first and you do this in your spare time, so I would be forever greatful (as would others), if you could somehow spare some time to update this addon to be compatible with the latest version of IC2. Thanks again for your time and this wonderful mod.

  • I have found a bug , i have install
    IB v0.08 when i use a
    Small Electric Engine , and have a MFE and a LV transformer i lose all time EU why ?

  • Same problem with the petrochemicalgenerator. Server crashed.

    Can i fix the problem with MC Edit ? I dont wanna go back to 1.95b

  • have forge mod loader minecraftforge mod toomanyitems for 1.2.5 buildcraft 3.1.5 ic2 1.97 bcic2crossover v .08 and railcraft 5.3.2 haveing problems with quantum suit not absorbing damage im takeing damage as if im not wearing it same with the nano armor game crashes if i try and place a petrochemical generator the nano sword flickers when right clicked on mouse have to click and swing for it to work it did say that the .08 crossover was really glichy not much working with this version but had to install it because the crossover 1.2.8 went black screen so is something wrong or is it just a matter of a fix saw you keep saying that you dont need the mod loader get back to me and let me know

  • Ok, did i get it right? There wont be an update until MC v1.3?
    You will not support a „stable“ Version of IC that fixes a lot of bugs?

    Instead you wait for an Update of Minecraft witch will have many new changes and (again) will cause months of trouble?
    I could understand if you don't want to make an update for the 1.3.0 version and instead make an update after all other mods are stable.

    After all this changes in MC1.3 it will take some time until the major mods are up to date...

    Nobody needs new stuff, but your nice mod isn't working with this important IC Update.
    Please just fix it for IC1.97...

  • This will work for IC2 1.97, though in my case I had to pull the config from an archived copy of a previous version, for some reason IB 0.08 didn't want to make it's own config file, but it was more than happy to modify an existing older copy. O.o

    Okay, so am I right in assuming if I had a working config file the crash caused by the petrochemical generator wouldn't happen?
    If so, can I get a copy of someone's working config file?

    EDIT: Actually mine seems fine. The petrochem crash isn't fixable.

  • For some reason, this crossover is generating a fatal exception on start-up and I'm not entirely sure how to fix it.

    Here is the error generated in the server log:

    And my ForgeModLoader.log puts me *way* over the character limit for a post, but here is the last section:

    Any thoughts?