HELP: Addon Ideas

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    To mention it:
    This is NOT A suggestion forum!

    "Idea" is a goddamn missspell i will kill Fean for when he comes back.

    This section is exclusively meant for people who ALREADY CREATED their addon and want to add it to the "official" IC² Addons.
    The accepted Add-Ons will be moved into the real Addon forum, in which people cannot create threads by default.

    This was meant to prevent people from spamming the addon section with low-quality stuff.

  • With Space Toads permission it should bridge the gap between the two.

    -Industrial Diamond recipes
    -Oil uses
    -BC pumping working with IC2. (now with oil and later with water and lava.)

  • The title 'Add-on Ideas is a bit misleading...there's already a person that's posted something.

    Anyway, is there already a block that lights up and sends out a redstone signal when power passses through it? No?

    [Rifles through IC^2 Code]

    Ok then, yay!
    [Goes away to code]

  • I haven't verified it myself, but you should be able to make a working mod against the MCP-decompiled version of IC2. Later on, we want to have a nice public API to work with too.

    As far as I can tell (and tried) that wont (doesn't) work. While modloader can be thrown into the .jar before MCP decompiling, forge can't. You have to install forge after you decompile it with MCP. This means that when you try to decompile IC2 without (or even with) forge it throws up a huge number of errors, most likely missing forge methods. You can decompile IC2 by itself but some of the code is still obfuscated so you can't just plug it in without going back and changing all the of the obfuscated calls. Not to mention the lack of comments, which leads to a lot of time wasted trying to figure out what is what. So even if another coder without access to the source code wanted to make an API it would be hard. Though I have been playing with a decompiled version of IC2 to see how it works. You can also probably decompile the minecraft.jar outside of MCP (so it is still obfuscated) add your addon and then recompile the whole thin together to test it. However this method makes it much harder to test your work with than running eclipse but it should work.

    Edit: Nargon was nice enough to upload his MCP patcher file for IC2. Just follow his instructions in the post on were to put and you should then be able to get IC2 to decompile with MCP. Link to post: http://forum.industrial-craft.…read&postID=5558#post5558

    All people dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in
    the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the morning to find
    that it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people,
    for they dream their dreams with open eyes, and make them come true.
    --T.E. Lawrence

  • WTB IC2 Engine for Buildcraft.

    I was trying to make an electric engine that basically:
    a) Eats EU (up to MV - 128EU/t)
    b) Outputs some buildcraft energy, depending on input voltage, with 128EU/t being roughly equivalent to an iron engine, and 32 EU/t to a stone engine. 8 EU/t is warmed up redstone equivalent, while 2EU/t will run as a blue redstone engine (i.e. very slow).
    c) Requires cooling (via buildcraft water pipes) for any voltage above 32EU/t.
    d) Expensive to build (needs diamond gears). Once you've got high efficiency reactors running, EU is cheap while BC fuel can be depleted fast if you run a lot of iron engines.

    However, due to my lack of experience with the charlie foxtrot that is Java, I have failed miserably. Will keep trying, but I have a feeling somebody will have this finished well before me. :P

  • So have you ever built a large nuclear facility far away from your home so it doesnt explode the hole thing? Well, i did and im pretty annoyed with the cables going from my reactor to my stuff from too long. I suggest a new type of cable the teleport cable wich will be one way to transport energy for long distances. But it would be so overpowered, you say, but it also could have a distance requirement like 100 blocks away, or it could only transport extreme voltage so it would be needed some transformers to keep your stuff from exploding, also it could be pretty expensive so it couldnt be explioted, if that is what you are looking for.
    Appreciate the attention, THX

  • Suggestion: MKII Miner.

    Pretty much the same as the old ones but maybe offer the ability to use Laptron Crystals instead. If possible 2 even though you will never drain 2 you would never ever drain a full one as well. Have it as like second slot to drain your last one you used etc etc.

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