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  • E=MC²
    Set off a Nuke

    Are you sure this will work?
    Have a nuclear explosion hit bedrock

    I have no idea
    Die by a nuclear explosion that hits bedrock

    9001 Gibbl!
    Craft your first Lapotron Crystal

    Get with the times
    Attempt to craft a Battery Pack in IC2

    Nuclear Science!
    Re-enrich a Uranium Cell

    Recycle your first item

    What the hell are you doing?
    Craft a Trade-O-Mat in SSP

    Going Green
    Fully charge a Bat-Pack while wearing a Solar Helmet and Static Boots

    Ludicrous Speed!
    Sprint and jump off ice while wearing a full Quantum Suit

    Lucky 77
    Craft an Iridium Plate

    That's pretty much all I can think of that has (mostly) not been stated before

    Is the answer to this question no?


    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

  • Is it possible to interact with statistics?
    e.g x eu generated in entire career.
    - x discharges of e-tools
    - x meters run with a qsuit.


    Buildcraft – spilling items.™

  • Wh-What is this
    get Iridium ore

    From ground to grind
    get scrap!

    Can't sleep!
    Manage to create a milk coffe drink

    Soft or tough
    Spray Construction Foam

    Because picks are to mainstream
    Craft a diamond drill

    Don't feel like mining
    Find Iron, gold, Copper, and tin while using a miner machine

    :thumbup: GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun)

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  • After a long period of silence, I return with more achievement ideas.

    Zero Effort Required
    Craft a Miner.

    Space-Age Material
    Make a sheet of Advanced Alloy.

    Shock Value
    Craft a Tesla Coil.

    Deal 10 or more hearts worth of damage with a Tesla Coil.

    Good for What Ails You
    Craft a can of Weed-X.

    Too Lazy to Farm
    Craft a Crop-Matron.

    What's on Tap?
    Successfully brew an alcoholic beverage.

    It's The Only Way to be Sure
    Detonate 10 nukes simultaneously. Preferably from a LONG way away.

    headshot a MinecraftCreeper with a :Mining Laser: . distance: min 40 blocks

    headshot a MinecraftCreeper with a 360 ^^

    Kill at least 15 mobs with blowing up a nucler reactor

    Kill a player with complete quantum suit

    if it is possible

  • More ideas.

    Journeyman Geneticist
    Craft crop sticks.

    Nether Here Nor There
    Obtain some Terra Wart.

    Instant Base, Just Add Water
    Craft a CF Sprayer.

    Use CF to create a structure with minimum dimensions of 7x7x9.

    Light Fuse, Get Away!
    Craft some dynamite.

    Light Fuse, Get it OFF!
    Craft sticky dynamite.

    Can't Stop The Signal
    Teleport at least 500 blocks wearing a full Quantum Suit.

    • Official Post

    Alexey Stakhanov - make 20 stacks of coal at once from UU matter (because seriously, how else could he have "mined" that much?).

    Achievement got!

    I already did that once =D (Legit SMP)
    6400 wind mills really produces a good amount of UUM ^^

  • feel my wrath!
    kill an eletric creeper with a mining laser on explosion.

    playing with fire..
    break a flint and steal while you are on fire wearing any ic2 armour. :Composite Armor: counts

    headshot a with a . distance: min 40 blocks

    headshot a with a 360

    Kill at least 15 mobs with blowing up a nucler reactor

    You cant really code a 360 head shot on the creepers, why would the first achievement be called head shot if its just kill a creeper with a mining laser from 40 blocks if it doesn't include that you have to hit it in the head? BTW would a nuke count on the nuclear killer achievement?

    • Official Post

    "Radiation Poisoning?"
    Mine a total of 64 Uranium ores.

    "Red Energy"
    Get some energy from redstone (Either by placing inside storage box or a machine)

    "I don't have a freezer, but i have ice cubes"
    Get Ice from compressing snowballs

    "It looks... Metallic"
    Craft Tin block, Refined Iron block, Copper block, Uranium block , Bronze block

    "Not a nuke, but as dangerous as one!"
    Blow up a mass fabricator by overvoltage (Extreme voltage).

  • [align=center][align=center]Clanker
    put a full set of copper armor on.

    Dragon drink
    drink beer that was brewed for at least 24 hrs.

    What a waste
    craft dirt with UU-Mater.

    Big perks
    Put on a full set of Quantum armour.

    Bouncy bounce
    craft a trampoline.

  • "Spooled up, Spun out"
    Remove a broken Windmill. (Or repair one, depending on implementation.)
    Implies you did something "right."
    For the parts needed that to make this work: Copy the generator, change the ID to a suitable one, make it uses a new texture (optional), add code to allow in place repair (optional), change the Windmill code to reference this new block.

    "Rotor to the torso"
    Get hit by a flying-apart Windmill.

    "Way to go, moron." (This won't really work soon)
    Blow a reactor while heating it without any Uranium or isotope cells in it.

    "I used to be an engineer like you. . ."
    Sustain a serious injury from a machine of any kind.

    A Rock Raider trained as an Engineer, among other things.

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