What do you do with too much copper?

  • naww, forestry needs alot of glass, so im doing a desert. 10 64x64 quarys, 2 stacks of chunk loaders... gonna be FUN...

    Methinks you missed the point. A Quarry won't last long enough (or dig down enough) in a Dense Ores age. There's always instability in a dense ores age.

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    I teach my copper the fusion dance with Tin to make bronze in the most hayoish method possible.


    Bronze... seems to be useless, right?
    not if you have RP2 to convert those useless bronze into IRON.
    Mechanic engineering on...
    {Ctrl + A}
    Bronze Rail Recipe + Alloy furnace = Bronze to iron (2 bronze to 1 iron exchange)
    Bronze Minecart Recipe (Railcraft) + Alloy furnace = Bronze to iron (1 bronze to 1 iron exchange)
    Also... If you have advanced machines (atomic stryker), you can get lots of bronze easily.

  • With forestry and RP2 too much copper is rarely the problem. Also using Iron Chests mod you can use copper and then silver to get quite decent sized chests. In RP2 one frame costs 3 3/4 copper, so your supplies get depleted rather quickly when you want to build some decent structures using them.

    Edit: I forgot about law of conservation of mass.

  • It's simple how I handle too much copper, I invented a three step process for it

    Step 1. Obtain a shitload of copper and build a house out of it

    Step 2. Fill an entire double chest inside that house with copper blocks

    Step 3. Kill them all Johny, KILL THEM ALL

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • Please tell me that wasn't Invedited/Neied/Tmied/mcedited/spawned in.


    That's a rather cool idea, but a lone tree is suspicious, better plant some more. So really... forget about solar-flowers, solar-trees are the next generation :P

  • Anyone having this problem?
    Day 1: Better grab that copper for some machines
    Day 5: Argh! So much copper!
    Day 10: (When making reactor) WHERE'S ALL MY COPPER GONE!

    MinecraftCreeper =Ahh fuck!
    :Nuke TNT: = SHIT!

  • I would guess there is a chance that it wasn't. I have gotten crystal chests full of copper blocks before with a frame quarry pretty easily.

    Wow. I generally don't play a world that long as by that point i'll have everything I wanted and don't have anything else left to do.

  • Seeing how bronze tools are implemented as more durable, yet slower tools.
    More durable yet slower golems :O?

    And btw, Those reverse-recepies from RP are a bit op with RailCraft :/
    I usually just disable it.


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  • I burned a lot both in my (Nuclear) Piles and containments and in the boatload of LV Transformers I made to deal with energy losses from the distance to my other baseload plants, which have quite a bit of solar in them.

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  • I usually don't have much of a problem with too much copper, its tin that I have stacks of blocks of! (Mostly cause copper is higher than where I usualy mine)

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  • One word. Condenser.

    Two words. REMOVE EE.

    If you have too much copper - you dug too much, its extremely simple.

    I personally never dig more then i need, this allow to use this time to build something.

    2chest of copper blocks - cheating, by installing cheat mods or by other means, there is no copper on level 10 where diamonds are located.