[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Advanced Machines 1.1.6

  • Well yeah there's the IC2 tab but if you look in the search bar of NEI by typing either the name or the ID of the block it doesn't show up. The only way to find it is through the IC2 tab. Also none of the items or ID's show up in the page list, ya know that giant list on the right side of your screen :P

  • May I use Advanced machines on a private downloadable mod pack that will be downloaded in a way that only active users can get it and that I wont make any money?

  • Hello. i would like to include this mod in my modpack which will be distrubuted publically. Do I have permissions. I give full credit to you for it

  • LOL!
    The second slot is designed to put tin in while you're macerating copper to get more bronze ^^.

    its weird, i can't macerate cooper and tin ore into bronse.. and the machine is bugged.. for example it doesnt turn off if i remove the lever (i need to turn it off before remove it) and other weird things i can't explain..

    i am using last build of ic2, the last version of this mod

    and i am also using compact solars, gregs tech bc and other addons for this mods

  • Just wanted to report a bug with 4.7 FTB one I was trying out it seems that your machines only input from the 1 side but will not start filling the 2nd slot. Thanks :)

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  • Machines with transformer upgrades explodes on restart. Explosion also seems weird because blocks around and machine itself just becomes invisible instead of been destroyed ( if you right click on this block they will appear and if you click on the block where machine was, it will explode again:) ).
    This is happening in mystcraft dimension. Did't try it in overworld.
    MC 1.4.7, Advanced machines 4.7.

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  • It seems to be crashing. But it's not a problem with the mod - it turns out that too many block IDs are taken up, but other than that, it would, in theory, work perfectly fine.
    Time to remove crap I don't use/need...
    Also, is it, by any chance, possible to increase the number of open IDs, to keep this problem from happening?

  • Hello,

    Can this mod be used in a modpack ?
    Sorry for my english if he's not correct...

    You made 2 sentences, I hope there is no mistake ^^.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • AtomicStryker, do I have your permission to distribute your code in form of a modpack? I will provide link to this forum and put give you credit. Thank you in advance.

  • Can we get a config option that allows us to set the tier of the machines?
    So, if we choose we can set them to be the same level as an Induction Furnace.

  • May I ask why there are two input slots on the Rotary Macerator but it only macerates one ore type and then leaves the other ore type in the secondary slot? Is this supposed to happen am I doing something wrong?
    Other than that GREAT mod. Wouldn't survive without it. Otherwise I need to overclock my machines like 50 times.....