Question: Tin generation & Rubbertree

  • Just a couple of simple questions that I can't find the answers to lol

    Since installing IC2 I've come across very little tin. Anyone know the best layers to mine it?

    Secondly, I'm running all over the place generating plenty of chucnks, but i've only found about 6 rubbertrees. I'm wanting to usee a mapper to try and locate them, but it requires BlockIDs. Anyone know the Block ID for the rubbertree wood?

    IC2v0.90 MCv1.7_3 SSP (should be obvious, but might as well)

    Thanks in advance :D

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    Tin should be found on layer 15

  • For the rubber tree, if you find one and would like more near your base, chop it down and as the leaves degrade gather the rubber tree saplings. Then take them and plant them near your base. You can create your own rubber tree farm this way.

    For the Tin, it seems to only be at the lower layers where diamond is located. Copper on the other hand does not seem to generate below 15.


  • I've been finding copper below at 12 and 13.

  • That's it... as far as ore goes, you may have a file in your .jar that modifies ore distribution on your maps that's NOT like it should. I've found my tin and copper at the normal intervals (~47), so you might have a problem there pending what other mods you have installed...

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    this isn't about arrogance or ego, I have a block that I put a lot of freaking work into

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    Afaik it is supposed to look like that. Thanks to that It's easily recognizable even from a bigger distance.

    Actually, this was the result of an amusing coding error in the top_leaf_algorythm and not supposed to happen.
    But after taking a second look at the mutant trees, it appeared a fitting and unique style, thus i left it like that :3

  • In my worlds, the IC ores are very common around z25-50. I enter a cave system and come out with 3-4 stacks of tin and copper and about 30 uran. But tin and copper is everywhere for me.

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