The rise of Industry

  • I just started to make a new Industrial Surival World.
    I read the tutorial, so I started the world like every world, with a little Hut and collecting raw materials.

    On this huts roof I builded 4 solar panels, In the hut I builded a batbox, cabels, a extractor, a macerator and an electric furnace. Then there came a compressor and a canning machine, and I saw, that my hut was too small.
    What do you when you need room for maschines?
    You(or in this case I) build a factory!

    The world isnt ended, i will build lots of other things, so more Pictures will follow! :Solar Panel:

  • dont forget gregoriusT's lightning rods as for your end game product!

    IC² Bottom-feeder


  • I have got too muchg enegy, so I need something that "eats" energy.
    Why don´t buuild a Mass Fabricator?
    It is a big energy-eater and make the item: Matter!

  • By the way... your second picture shows your crop sticks full of weeds. I would recommend either getting some Weed-Ex or just not leaving empty crop sticks out.

    An explosion followed by "uh-oh" is typically a really bad sign.

  • Since my last screenies I did much things.
    I builded a mine, some chunks away from my base

    Then I used some time to crossbreed- I have got all flowers(Ok, Cyazint is missing) and all vanilla plants(without this silly nethery plantings:-()

    The new trousers:

    And finally, I spended some time outdoor:

    And a last screenshot:

  • Ok, I have anything I need for industries. Oh, where can I put this matter?
    This chest ist full, and , ohh, this is full, too.
    I think I need to build a PlaceForChests(PFC).

  • i've been wondering, but what's the significance of uranium block adjacent to your cropmatron?

    IC² Bottom-feeder


  • If you don´t want to build a reactor, you can use uranium as a better weed-ex!!

    I don't think the crops would appreciate that, although you might produce some interesting crossbreeds

    Is the answer to this question no?


    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

  • Are you serious about uranium preventing weeds? Is there an ill affects on the plants? Cause I have about a stack of uranium and want a IC2 crop area.

  • Are you serious about uranium preventing weeds? Is there an ill affects on the plants? Cause I have about a stack of uranium and want a IC2 crop area.

    No, that "trick" for killing weeds don´t work, I do it just for fun.if you don´t want the crops to grow, give every crop one weed-ex and place a uranium block near. If nobody now that you used weed-ex, people could belive it.

  • I had no more ideas, so I installed some more modifications, so I can do something more.
    A list of anything I have installed:
    -Minecraft Forge
    -Modloader MP
    -Industrial Craft²(What a wonder xD)
    -Shelfs(Not compatible with 1.97/1.1.03 IC2-Items/Blocks)
    -And, last but not least, secret rooms.
    That are lots of mods, and I think I changed a lot of ID´s, but, now I have got the "Perfect Industial Minecraft"
    But nothing more of this, you want to see screenshots!

    And ,bbqroast, sorry that I used dropbox again. I hope I remember next time to use imgur at all pictures, I forget it this time.