[1.97] Awesome Offer! Want you and your IC2 addon to have some VIP access? THEN POST YOUR UNOFFICIAL ADDONS HERE AS WELL!

  • I, Elias, (just in case you're wondering, my last name is NOT Erik) am thinking about putting IC2 into my U-XPLOR modpack more info on U-XPLOR in the first spoiler). I am testing it with many mods, but it is not yet open to the public, SO I HAVE NOT YET ASKED PERMISSION FROM ANY MODDERS IF I CAN USE THEIR MODS! But I definently be before I release a public beta version. But, for IC2 addons, and (duh) IC2, I am going to credit them before I give out a public beta. So, if you have an unnoficial addon that you would like to be tested to be in the public beta, post it with permission for me to use it and you will be credited in every Alpha that your addon is in! Also post if it is SSP or SMP, please! U-XPLOR might be multiplayer, so if it is I just wanna be ready.



    Sorry about the big red text, but I have to have extreme flexability with this mod, since I am planning to work on this mod pack for a very long time! And it is supposed to be the best mod pack ever, where U chose what mods that U want to XPLOR... it's fine if you don't know what that means, because I've asked a few people and they all got it terribly wrong. But, anyway, go on and POST!!!

    Credits for Alpha v0.1.2:

    Alpha 0.1.3 with addons coming soon!

    Requirements For your addon to be accepted:

    1. Post it.

    2. Give me permission to use it.

    3. Friend me. (Optional, but I will constantly update you on how things are going with your addon via private message.)

    How to NOT get your addon accepted:

    Post questions. You may do that by sending me a private message.

    Note to Albaka and Feanturi: Thank you for this amazing mod. U-XPLOR Alpha would be nothing with out it! For now, I'm not asking anything from you. If you think that I need permission to have IC2 in U-XPLORE Alpha, please consider that I and my teammates who are working on this project are the only ones who have this, so technically I am giving you credit for having IC2 in our modded Minecraft with a fancy name. Think of it that way. And please do not remove this post, I just thought that this is the place that people would see it the most. Also, we understand the risk that we are taking by using pending addons.

    Note to addon modders: The developers of this mod pack are very high in experience with combining mods in such a way that gives everybody the best experience. We have gone through 12 versions of U-XPLORE, and have had other mod packs (none of which were released, so no permissions were asked or given), but we started from scratch every time and gave it a different name every time because it wasn't quite the right combination of mods, so it wasn't a premium experience. But we plan to finish this one if it means years of adding mods, subtracting mods, etc. But you can tryst us to keep a constantly updated, well sustained modpack.

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    Our motto here at Eli's, Inc. Trade-O-Mat: "Magic to Science, Science to Magic? We've got you covered."

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    WTF is this shit?

    Seriously, did you ever heard of LAYOUT??? I dont have to study Mediainformatics, to know that this is bad Designed. If you count things, then please press the Return-key before coming with the next Point and those Letters are too damn huge. And if you say "Sorry for the big red Text", then i want to see a frikkin' big "RED" Text.

    And before i forget: You do NOT get permission to use any of my Mods/Addons, because of that crappy Post.

    Sorry, if that was too much flame, but your Thread is just bad.


  • This thread seems a bit arrogant. Really? VIP access? Mod packs should fight for mods, because remember. Mod packs need mods, but mods son't need mod packs.

    2. Go away, you creeper wierdo!
    3. What ever, I'll just go around.
    4. Hup, over their heads I go!
    5. Okay Mister living grenade, I'm going to knock you into those skeletons, and I'll follow through with a nano saber. Understood? FOR THE ALMIGHTLY DRAGON LORD!

  • "I just thought that this is the place that
    people would see it the most."
    yes and no...
    yes people will see it but noone will give permission for his addon (never underestimate the hate against posts on the wrong board, specially for something you have to read for 10min before understanding what its about)

    and i think this way is also very ineffective... you get lots of permissions to addons you neither need nor like... and some very popular/usefull addons wont be on your list... and lets all be honest breeder reactors are way too much work withour nuclear control and i guess most people use at least one kind of BC/IC crossover when they use BC

    so in the end you'll have to ask the modders anyways

    this way sounds a bit cheap... not "ok guys what do we need for a good modpack"
    more like "ok what can we get with very little efford"

    List of People I know who didn't blew up a machine from Advanced Machines addon by wiring them to MV: { }

    Yay math exam is soon... lots of fun... "you love taylor approximation with parameters" *beat head with stick*

  • I agree with all the other posts, this is a bad way of getting permission to use other people's mods. But on the plus side, you have done one thing right compared to some packs like the Technic or Tekkit packs and have "asked" for permission from the mod authors. One other note, don't put anything like the following in as apart of your changelog for your pack.

    Technic 4.4.0 Readme
    "bruised some egos"

    Technic 5.0.5 Readme

    "THANK YOU MODDERS (even the ones who hate our guts :kiss: )"

  • Pre-emptive answer: Surely not if you make it me asking for my stuff to be added to the pack, but still no no matter what. At least you asked, unlike tekkit

    Alot of my friends play Tekkit X( and have been sience the Yogscast had a video on it. When was Rocket Science in Tekkit. I apologise if it is another mod, the only one I am familiar of yours is Rocket Science (I like blowing up my failed attempts at the Frame Machine Egg Carier from Sonic Adventure, it is amasing just how much DM and RM blocks will take :) )