• Ultra-Violet lamps that damage (or at least scare away) sceletons and zombies similar to sunlight but could be used at night or in dungeons\rooms etc.
    require electricity/wiring (of course)
    Could emit or not emit lights (for mob farming)

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  • I would replace luminator recipe with more expensive wire and\or hardened glass (forgot exact name for it) and it would be completely new lamp
    or add additional toggleable mode for luminator for additional energy consumption of course (like redstone signal to toggle UV mode)

    Communication and discussion + constructive critisism = Good Ideas

  • Not anymore, apparently. I remember the Wiki saying that before, but it seems to have been taken out. In that case, I wonder if the idea is accepted for a different crafting recipe.

  • THIS! This will give me a reason to spend EU into illumination!
    but i guess tesla coils become really less inportant this way...
    Maybe make the lamp burn mobs only 1-2 blocks away?

    +1 for sure

  • Guess UV lamp will scare away mobs unless they are trapped in confined space.

    Maybe it makes sence to implement this function in existing luminators. The way it is now Jack-o-lanterns are more effective than luminators

    Communication and discussion + constructive critisism = Good Ideas

  • you don't suffer in sunlight so why should it hurt us humans ?

    Communication and discussion + constructive critisism = Good Ideas

  • you don't suffer in sunlight so why should it hurt us humans ?

    Remember that the minecraft sun is a magic sun, that burns skeletons and zombies and power up the solar panels.

    The same thing can be used in a imperfect-artificial device.

  • One little problem I see with this - UV radiation isn't exactly healthy for us humans, either. So, wouldn't the lamps also harm US if we turned them on?

    in that case, it should hurt all entities (maybe not endermen, cuz they are black (i mean a lot of UV protection of course))

  • I'm pretty sure the current luminator already does this to some extent. Tested in 1.97 IC2, the luminator did set zombies and skeletons on fire when they were practically standing on them or next to them (ie, in the same block space the luminator occupies). You can test this in creative by powering an luminator with an energy crystal or something, then spawning a zombie or skeleton on top of it. It will burn (even at night time).

    Also, black as a color just means it absorbs (almost) all rays of the visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum, and the UV spectrum is only just past the visible spectrum (toward the higher power, shorter wavelength side) which --could-- mean the endermen absorb UV rays, just as humans do, which could "damage" them in a similar way (though we don't know for sure because, well, enderman exist in MC where UV rays don't really exist). UV protection would be something colored white, which would indicate the substance reflects (almost) all wavelengths of visible light in the EM spectrum, and possible UV rays (since they're so close in wavelength). Source: past school knowledge, and a quick google search confirming it.

    Edit: just tested in 1.103, luminators still function in the same way I described above.

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    IC² luminators still burn mobs. Though due to the fact the IC1 detection code wasn't very performant (and it does need to be performant, given Luminators are usually used in large quantitys) and unaccurate (lighting up mobs behind walls), IC² Luminators merely burn mobs entering the Luminator block area (as this is the most simple detection form.

    As of now, I think it wouldn't be hard to properly rewrite Luminator's search algorythm.

  • one might just use them like cacti. Anything that touches them / steps into an area of 1 or 2 blocks, recieves 1 heart of damage....


  • Lol reading this is giving me all sorts of mad scientist ideas. Now I must put together plans for a mobile death ray.

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