[GT-Suggestions] I still look at this Thread when I got out of Ideas for new things, yes really I do that. Even though I don't edit this Post anymore.

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    Tungstensteel Anvils , which does over 9000 damage after falling just 1 block, good for traps :D .

    Also indestructible.

    Recipe would swap iron blocks for Tungstensteel block and iron ingots for tungstensteel plates.

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    Tungstensteel Anvils , which does over 9000 damage after falling just 1 block, good for traps :D .

    Also indestructible.

    Recipe would swap iron blocks for Tungstensteel block and iron ingots for tungstensteel plates.

    9000 damage.. lol...
    Perhaps 4x as much, not a billion xD
    I would say the Recipe should be 4 Tungsteel Blocks and a Titanium Machine hull in an Assembler for 128,000 EU at 32eu/t >:D

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    Suggestion : Arcane Capacitor.
    It stores magical energy to charge player's items.
    Item that must be in the inventory/hotbar.

    Has three modes :
    Vis absorb mode, uses local aura vis to charge items. Stores up to 2000 vis. Vis absorb rate is twice as fast as a wand of thaumaturge.
    Mana absorb mode, uses player's mana to charge items, only if player's mana is higher than 70%. Stores up to 100000 mana. Drain rate is 10 mana/t
    Item absorb mode, uses player's inventory magical items to charge items. Storage is up to item used. Valid items are the ones that magic energy converter can use.

    Item charge rate is 128 EU/t for all modes.
    1 vis = 12800 EU
    1 mana = 12 EU

    Recipe :
    2 magic energy absorbers, 1 super conductor, 4 iridium plates, wand of thaumaturge (2x if ars magica is not installed), Pure Vinteum Crystal, (2x if thaumcraft is not installed), 2 nether stars if ars magica nor thaumcraft is installed.

    Ir Wt Ir
    Ma Sc Ma
    Ir PVC Ir

  • Can you add a tool to place covers on sides of. blocks that are not visible? So I don't have to rip up all of my automation to place a single cover, and allow more complex and compact designs. You used to be abe to do something similar with frame motors.
    also, while I like your storage blocks, they are very underpowered for what they cost. The AESU stores as much as 10 MFSUs, but costs a LOT more, and can only output less than half as much. I think it would be much better if you could output an arbitrary number of packets, only at 2048 eu. The same goes for the IDSU, as for the price of one, you could make over 1400 superconductor cables, to transmitt any amount of eu. Right now, there is literally, NO circumstance in which they are useful

  • Would like to see a hardcore glass fiber cable mode, where it is replaced with a not nearly as good cable, say 512, with a 1EU drop per block (Disabled by default so everyone can spam glass fiber everywhere like normal)

  • Just some upgrade ideas to make current nuclear reactors more fun.

  • New Upgrade component for machines : "energy throttler".

    This reduces energy consumption by a factor of 4...and slows the machine down by a factor of 2.5.

    Example : Apply an overclocker to a machine. 4x more energy consumption, 2x more speed. You notice the machine is consuming too much power. So you put an energy throttler on the machine. Now it runs at 80% of the speed it originally ran at before you voided the warranty on the machine, and it has the same power consumption.

    You apply an overclocker again when you have more power. 4x more energy consumption, 1.6 times more speed. But then someone in your base wires a gregtech machine to high voltage, and blows some generators. So you apply another throttler. Now the machine runs at 64% of the original speed when new. Maybe it's time to sell the machine to other players....

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    An Internal Storage upgrade would be cool! We are currently doing a Simple setup in our LOIC like this:
    Conveyor Cover
    :Electric Furnace:
    :Glass Fibre:

    So there isnt any Space for Hoppers to put on top, and since none of our stuff in the LOIC is Automated, when we go to Process stuff we just want to be able to shove lots of stuff in there and go and do something else for a while. Could be crafted like this:
    Al H Al
    Mp C Mp
    Al Co Al

    Al = Aluminium/Refined iron Plate
    Mp = Machine Part
    C = Chest
    H = Hopper
    Co = Conveyor Belt

    It would then add an Extra Slot in the GUI, ie:

    Wouldnt increase efficiency or speed or anything, but would just add an extra Slot that will be Shifted to the Right for Processing.

    Second Suggestion: Output Cover
    Place it on a Transformer, a Machine, whatever, and it will output its EU at the max Input rate to the side of the Cover, so you could have an AESU with multiple Outputs sides :D Could be crafted like this:

    Al Gl Al
    Ad Gl Ad
    Mc Tr Mc

    Al = Aluminium/Refined Iron plate
    Ad = Advanced machine block
    Mc = Machine Block
    Gl = Glass Fibre
    Tr = Transformer upgrade

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    Just one thing: change the name of Tesseracts, so it doesn't look like it's copied and none can complain ^^

    But, the things of Thermal Expansion dont have all the abilities of a Tesseract. My Tesseracts have it. You cant pull things out of TE Tesseracts, only putting things is possible.

    Its better to get KingLemming to call his Tesseracts "Teleport Pipes" (Thats how I call them all the Time since I got the Idea for my own Tesseracts), because its basically just a ripoff of that as it does exactly the same Gameplay wise, but has another Name and Graphics and is far better coded.

    And Sirus, get a Conveyor Cover (+ Screwdrive Click) and a Chest on one of the Sides, and you got your Buffer.

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    There is no space for that, and it looks ugly :p

  • Suggestion: Storage Assistance Machine

    Basically a machine that allows you to convert between different storage types (e.g. gems, ingots, dusts, blocks). Is split up into three tiers. The mode of the machine can be changed using buttons.

    Their input slots consist of a variable number of rows. Each row is processed simultaneously like the Induction Furnace.

    Lite Storage Assistance Machine
    Is able to convert between all forms of Iron, Gold, Copper, Silver, Tin, Electrum, Bronze, Brass and Glowstone, except plates.
    Is able to convert between tiny forms and standard forms of all dust.

    It has 2 processing rows with 2 slots each.
    Has a 1000 EU buffer.

    Standard Storage Assistance Machine
    Has all functionalities of Lite version
    Is also able to convert between all forms of Aluminium and Invar
    Is also able to convert between ingot and block forms of Steel, Titanium, Platinum, Iridium, Nickel and Osmium
    Is also able to convert between ingot and plate forms of Steel, Aluminium, Invar, Iron, Gold, Copper, Silver, Tin, Electrum, Bronze, Wood and Brass.
    Is also able to convert from gem to block forms of Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Green Sapphire and Olivine
    Is also able to convert from Mixed Metal Ingot to Advanced Alloy, Copper Plate to Dense Copper Plate, and Raw Carbon Mesh to Carbon Plate.

    It has 3 processing rows with 3 slots each.
    Has a 200 000 EU buffer.

    Advanced Storage Assistance Machine
    Has all functionalities of Standard version
    Is also able to convert between all forms of metals, including Uranium, Thorium and Plutonium.
    Is also able to convert between all forms of gems.
    Is also able to convert from Scrap to Scrap Box.
    Is also able to compress Iridium Alloy Ingot to Iridium Plate

    The Advanced S.A.M. is a multiblock structure. Casings arrangement:

    It has 4 processing rows with 3 slots each. There are an additional 3 slots for ITNT.
    Has a 1.2 million EU buffer.

    Energy Consumption
    Basic Functionalities

    • 10% savings for Standard version
    • 20% savings for Advanced version
    • 10 EU for conversion from tiny pile of dust to standard size dust pile and vice versa.
    • 50 EU for conversion from metal ingot to metal block and vice versa
    • 100 EU for conversion from dust (e.g. glowstone and redstone) to block and vice versa.
    • 200 EU for smelting of metal dust to metal ingot
    • 200 EU for compressing of metal nuggets into metal ingot
    • 300 EU for macerating of metal ingot to metal dust
    • 2500 EU for macerating of metal block to metal dusts
    • Add costs, so 36 Tiny Pile of Tin Dust to Tin Block would require
      (9 x 10) + 200 + 50 EU = 340 EU

    Standard Functionalities

    • 10% savings for Advanced version
    • Plate bending costs remains the same
    • 200 EU for compressing of gems into gem block
    • Convenience compressing costs remain the same
    • Aluminium smelting costs remain the same

    Advanced Functionalities

    • High temperature smelting (Blast Furnace) costs remain the same
    • High pressure compressing (Implosion Compressor) costs remains the same.
    • 400 EU for macerating of gem blocks into gem dust
    • 50 EU for convenience crafting of Scrap Box
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    By the Nuclear Fuels, i hope you dont mean from Cell to Ingot, right? Cause that would mean infinite Plutonium/Thorium :D

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    Greg, add a button to charge-o-mat gui to toggle area effect. Would be useful.

    Kenken, please assume that all Machine Blocks with a Metavalue lower than 16 except the Superconductor Wire are soon to be no longer supported (very likely MC 1.6), and get replaced in most cases. It is therefor good that these Blocks are nearly useless. Not even I am using them anymore.