[GregTech-5][1.7.10-FORGE-1355+][Unofficial but approved Port][Stable] Even GT5 Experimental is slowly getting stable.

  • You and Axles report of your Post are both right. For one thing Axle is obviously just being selfish (as in trying to destroy the whole system, even though Bloody will obviously put a config to it), for the other thing, you said Axle should become an Emo, what is indeed an insult.

    I bet Bloody will just read through the constructive stuff and ignore the bullshit that has been accumulating all around it.

    I'm starting to observe a trend where more and more peeps on the IC2 forum seems to be leaning more in favour of an aesthetic or realistic pollution theme. Its running counter to the previous discussions I've had. But when even peeps like Spankx start to speak against the balanced design its hard to ignore and I have little interest in pushing balance on a crowd that doesn't want it.

    What I'm probably going to do is simply disable pollution by default so nobody gets affected by it unless they explicitly want to, at least until I can be talked around to incorporating some of the peripheral ideas.

    Alternatively I may modularize it and let someone else code a distinct, more colorful version. There's zero reason my version needs to be the Only True Way. Blood in particular has said he might do a version one day.

    I just wish he'd stuck to that observed trend and conclusion instead of backtracking all the way back to the 'my way or else' mentality. It has nothing to do with me wanting to 'destroy the system'. I simply feel that forcing a highly unpopular and restrictive, unrealistic system on GT5U players will alienate them. If it was indeed modularized or configureable, it would be great. Give the players a choice. I just hope Bloody at the very least makes it toggleable if he's going to add it at all in this as-is one-variable-nerfs-all implementation. But i've said all this before.. I just wanted to reply to the 'wanting to destroy the system' comment. I feel that's casting me in an unfair light. It's not like i'm the only one pleading here, even he admitted that the community preference is for aesthetics and realism.

    This is all making me seriously consider trying to teach myself Java. But I wouldn't know where to start and it would probably go into the garage of 'things I didn't want badly enough to overcome'. I doubt I can afford to hire a tutor or take classes.


    Quoted from "zorn":
    People can't handle losing. Lots of new games are like this. My son's Lego games? You die and respawn on the spot, just lose a bit of money. It's made so that anyone can win, even the worst players. Like TE, or EU. They say that IC2 is 'keeping them from moving on' but can never say what that is. In reality they just failed, blew up a bunch of stuff, and their fragile egos couldn't take it so they gravitate towards mods designed to guarantee that you succeed.

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  • I think the issue is mistaking the way one person spends their time is a democracy. It is the developer's choice and the community opinion does not matter. If you have suggestions or opinions share them but don't feel entitled to anything. Pyure has been adding content and fixes. If you like GT5U you should be massaging his feet rather than getting into petty arguments.

  • I agree Spawx, We all do what we can for the good of the mod, some develop and code, others test and finding bugs, and others try to give ideas and inspiration, and lowly idiots like me try to advertise and promote. our names are on it but, we all have a stake in what this mod is and becomes, even just by playing with it to give the developers motivation to code.

    Some of us may not always get our points across in the nest spoken/writen, or politest manners, but we all mean well and care.

    As I have said before Developers have a great gift, and talent. Thanks for what what ya'll do.

  • I noticed the corium earlier, but my post about it got buried. I extracted the corium texture files from the jar and opened them with GIMP, and according to that they have transparency, so I don't think this can be blamed on MS Paint.

  • Are you then sure it is 100% transparent? Otherwise it will take the 1% visibility and make it a 100% visiblity.

    I checked that just now. I'll admit I didn't sample every transparent pixel, but the ones I did had an alpha value of 0 (completely transparent) according to GIMP's Color Picker Tool.

  • I'm still six pages behind in this thread and stuck in the pollution debates but I had a thought about polluted water and infinite water generation.

    IC2 already adds fluid Distilled Water. That could be the basis of "not polluted" water, and then all water that was not Distilled Water could behave as if it was polluted, based on the pollution level of the chunk. So, Distilled Water (which must be processed to be usable) would cause machines to ignore the pollution level, and non-distilled vanilla Water would cause machines to use the chunk-based pollution level and take the penalties that come with it.

    In an early-game low-pollution scenario, there would be no difference between the two. (So your Small Coal Boilers would still work normally.) But as you start to overbuild those little boilers, you start paying the price unless you Distill your water.

    CODING-WISE: This would not involve the implementation of a new fluid, or the changing of data of fluids. Pollution effect calculations would be done by the affected machines, referencing chunk data.

  • I think another nice way to solve the low tech spamming of generators could be done with a more realistic implementation of steam in gregtech. Considering how steam is basically the backbone of the energy systems used i think it's a shame its not more realistic.

    I'm not a coder so i don't know how hard this would be to implement but the basis of my solution would be to add steam at different pressures. For instance low tech steam boilers would produce low pressure steam (say 10 bar). This steam could be used in all the bronze age steam machines and LV steam turbines. Then at medium voltage tier you would could use large steel boilers that produce medium pressure steam (40 bar), titanium High pressure steam (160 bar) and finally tungstensteel would produce supercritical steam (220+ bar, ic2 superheated steam?). This way you could restrict lower pressure steam from being used in higher tier generators due to the pressure difference being to small to run the generator. Also it should be possible to go down in pressure from high pressure stream to lower pressure steam with a substantial increase in volume. So lets say you have 1 bucket of HP steam you could convert this to 4 buckets of MP steam or 16 buckets of LP steam. If you really wanted to be realistic with this you would change the volume of the steam according to the density at the saturated steam pressure at each pressure lvl. I.e the volume increase between HP steam and MP steam would be the relative difference in the density of steam at 160 bars and 40 bars (density@40 bar/density@160 bar)

    This way higher tiers of steam generators would not only make it possible to use HV generators but also increase the energy density of steam which atm is horribly low. So for instance a railcraft tank of HP steam would contain 16 times more energy than if it was full of LP steam. Ofc this could also be based on the exergy increase of the steam at the different pressures.

    The pressure increase of the steam in the steam could be implemented in two different ways. A more simplistic way would be that the pressure of the new tier is 4x the previous pressure. A more realistic way would be that the pressure of the higher tier would have a exergy difference between the pressure and atmosperic pressure that is 4 times larger than the previous tier (meaning the work potential of the steam is 4 times higher than previous tier).

    Ofc you could also implement this how IC2 has done it where the pressure of the steam is decreased in increments. So that high pressure steam turbines use high pressure steam and output lets say 4x medium pressure steam and medium pressure turbines use MP steam and output 4x LP steam (as it is in the real world). Think his solution would be a lot harder to implement thought.

    You could also restrics what fuels can be used in different tiers by restricting what fuels can be used in the different steam generators. Say you don't want people to be able to use lava in HV tier you can just add a toggle for what fuels are allowed in the different generator tiers. Low difficulty allows all fuels to be used and harder difficulties would remove the possibility to use charcoal and lava in the higher tiers.

    TL DR: The generators of each tech tiers require steam at certain pressures which can be produced from steam generators from the tier in question. The steam should be possible to convert down in pressure to be used in lower tier steam turbines but not the reverse. The pressure difference between the tiers could either be based on a linear increase in pressure or on a linear increase in work potential of the steam.

    Do you guys/gals think this would be interesting and would it be difficult to implement in practice?

    A question that sometimes drives me hazy; am i or are the other crazy

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  • BloodAsp
    I have a question.
    Processing array with 16 LV centrifuges. Two possible situations:
    1. 8 items in input hatch
    2. 16 items in input hatch
    Would be amount of used energy for the 1-st case = 50% of 2-nd case?

    Ideal Industrial Assembly (IIA) - my pretty hard industrial modpack based on GT5.09

    Идеальная Индустриальная Сборка (ИИС) - довольно сложный сугубо индустриальный модпак, базирующийся на GT5.09


  • So 8 items 50% energy.

    Thax a lot.
    Another thanx for energy detection cover. I've made auto recharging energy storage without buggy range trigger from NC.

    Ideal Industrial Assembly (IIA) - my pretty hard industrial modpack based on GT5.09

    Идеальная Индустриальная Сборка (ИИС) - довольно сложный сугубо индустриальный модпак, базирующийся на GT5.09