[GregTech-5][1.7.10-FORGE-1355+][Unofficial but approved Port][Stable] Even GT5 Experimental is slowly getting stable.

  • It seems that in version 5.09.32 you changed methods in lang file (I'm looking into new lang file, created by pre1 from beginning).

    As it was before:

    1. Material = Bronze,

    2. Material Dust = Bronze Dust

    3. Material Small Dust = Small Bronze Dust.


    1. Material = Bronze.

    2. Material Dust = %material Dust.

    It's nice, but becomes impossible to translate into russian correctly, because we have a lot of variants of ending for materials.

    Please, don't change algoritms in lang file...

    And sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language.

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    This also makes English impossible aswell. Wood Pulp is the proper name for Wood Dust. And even if you go for the Dust ending on it, it would be Sawdust!

    I have a lot of special cases like that in GT6, and those are the reason why I kept it like that. Otherwise "Paper Chad", "Bonemeal", "Gunpowder" and similar aren't possible!

  • GregoriusT

    Well... The auto-generated entries are sth like this:

    #Tiny Pile of Gunpowder:
    S:gt.metaitem.01.800.name=Tiny Pile of %material
    #Tiny Pile of Blaze Powder:
    S:gt.metaitem.01.801.name=Tiny Pile of %material Powder
    #Tiny Pile of Wood Pulp:
    S:gt.metaitem.01.809.name=Tiny Pile of %material Pulp
    #Tiny Pile of Chad:
    S:gt.metaitem.01.879.name=Tiny Pile of Chad
    #Other trivial cases. Take redstone for example:
    S:gt.metaitem.01.810.name=Tiny Pile of %material Dust

    DarkForce It's not necessary to use the placeholder. If a localized string doesn't contains the "%material" placeholder, it will be used directly as the name of the item. Thus it's even compatible with the lang file in earlier version.

  • Ok.

    But how can i understand what to translate?

    I will generate file from the begining and it will contains "S:gt.metaitem.01.810.name=Tiny Pile of %material Dust" without any description of material.

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    But how can i understand what to translate?

    I will generate file from the begining and it will contains "S:gt.metaitem.01.810.name=Tiny Pile of %material Dust" without any description of material.

    Yeah this makes it insanely hard to read the Lang File, since the Material that is being translated is not part of the Line you translate at all, meaning you have to search for that one first, wasting shitloads of Time, making it inconvenient for Translators, resulting in people not WANTING to translate GT, meaning you wont get any Translations thanks to this "feature" being so inconvenient!

  • My suggestion for "Materails" block (But use true json).

    Atm i created (for 5.09.31) specail MSSQL Database with some stored procedures - which helped me in translation, because - i'm wasted a lot of time in searching common strings in a whole lang file.

    This kind of lang file will speed up translation by "hands", as for me (example) - i will create json>sql converter for it.

  • Sorry to bother again but currently i'm having a hard time figuring out how to gregtech inventory unification works, the problem occurs when gregtech is turning compressed tin from galacticraft to simple tin plates which is making it hard to use galacticrafts recipes, i tried turning all galacticraft items in the unification file to true and it seems to work on every other compressed plate but tin

    any ideas why?


  • Were any new ores or progression necessary worldgen added in 5.09.28-31? I migrated a base from .28 to .31 using the same seed but noticed that ores didn't spawn in the same locations and I had already spent hours finding good veins so I'm currently just playing in my .28 genned world. I'm not far enough along to see what implications this has for ores or oil. Will I have to migrate to a newly generated world?

    Edit 1: To answer my own question: it does not seem like the default ore generation configuration has changed at all so no new ores were added. I haven't experimented with oil yet.

    The issue of gallium being difficult to obtain pre HV remains valid though. The only source of it is small zinc ore. It would be nice if it could be rebalanced. Something like adding it as a rare earth byproduct seems reasonable. I'll probably do this myself with GTTweaker.

    Edit 2: Hmm well I tested this and it does work if rare earth is not the ingredient (I used neutronium dust to test). However GTTweaker's centrifuge class does not have a method for recipe removal. The documentation says the machine classes do but the source code says otherwise.

    Edit 3: And the final hack to get this working is here.

    Change config/Gregtech/Recipes.cfg line 16933





    For reference the processing time was increased from 64 to 80. This is close multiplying by 6/5. This seems fair since a 6th output is being added. Also in case anyone has issue with Gallium not being classified as a rare earth metal: in real life I don't see europium being made exclusively from fusion as opposed to rare earth processing. I also don't see pockets of plutonium in our perfectly flat crust. From a balance standpoint this makes sense since the best source of rare earth is monazite. That only takes a single MV machine to process so it’s easy to move into it. If you don’t have small ores enabled you can still get first gallium from thermal centrifuging many ores.

    Finally a better change would to make it a bauxite mix byproduct since that is where we get it from in reality and a player will be processing aluminium ore when they’ll be needing gallium.

  • Small zinc ore is pretty easy to find in nehter (height around 40-60), with drill it is fast process. You can get plenty until you advance to HV (only macerator needed which can operate on 128V anyway) and get more from bauxite.

  • I swear machine controller + shutter module functionality is busted in 5.09.31. I can’t get it to work on pipes using redstone signals. The shutter does open and close as expected when the machine controller setting is changed but the shutter doesn’t seem to ever change based on redstone signal even when a lever is put on the machine controller.

    Edit: nvm in single player I was able to fix it. There must be some other redstone source nearby messing with it.

  • I haven't quite worked out what's going on with oil extraction rate. I got somewhere in the range of 280 L per cycle for like the first five to ten thousand cycles then it dropped to 262. After another roughly five to ten thousand cycles it's up to 314 L per cycle. This doesn't match what the wiki says. I assume it's been balanced since that page was last updated since I calculated being able to get something like trillions of EU before expecting a drop below 200 L per cycle, which seems excessive.

  • Does the 1.10.2 port of GT5u have feature parity with the 1.7.10 version? I realize it's much more unstable, but is it as complete as 1.7 GT at least feature wise? I apologise if this has been discussed before, my (brief) research didn't turn anything up about this topic.

  • Does the 1.10.2 port of GT5u have feature parity with the 1.7.10 version? I realize it's much more unstable, but is it as complete as 1.7 GT at least feature wise? I apologise if this has been discussed before, my (brief) research didn't turn anything up about this topic.

    It's not up to date with the latest 1.7.10 version - I think it was branched back around the time of 5.09.27 or so, meaning that newer 5.09.xx versions won't be there (like the new circuit system or single-block machines that go all the way up to max voltage). I don't think there were any features deliberately omitted or postponed, if that's what you mean. Here are some major issues to deal with, though:

    1. Item pipes don't work at all.

    2. Fluid pipes go crazy if placed adjacent to cables.

    3. Seismic Prospector scans can't be printed.

    4. Unless you use an older build of IC2 that does not include crops, you'll need a special "shim" made by Chocohead (available in this post) to keep it from crashing because of the crop textures.

    I suggest you also search the GitHub issues for "1.10.2" to see some of the smaller problems (including the "closed" issues, since many of those were closed as "wontfix" in consideration of the planned rewrite)

  • Hello, any clues why procesing array wont run more than two IV powered centrifuges (so called "molecular cyclone")? Its connected to fully powered 16 slot IV battery buffer full of orbs. It should run 15 of them if 1A is counted for loses or all 16 if loseless. Using GT5U

  • I've got some weird bug - items disappear from multiblock structures.

    For the first time it happen when i placed items in assembly line. I was building fusion reactor, and as soon as I had some of needed items I put them to input buses.

    But when i've got the last item, and came to place it - PUFF! EVERYTHING IS GONE. There was no items that I have placed before.

    I did save and load before that.

    I could not recreate that bug in creative, so all was left is to forget.

    But today it happen again!

    I build my first bronze blast furnace and placed stack of iron in it.

    Than i save\load the world.

    When charcoal was ready I came to place it in the furnace but iron was GONE.

    And again I can not recreate that in creative. WTF!?

    None of multiblocks was build on chunk borders.