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  • [1.106 w/t Universal Electricity] Dupe Glitch

    GregoriusT wrote:

    Its UE-Side definetly. The Wrench does drop a Block with the correct Metadata, when wrenched with the IC²-Wrench, but the UE-Wrench also does the standard Pickaxebased Blockdrop instead of nothing else.

    The Wrench drops something, when wrenched with a Wrench? You Sir, failed at explanation.

  • [My server chat:]
    Legend:Hey, what do you think about IC2?
    KomaB:Ic2 Sucks.
    Legend:*Le me pressing the "F#CK YOU, AND SHUT UP @SSHOLE*
    KomaB left the game.
    [KomaB was banned. "You SUCK, Bitch!"]

  • I believe he was referring to the post you responded to, not to your post.

    And it does look suspiciously like a mash-bot. It's got parts of two sentences and a bold and large font title within the OP which exactly matches a thread title, with no real clear point to the thread. The fact that it is the first post, and the other post the account made is clearly a spambot with links and everything.

    I think it's just the latest design bot designed to try and establish themselves as a legitimate user before starting to spam.

    Missunderstandings ^^

  • World record in HV solars: ChickenBones at 120k EU/t with his self reproducing HV solar factory.

    It was about 140k EU/t in the End, except CB stopped it after Direwolf looked at it, then its only about 130kEU/t.

  • Report in Moderation Panel wrote:

    Reported by makjak (Today, 11:16am)

    The trouble with turbines: An ill wind. With turbines Each windmill could be adjusted for each approaching species. perfume sample

    The Spam-Bots started to fight back

  • How would you like people coming over to your house, and using your stuff without your permission? Of course you don't like that, so you put a lock on your door to keep unauthorized people out. It's the same concept, yet many people just don't get it.

  • Sorry, but I really needed to change the Formatting. :D

    Both the things you mentioned are PERMITTED from Mojang's side... though forbidden by other partys (f.e. there is a law in Germany that would forbid a compoany to state the former example of yours).

    With the 'vague' statements, Mojang merely offers itself will not restrict modders. This doesn't mean modders are unrestricted entirely (due to (inter)national laws and blarg), but it means you can pretty much specify your own ToS, unless you really insist on doing something amazingly retarded, like claiming Antarctica.

    And now excuse me, I have to claim Antarctica and your Computer for the Gregorius Empire! Muahahahaha!!! 8o

  • [quote='cheesyblack6'','index.php?page=Thread&postID=104702#post104702']
    Fine, you can use my house for a nuke testing area, but please nuke it GENTLY.

  • ---
    "Why is IC2 not updated yet?"
    "Don't know. Don't care."
    "HERETIC!!! You must die in the name of Eloraam!"
    "*Facepalm* Wrong modder, noob."
    "I called you a noob, you noob."
    "What is this 'lag' you speak of?"
    "Is this your first time playing Minecraft with mods?"
    *Multi-nuclear meltdown*
    "Is this the testing site?"
    "No. This is the command center..."
    "Erm... I may have already activated a nuke while you were talking..."
    "Argh... I hate noobs."

    :Nuke TNT: = Answer to all problems. Including that creeper camping right outside the door of your glass house.

  • Sorry, I don't wanna flame anyone but ... it doesn't seem plausible. I bet you invented those 3 quotes.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • discussion on my private server:

    me: why did you craft coolant cells? are you using ic2 now?
    friend: no i found them in your factory castle
    me: and why did you take them?
    friend: you told me that IC can generate ice but it didnt work..
    me: nono you need a compressor for that
    friend: by the way, i took that from a nuclear thing. but no worries there were no uranium cells in there
    me: SHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT that thing gets refilled by RP after cooldown!
    friend: oh? and what happens now?
    me: i guess it already happened

    List of People I know who didn't blew up a machine from Advanced Machines addon by wiring them to MV: { }

    Yay math exam is soon... lots of fun... "you love taylor approximation with parameters" *beat head with stick*