[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Advanced Machines 1.1.6

  • Version 1.0.5
    - fixed yet another crash in additive macerator slot

    And no, you are the bug charmer at most, causing them to crawl from their holes. I am both Creator and Exterminator of those bugs. That makes me the Bug God.

    Which download link is this version? The experimental recode, or the 1.6.4? It would make it easier to know, if you listed the versions with the link, and the file name represented the version.

    Many thanks for the fixes.

  • The extra macerator slot is causing us some issues with automation. Regardless of how you input into the macerator, when running jobs that queue up different item types the macerator will now accept anything into it's 2nd slot. Previously it would only accept certain items, not anything. This causes the macerator to jam and stop running. It's really causing quite a pain.

    Can this be modified?

  • Agreed, this limits what you can automate... I now have to control so that only one stack goes in total. I could use default macerator with up to 13 overclockers, but that uses a TON of eu, and I really don't want that...

    "And no, you are the bug charmer at most, causing them to crawl from
    their holes. I am both Creator and Exterminator of those bugs. That
    makes me the Bug God." - AtomicStryker

  • I have a sugestion, when I was crafting, I noted that it doesn't suport the Gregtech automatic macerator (it is impossible to craft the normal IC one) neither Railcraft iron plates.

    Will this be modified?

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  • Version 1.0.6
    - introduces the only advanced machine left i see being useful, the combined recycler
    it is made by cobbling together a rotary macerator, a centrifuge extractor,
    a recycler and some iron plating. It has 3 output slots and advanced speedup.
    - fixed the Macerator not accepting Netherrack and Netherquartz; without supplement
    these now only pass through the machine unchanged
    - changed the macerator's supplementary slot to never allow automated access to it
    - fixed supplementary recipes ... again
    - fixed upgrade slots in GUIs, moved them 2 pixels lower
    - removed pointless gui ids from config and codebase

    I am not responsible for what other authors choose to do to recipes. If he doesn't "replace" the item with a harder-to-get counterpart....

  • He does replace it, but with a counterpart that has the same crafting recipe.

    You can get them from OreDict by craftingMacerator, craftingExtractor, etc.

  • I meant replacing it in the recipes using the item being replaced.

    So other mods using the replaced item will use the replacement in recipes instead.

    Greg does provide a config setting to enable crafting automatic macerators directly into IC2 ones, but sadly none of the adv. machines recipes support the forge dict for iron plates, I tried the old version and the latest experimental. Could you please add forge dict support for those?

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  • Currently ru_RU.lang is outdated, line 4

    item.advancedmachines:refinedIronDust.name=Пыль закалённого железа

    should be

    item.advancedmachines:combinedRecycler.name=Комбинированный утилизатор